True Highland Spirit

Amanda Forester

True Highland Spirit

True Highland Spirit

  • Title: True Highland Spirit
  • Author: Amanda Forester
  • ISBN: 9781402253072
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback

A HEATED RIVALRYMorrigan McNab is a Highland lady, robbed of her birthright and with no choice but to fight alongside her brothers to protect their impoverished clan When she encounters Sir Jacques Dragonet, she discovers her fiercest opponentIS GETTING EVEN HOTTERSir Jacques Dragonet will give his life to defend Scotland from the English He can t stop himself fA HEATED RIVALRYMorrigan McNab is a Highland lady, robbed of her birthright and with no choice but to fight alongside her brothers to protect their impoverished clan When she encounters Sir Jacques Dragonet, she discovers her fiercest opponentIS GETTING EVEN HOTTERSir Jacques Dragonet will give his life to defend Scotland from the English He can t stop himself from admiring the beautiful Highland lass who wields her weapons as skillfully as he does, and endangers his heart even than his life

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Clearly I am the oddball in my opinion of this book. Why oh why would the author create a perfect hero and give him such an angry, manly, foul mouthed heroine?I admit, at first I liked the heroine (Morrigan), she was strong and an excellent warrior. She also showed to have intelligence when it came to war strategy, then as I continued reading, she became so unlikeable. I found it impossible to believe the hero would have fallen in love with her. She, was entirely too loud mouthed and insulting ( [...]

Morrigan McNab is a woman on a mission to save her clan from starvation. She dresses as a man and participates in raids with her brother to keep food on the table for her people. To do this Morrigan has believed herself to be unworthy of anything. She no longer thinks of herself as a lady and while she wishes for a home with a husband and children Morrigan believes that her past will cloud any decent man’s judgment. Sir Jaques Dragonet is a French man on a mission in Scotland. The Dragons secr [...]

Originally posted on Books & Bottles.Actual Rating: 0 Stars for the 300 pages I did read - I couldn't finish this.I can't do it. I didn't enjoy this book, I couldn't read the supposedly strong Scottish accents as anything but gargly pirate drawl, I hated almost everything about the main girl, I found nothing at all remotely romantic, and I couldn't bring myself to read the last 100 pages (I tried, I really did!).Nothing about a monk-knight, traipsing around Scotland looking for a treasure [...]

Amanda Forester scores another highlander hit with True Highland Spirit. Morrigan McNab is no lady, she is a warrior and leader of her clan. Ever since she was young, Morrigan was good with a sword and better suited to the life of a warrior than a lady. Morrigan trained as a warrior and helped her brother organize raids to steal provisions for their struggling clan. Dressing and acting as a boy, Morrigan never thought herself a lady, until a certain minstrel stole a kiss. Morrigan does not see t [...]

AUTHOR: Amanda Forester is a Romance, Historical Fiction author. This is the third book in her Highlander's series. The series is full of adventure, romance and the right balance of sexy but tasteful passion. She knows how to write an action and adventure filled, romantic and passionate book that includes hilarity and humor in many sections of her bookNOPSISHe is disguised as a minstrel traveling through Scotland in order to bring the silver chest to his father in France. He has never met such a [...]

What can I say? It was sweet to read a historical that the woman wasn't some romantic ditz for a change. Now don't get me wrong I do like my ditzes, but in this book the woman, Morrigan was a sword welding bad a$$. I LOVED IT! Action packedr a dull moment. robbing, loving, to attempted murder to being left for dead.heck I really haven't got one clue what this book didn't have in it!Just thinking what a person would go through for family OMG!!!Ohd the Templar's treasuredid I forget the mention th [...]

This is book three in the series. I absolutely LOVED this book! It was nice to have a heroine who could kick booty but still remain lovable and female. Sweet, funny and exciting! I give this book five stars. Morrigan (our heroine) is strong and at first, one might come away thinking she is uncaring. But she is far from that! She loves her family and her clan, it is just difficult for her to show it as she has spent most of her adult life trying to keep them from the brink of starvation. Dragonet [...]

Another warrior princess

Scotland 1355So im like half done with this book and im still not liking Morrigan at all. I didn't like her in book 2 and still hate her. She's just a bitch. And Dragonet is wishy washy. All tough knight on the field but wimp when it comes to Morrigan. Im not sure, but I think he's a virgin." (view spoiler)[Near the end and sure enough Dragonet is a virgin. Im not fond of how Morrigan is the dominate one. It may be cool in real life, but im my fantasy romance books, I want the man all strong and [...]

The series can easily be read independent of each other. While the story involves the same people in the prior 2 books and history goes on you do not have the feeling you missed something or are lost not having a full back story. I wasn't crazy about reading this book because it was about Morrigan McNab and I didn't really like her from the other books and I the McNab's are pretty much the crazybad guy clan in the other 2 books. Chaumont the Frenchman from the other books is also this one. He is [...]

Oh-I love when the heroines are strong (but have a hidden soft side)-and the hero's even stronger!!

Spirited Morrigan Steals The ShowSister of the Laird McNab, Morrigan McNab would do anything to support and protect her impoverished clan. Eschewing feminine trappings since she was a child, she straps on a swordd other deadly accoutrementsd fights like a man. With her brother and a small group of their men, she raids other clans and ambushes travelers for additional coin and supplies. The dishonorable activity weighs her heart, but helping her clan survive makes that weight at least bearable.Ti [...]

Another win by Amanda ForesterThis is the third book by Amanda Forester I've read. I love her character development and how she incorporates spiritual truths throughout the story. Historical fiction is my favorite genre because it brings history to life. Well done!

Posted onUnder the CoversTRUE HIGHLAND SPIRIT is the third book in Amanda Forester’s Highlander series. I really enjoyed the last book THE HIGHLANDER’S HEART and found that I really liked this one as well, but for very different reasons.Morrigan McNab is a tough girl, a warrior woman who just so happens to be a thief as well. Her parents are dead so she is forced to participate in highway robberies in order to support herself and her clan. She does this with her brother, the laird of the McN [...]

I LOVED this book. I loved the fact that for once they are both virgins. In my mind nothing is hotter than when they discover passion together because it always seems less calculated to me. (I also can never get the idea out of the back of my mind that the hero had been with lots of other women and the heroine is completely fine with it. D: Gross.) In this case it was more like they both had principles and standards and weren't going to throw themselves away on just anybody. (In the case of Drag [...]

Overall a decent story.Morrigan isn't the typical Lady. To provide for her clan she takes up a sword and fights and robs along with her brother. She lost both her parents at the age of 10, left with only two brothers one older one younger. Her older brother Laird of the clan would rather see her wed but Morrigan dresses like a man and many fear her. Jacque Dragoner is on a mission well two actually but one is secret. Sent to Scotland by his father to find the treasure of the Templars, a silver b [...]

I luv Amanda Forester and her writing. Each book just continues on as if the family sage has just had a wee vacation.Morrigan McNab is one fiesty highland lass who can seem to find just as much trouble without looking for it as her brothers do. A Highland lady who can't seem to find her way out of breaches and into a nice gown, Morrigan really does need the so called Kick in the Pants!Sir Jacques Dragonet is about as noble as they come. A priest on a mission of great import doesn't stop this kni [...]

Morrigan McNabb isn't the usual Scots lass, because she dresses like a man and fights alongside her brothers for her clan. Morrigan's clan is very poor and in danger of starving and to make matters worse Scotland is at war with England. Sir Jaques Dragonet is one of the French knights, who arrived with the Duke of Argitaine to aid some Scottish in attacking the English. Because the Duke paid for their help, Morrigan's clan is among the other Scots clans. Morrigan, who knew Jaques as a minstrel, [...]

During the early unsteady period between Scotland & England, the french sent troops through Scotland hiring & paying clans to battle & to take over English strongholds. Thus protecting France.Morrigan McNab is a pant wearing warrior in her clan who has been forced to join highway robberies with her brother, the Laird of the McNab clan, being very poor after their parents died. During one of the robberies, a french minstrel is left behind & meets Morrigan. He is actually a french [...]

Forced to fight alongside her brothers in order to defend her clan, no one would recognize Morrigan McNab as a Highland lady, no one that is except Sir Jacques Dragonet of France in Scotland disguised as a minstrel on a mission for his father. As the McNab clan prepares to go to war against King Edward II, Morrigan rides out with them against Dragonet's wishes. One bloody battle follows another and first Morrigan is injured then her brother is injured, forcing a return to home. As Morrigan and D [...]

True Highland Spirit by Amanda Forester is a nonstop adventure surrounded in a Highland purlieu. Forester ensnares us with fearless and valiant characters who battle for what they believe in. A beautiful and headstrong Highland lass meets her match in a French minstrel, in this daring historical romance that places two countries on the battlefield. War and conflict surround these distinctive characters as they search for treasure, in great minutia. I enjoyed this foray into the Scottish Highland [...]

This would have gotten 3.5 or 4 stars but I had a couple of issues with it. First, the scene that finally brings the leads together seemed a littleunrealistic. Also, there was a bit more preaching than I cared for, although to Forester's credit, her leads remain delightfully sinful and the religion aspect is tied in with the overall plot of the book. That said, I liked how Morrigan was an unconventional 'unconventional' heroine, the unusual setting, and Jacques was a sweet hero whose reasons for [...]

Where to start? I guess since this is the last book in the series (I think) I will just wrap it into one. I had never heard of Amanda Forester however while searching for a new read I found the first in the series. After I read it I had to read the rest. I will honestly say the series is a great read! I do love the fact she has taken real accounts in history and switched them up a bit. The fact she uses a lot of the mystique we all love about ancient Scotland within her pages makes it all the be [...]

Set in 1355 in the Highlands of Scotland (affected by the courtly intrigues of France), this unique historical romance sets a new standard for kick-ass heroines. Morrigan McNab turns warrior to help care for her impoverished Highland clan, painfully casting away any dreams she had for personal happiness by assuming such a scandalous, non-traditional role. Sir Jacques Dragonet, no stranger to loneliness and lost dreams, sees a kindred spirit. Their relationship is not coy. No one plays games. The [...]

I enjoyed the story, the very strong female heroine Morrigan and the romantic french monk Dragonet fight many battles side by side. They are both virgins and that creates a smile or two. The catholic church, relics, knights and highway men all have a role. I did find the story too long and would have benefited with a bit more editing in the early parts of the book. The conclusion was touching.

Plot was interesting and moved along well. Characters were likeable and had good chemistry. Author did a much better job this time working her religious message into the story - was a more natural development and the proselytizing was not as heavy-handed as in the prior two books. Still there, just not quite as overt. However, I am not sure I would recommend this series to non-Christians, who might take exception to some of the themes.

I would have given a 5 if the sex scenes hadn't been there. They're not extra smutty, a 2.5 out of 5 on the smutty level, still, Sarah Evans can write a perfectly good love story without sex scenes. Anyway, there three short scenes, which caught me off guard, she usually only has one, but they don't last long, easy to skip if that is what you choose to do. Great plot, Leading lady is awesome! Dragonet is sexy and sweet, perfect :).

I actually found True Highland Spirit to be very good and tad surprising. I loved the romance between the main characters. I think in this book the real enjoyment of seeing the two fall in love was just solid for me. I liked not know the characters backgrounds right way and seeing it come to light. It was also nice to see how the other characters from the other book the Highlander's Heart play out in this as well.

This book was fantastic! I loved how the heroine was more than a "damsel in distress" she was powerful, stubborn and willful. Determined to do things her way and I haven't come across many books like that. I became quickly addicted to the story! I couldn't put it down because I needed to know what would happen next, how things would work out, what would become of Jaques and Morrigan, caln rivaliesoh it was GOOD!!I am fast becoming a big fan of Amanda Forester!!

I have to say I LOVED this book. I was hoping there would be a story for Morrigan. And the chemistry between her and Sir Jacques was perfect. I loved how non-traditional both characters were, and I loved how the story played out. No one was perfect, they were "real" dealing with harsh life the way they felt they must. And still hoping for redemption, love, and a chance at "normal" life. I loved the layers to the story. Well worth the read.

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