The Canterville Ghost

Oscar Wilde

The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Ghost

  • Title: The Canterville Ghost
  • Author: Oscar Wilde
  • ISBN: 9780582362963
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback

In the first of these two classic stories from Oscar Wilde, a 300 year old ghost finds that the American family who have moved into the house he haunts are not quite the same as other families In the second story, a nice young man meets a millionaire, but thinks he is a beggar.

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The original Wilde Thing does it againSeriously does one not love on Oscar Wilde when he's throwing down the snarky this case, and in proper British fashion, against cocky, adolescent-cultured Americans and their starched-lip, tradition-trapped English cousins? A bounty of clever from start to finish, Wilde's tale is charming, engaging and pitch-perfect. For a story less than 30 pages long, Wilde accomplishes so much, using scalpel-like precision in both his language and his plotting to tell a s [...]

This is Oscar Wilde’s first published story, in 1887, a year before The Happy Prince, and five years after he’d travelled in the USA. It features his oft misquoted line:“We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, language.”It’s a curiosity: funny, but mostly not in a Wildean way; ghostly, but not remotely scary; overdoing some stereotypes (Americans), and underdoing others (what ghosts can feel and do); not quite a children’s story, but not really a [...]

" هذه القصّة سجل طريف للمحن التّي ألمت بشبح قصر آل كانترفيل حين انتقل هذا القصر التاريخي إلى وزير أمريكا المفوض في بلاط سانت جامس " رسالة من شبح :ما معنى أن تكون شبحا ؟ نعم ما معنى ذلك ؟ كنت في يوم ما أسطورة، رعبا حقيقيا. كنت في يوم ما نعم نعم كنت، و لكن الأيام دول اسألوني أنا [...]

A Victorian ghost story by Oscar Wilde! 4.5 stars. Wilde deftly combines an occasionally grisly haunting, old-fashioned sentiment, a small droplet of romance, and a large helping of dry wit in this 1887 novella about a rather brash American family that buys a haunted mansion in Victorian England. This story makes fun of some British and American stereotypes of the day, but is oddly touching at the same time.Mr Otis, the American Minister (whatever that means, or meant), moves his family into a m [...]

What a lovely ghost story this was! This turned out to be the cutest ghost story for me lately.I have read Wilde the novelist, this time his story also made a mark. When an American minister bought Canterville Chase ( A British Mansion), everyone said it was a foolish decision because the place was haunted and there was no doubt in it. But the American minister believed and said that there was no such thing, as a ghost, and I guess the laws of nature are not going to be suspended for the British [...]

3,5⭐️ Este cuento tragicómico, trata sobre un fantasma que vive en el castillo de Canterville, y que vaga por sus rincones durante la noche, tratando de asustar sin éxito a sus nuevos habitantes, una familia norteamericana insensible a los fenómenos paranormales. Es muy corto y se lee rápido. Es ameno, por momentos hace reír y tiene un buen final. Mi baja calificación se debe a que lo leí con las expectativas muy altas, luego de leer el retrato de Dorian Gray, que me encantó. A pesar [...]

The Canterville Ghost is a charming tale, one of Oscar Wilde's best. It is a ghost story, a comedy and a romance all rolled into one, told with the offbeat, rolling wit that only Wilde can tell.An American family moves into a haunted mansion in England, but it is they who torment the ghost with their irrepressible irreverence, finally driving the phantom to despair. The lovely, charming daughter of the family, strikes up a friendship with the ghost, freeing it, with her prayer and tears.It is a [...]

Americans are brash, tacky, shallow, pompous, and they really, really like to talk about products and shop for products and use products. Odd theme for a scary tale, right? Well, it so happens that it fits quite nicely in the ghost story format. And this is not the only time this has happened.You may not realize it, but I assure you that you already know the general plot and tone of this story: Biiiiiig city Americans (New Yorkers, in fact) move into a somewhat worn-down but charming estate in t [...]

What a cute little story this was! Someone over at Booklikes recommended it to me, and I'm so glad I followed through. The Canterville Ghost is not scary at all, but it IS funny and as the story goes on, rather pitiful. I found myself laughing at some portions and then all but shedding a tear towards the end. This is a short story which is available for free, or at least this version is, at , and you can add the Audio for a nominal feeazon/Canterville-Gh

What a fun read this was! I'm definitely in love with Oscar Wild works. He combines simple language with wit and humour which is easy to read and which completely holds your attention and leave you in awe once you are done with the reading. The story is about a ghost who had haunted his family castle and who had terrified all his descendants and their associates who was finally outwitted by an American family. Poor Ghost. He was so humiliated as he says to himself that "no ghost in history had e [...]

This is one of my favourite Wilde stories.

“But there is no such thing, sir, as a ghost, and I guess the laws of Nature are not going to be suspended for the British aristocracy.”Says Mr. Hiram B. Otis, the American Minister does not believe in no ghost, but he soon changes his mind when he has his close encounter. Even then, contrary to expectations, he is not particularly bothered. The Canterville Ghost is Oscar Wilde turning the ghost story tradition on its head, I suppose it can be regarded as a parody, but it also works well as [...]

Read for the 2015 Reading Challenge: #8 A funny bookAnd for my 2015 Reading Resolutions: 5 Classics (4/5)Wilde’s humor is very interesting, he is not sarcastic. A very funny book about American behavior and redemption. Short, light and entertaining. Venga! Los americanos todo quieren comprar y que les compres XD fue lo más divertido de toda la historia, lo juro. Además que me gusta el toque divertido que le da Wilde al fantasma, cuando habla de todos las muertes que ha provocado y todas las [...]

I am no fan of ghost stories but I read a charming review of Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost and decided that I was ready to be spooked in a good way. But I least expected myself to feel sympathy and even affection for the ghost that had haunted Canterville Chase for three centuries.Against advice and repeated warning, Hiram Otis, an American Minister to the Court of St. James, bought Canterville Chase from a British aristocratic family. Otis, his wife, three sons (including a pair of youn [...]

Another book from treasure of Oscar Wilde.The way of writing was comprehensive and utterly persecuted.Ghost's different kind of preconception has seen which was awful for him.Brilliant classic book.

Para mí, un clásico que no ha estado a la altura. Me ha parecido una historia floja, que no profundiza ni en los conflictos ni en los personajes, y narrad de una manera convencional. Lo siento, no ha sido para mí.

Ένα τόσο δα βιβλιαράκι με μια απολαυστική ιστορία και ταιριαστές εικόνες! Εντάξει,το απόλαυσα Τι άλλο να πω;

من إصدارات دار الهلال، من الرعب القوطي الساخر.Gothic-Mock. ارتبطت قصص الرعب القوطي بزنازين العصور الوسطي و قلاعها و ممراتها و ، و سراديبها و سلالها المتعرجة و براريها الموحشة، بكل ما هو جامح و دموي و همجي وغالبا ما تشمل عنصراً خارقاً للطبيعةالقصة تدعي شبح قصر كانترفيل، فمن الواضح [...]

*Primera lectura: Algún día del invierno de ese terrible 2012.*Segunda lectura: 27 de mayo del 2017.Interesante, gracioso hasta cierto mórbido y extraño punto, entretenedor, y con un profundo y precioso significado. Lo digo y lo diré siempre: leer a Wilde es una tremenda e irrepetible experiencia, todo un viaje por el que te conduce a través de sus letras.Dios la forma en que escribe Disculpen amiguitos, pero se trata de uno de mis autores favoritos de quien les hablo, y no es de extrañar [...]

Almost witless. By which I mean this is nearly free of wit. That's a problem for Oscar Wilde, a writer whose career was based on his rapier wit. But I'm sorry fans, I just don't see it in The Canterville Ghost.In this story we have your typical set up where Americans come to the UK, buy up a castle, ghost-included, and then proceed to dash away hundreds of years of well-cultivated English tedium. (And I like their tedium, so that was a drag)Wilde's commentary on stuffy Brits and cocky Americans [...]

"La morte deve essere così bella. Dimenticare il tempo, perdonare alla vita e raggiungere finalmente la pace"Cosa c'è di più drammatico (e tipico di certa letteratura) di un fantasma peccatore che, uccisa la consorte, vaga in pena in un castello con manette e catene arrugginite legate alle caviglie e ai polsi? Una situazione questa che certamente farebbe fuggire qualunque famiglia dovesse soggiornare nel castello.Ma Oscar Wilde nel castello ci mette invece una famiglia americana, con tanto di [...]

Este ha sido uno de los libros más divertidos que he leído.Podemos ver la diferencia que había entre los estadounidenses y los británicos en esa época y cómo se veían los unos a los otros. Me habría gustado que fuese más largo para seguir disfrutando viendo cómo el fantasma intenta asustar a la familia y los gemelos siguen gastándole bromas, o el padre sigue dándole productos para sus cadenas oxidadas y que él se lo tome todo como una gran afrenta. Creo que el final es un poco preci [...]

Μόνο ο Όσκαρ Ουάιλντ θα μπορούσε να συνδυάσει σε ένα παραμύθι τόσα πολλά στοιχεία!!! Μεταφυσική γοτθική ατμόσφαιρα, σκωπτική διάθεση και ρομαντισμός!!!Κι όλα αυτά σε ένα σχεδόν παιδικό παραμύθιΗ Ιστορία του Φαντάσματος στο Κάντερβιλ είναι ακόμα ένα κομμάτι της ψυχής του με [...]

Now that was a good ghost story. It was refreshing. I loved the humor, but there was also pathos. I kind of liked the old crusty Canterville ghost, even though he was kind of evil. I loved how the Otis children turned the tables on him. And how Virginia felt sad for Sir Simon, and helped him to get closure. This is the second story I've read by Oscar Wilde, and I must say, I am very impressed with his writing. His work has a depth, but an airy lightness to it, and a hard to define beauty to it. [...]

ياعسل :Dالقصة صغيرة جدًا لكن ضحكتني للغاية خِفة دم الشبح وعائلة أوتيس عجبتني :')قرأتها في أقل من ساعة، لكن كان وقت لطيف ^^شكرًا للحاجات الصغننة إللي بتكون زي قطعة السكر.

I love Wilde's writing and humor. If you're looking for something short to read this Wilde's ghost comedy is the right thing for you.Δεν ξέρω αν υπάρχει κάποιος που δεν του αρέσει ο Wilde. Θα μου πεις πως να μην μου αρέσει, όταν διαβάζεις ιστορίες σαν αυτήν εδώ. Η γραφή του είναι όπως πάντα λυρική, το χιούμορ του απλό και αθώο, και η ιστορ [...]

أدق وصف ليها: حدوتة جميلةهأضيفها للحواديت اللي هأحكيها لأولادي في يوم ^__^

“Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one’s head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday, and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.” <3

In Canterville Chase there is a misunderstood, unsuccessful ghost, who used to be very successful, until an American family, Otis, moved in. The Americans are portrayed in a peculiar manner. They have a fancy for materialim and American super products, and know nothing about the English etiquette. Wilde emphasized differences in culture by creating special characters and then pitting the "unsophisticated tastes" of the patriotic Americans - patriotic as their children are named Washington and Vi [...]

Antes que nada quiero que sepan que nunca había leído a Oscar Wilde en mi vida y gracias al #MaratónBooktastic eso cambió. Antes de leer El Fantasma de Canterville pensaba que me iba a encontrar una una historia de terror, una mansión embrujada, gritos y horrores, pero estaba muy equivocada. El Fantasma de Canterville nos cuenta la historia de una familia estadounidense que se muda a Inglaterra y se quedan con una casa embrujada que nadie quiere: Canterville Chase. A la familia Otis, los am [...]

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