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  • Title: Surrender
  • Author: Kimberly Zant
  • ISBN: 9781586088996
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback

Desperate straights call for desperate measures If anyone had asked Anna before what she would be willing to do for money, what she d just signed up for would NOT have been on the list She s discovered, though, that the needy can t afford to be too picky And, after all, what s six weeks in the scheme of things Despite her internal pep talk, though, she discovers she iDesperate straights call for desperate measures If anyone had asked Anna before what she would be willing to do for money, what she d just signed up for would NOT have been on the list She s discovered, though, that the needy can t afford to be too picky And, after all, what s six weeks in the scheme of things Despite her internal pep talk, though, she discovers she isn t at all prepared for what she has to face in the mansion of ill repute where no is no longer a part of her vocabulary unless she wants to forfeit the money she needs so badly Rating Contains explicit sex, graphic language, and some scenes of sex with mulitple partners menage a trois.

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This review is especially for Brian for being adorably curious***Do not try to psychoanalyze the plot. It’s ménage/erotica for crying out loud!***1) A 30-something female frantically trying to make a quick buck so to acquire child custody in an acrimonious divorce. – Check2) 5 ravenously throbbing cocks looking for a SUB intended for their 6-week sexual soiree – Check3) Black leather bustier, satin ribbons and sex-toys - Check4) BDSM role-plays, insatiable Ménage à trois, nonstop fuck [...]

This book is erotica, so if that's not your thing, stop reading.This is a short book about a destitute divorce with kids who takes a 6 week job as a submissive sex slave for a group of 5 rich men. Luckily, the men turn out to be good guys, not sadists, they're just into group sex. There's only a little plot to this book, centering on the divorce custody battle, how much she misses her kids, and the identies of the mystery men. Most of the story is about the sexual awakening of the heroine - for [...]

3 stars – Contemporary Romance/Erotica/BDSM/MénageSex, sex, and oh yeah, SEX! Five uber horny, insatiable, gorgeous, extremely rich men and a desperate, submissive woman who signs on to let them do anything and everything for six weekslet the sex-fest commence! 3 stars

This one did it for me… Loved it! This wasn’t the typical ménage (well, multiple partners) type book you find out there, which added something different and I really enjoyed – making me stay up until the wee hours to finish it. There is a ton of sex, but a lot of story too and the mix was perfect! The only negative I have is that I wish there was some more background on each of the guys, as they were just surface characters. However since it’s all from one person (OMG, the ‘I’s) it [...]

This was a surprising read. Going into the book I did not expect a happily ever after. The main character Anna has sold herself to these 5 extraordinarily handsome rich guys for 6 weeks. I love the fact that the author gave one of the guys an average size member. With most romance & erotic books the guys are always well endowed (nothing wrong with this), yet here one of the guys has is average sized & has an average stamina. The five guys are all related, that is a little creepy. There w [...]

To call the book some of the hottest erotica I've read is a massive understatement! I have high expectations for everything I read, including erotica, and this story was hot, Hot, HOT. Almost all erotic novels call for you to suspend disbelief and the ridiculous series of events that lead to the current story, and this book is no exception but since we are thrust into the story so quickly it's a little easier to go with. I thought that 1 woman for 5 guys actually sounded like a bit more of a nig [...]

Very kinky read, but I completely enjoyed it. Surrender actually had a story- it was about sex, orgies, and a submissive that is at the beck and call of 5 horny gorgeous rich men. Anna was in a desperate situation to protect her children so she signed on the dotted line to live six weeks on the wild side. What I liked about the story was that there was one main man, Kaelen, and he was into kink, like watching others with the heroine- but he was in charge. The actual sex acts were nothing over th [...]

Official Smut. What more can I say. All you have to do is read the back cover to know you are in for a wild ride. Poor mom in need of money so she can hire a lawyer to keep her child in a divorce settlement. Takes a job as a submissive in a house full of Hot Horney Doms. This would get a 3 star for plot but a 5 star for steam eroticism.

Very fast read. The book is almost a non-stop sex scene - the heroine spends a lot of time dazed and confused, or that could have been simple exhaustion. In the words of the heroine "there was an agenda there but I didn't get the program". Not really much sexual tension

I probably read this story 4 or 5 times.This story fascinates me. I generally do not like only one POV because I want to know what the males are thinking or feeling. But that the way Kimberly Zant aka Madeleine Montague aka Kaitlyn O'Connor is writing.At first, I thought that the heroine was a sex toy and I did not like the way they treated her. Then I realized that she had power and gave to each one of them what they needed.over 30 pages of reviews here and this is not a new release. But if you [...]

This book gets 5 stars on principle - it was my very first erotic romance!! I absolutely loved it!! I was hooked on the genre from Chap. 1. Are there better menage books than this out there? Sure, although Kim does a damn good job. She knows how to write one hell of a sex scene and adds just enough plot to make a decent read!! However, after reading a couple of her books they all are pretty much the same.

This is the beautiful story of Anna, and 5 men. And a contract. I refuse to give the plot of the story away by telling you much more than the sex is hot and extremely romantic. You learn the men like Anna does, by taste, by their touch, by their voice.

Really enjoyed this book. Very hot. Liked the ending too. 4 stars.

The plot is implausible, once you accept that the book was great. The (MILF) heroine is pretty naive to be the supposed mature one of the bunch.The sex scenes are hot and not overly drawn out. Kinky but not painfully so. The only BDSM could be the "restraints" included in the outfit she had to wear through out. The "rear end" stretching went on a little too long for my taste and was ultimately anticlimactic due to the buildup. The hero stands out from the beginning as the main love interest. The [...]

Ok, so I just finished an extremely kinky book!The first couple of chapters I figured it would just be some sexy fluff, nothing too serious. However, aside from the sex part of the book, there's a good story here. You figure this woman has to have some serious intelligence issues to do what she's signed on to do, but if you are desperate enoughd it involves your children, then any solution is plausible I guess. The more you get to know this lady, you realize she HASN'T made a mindless decision, [...]

I love how it starts out, everything is so awesome, the kinky things, the presentacion and i love how they make it intresting without having so much long tern explanation of the myseterious men in the mansion, but about 2/3 of the story it suddenly starts to fall apart, the story gets rushed in a unexplainable manner. Theres a connection with the main and Keal and Gareth, what aboyt Cameron? what about the rest of the men?? if they all want her why not make the connection for it?? And then it ki [...]

Ok everyone should know this is a very explicit book. there is a lot of sex scenes with multiple partners so please be advised!!!!I LOVE LOVE LOVE these steamy hot sex books!! They are wonderful!! Anna is in a situation alot of women find themselves in when they find out prince charming is just the slimy toad that didn't turn, when she takes a job to entertain 5 rich super hot guys however they want. I really like how Kimberly structured the story around the whole instead of staying only with ha [...]

I guess you can call this a romance but it's also a big bag of over the top crazy. And it was actually pretty enjoyable in a "big bag of over the top crazy" way. Did any of it make any kind of sense? Oh, no. Was it ridiculous? Yup, yup, got that covered. But it's hot, there is more character development than I think you see in most of these "menage or more" books and there's some emotional connection as well, which is usually lacking in books of this type. As long as you don't go in expecting an [...]

Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. It absolutely cannot be taken seriously though. It almost was a cover-to-cover sex-fest, but there was a minor amount of plot thrown in that was decent. I think I would have preferred a longer book with a better fleshed out (heheh) storyline. Someone else's review mentions that we hardly know any of the men by the end of the book and this is very true. I would have liked to know them better, since apparently she fell for all of them and continued to have sex with them [...]

So I hate ménage stories. A lot. I picked this just because I felt like reading about pointless sexIt was so much more than that. The sweet, romantic feel, the way all the men are introduced and their characters developed, the way they interact and start caring about the heroineI never thought I would love a ménage, but this book managed to capture me completely. I could not put it down, and that's saying something, considering the size of it. I recommend this highly. It's just plain amazing, [...]

While it’s almost entirely nonstop sex, none of it was particularly titillating.The biggest problem is Anna herself. She’s so down on herself and such a sad sack that it gets hard (heh) to get past her moping to the sex.The “plot” is pretty thin. Mostly there’s fucking and a lot of nipple pinching. The men hate soft nipples or something. The whole thing with her kids is really implausible and not worth complaining about.(view spoiler)[And then there’s the ending. From sex slave to bl [...]

Originally I gave this 2.5 stars - mainly because (1) the concept of being a sub to three guys annoyed me but the heroine went into it with her eyes wide open for money; and (2) because the heroine was annoying. She could be such a doormat at times you wanted to slap her. I've however found myself thinking back [pleasantly] to this book multiple times over the weeks since I read it which bumps it up a star.

I wish I could say I liked this one, because reading the blurb it had real potential. Unfortunately it was really disappointing. This is told from Anna's point of view only, and I spent most of the time reading wanting to strangle her. I really wish I got to know the guys better too, because I liked what little I got of their personalities. The whole book was just awkward, poorly edited, and a struggle to get through.

Yep. I've been in an extremely naughty mood lately. This definitely fit the bill. In some ways it didn't go far enough, an in some ways the ending was too convenient, predictable and maybe too quick and not quite satisfying enough. But if you want to read a "total surrender, woman signs on for six weeks as sexual submissive to five gorgeous guys" fantasy, this is it.

I enjoyed this book a little too much. Multiple men ravaging one woman night and day. Yes, please. However, the story also had a decent plot and I became invested in the characters. I will definitely keep this book on hand so I can go back and read one (or several) of the hot sex scenes when I need a pick-me-up.

OK this is not my normal reading material at all. In fact for the most part I avoid erotica but was feeling like I should give it another go. Being erotica this book is mostly sex but there is a shadow of a plot in the background. I didn't care much for the ending as it was well unbelievable. I'm still not a fan of this genre but I gave it a go.

This was a fun and light read. I thought I was not going to like it as I read the reviews. I'm glad I read it and I finished it in a day. This book is so out there it's not to be taken seriously and because of that I enjoyed it. Yes there is a lot of sex, but I really enjoyed the Characters especially Kael. It's one of those quick, light books and of course it ends happy.

I wanted more from this books had some very hot scenes no doubt but I found the story line to be lacking in substanceNonetheless if you are a Zant fan, which I am, I would still stay that this is one to readybe you'll think differently from me

Hm I don't know how to review this properly. I liked this book and the characters and the sex, but disliked the ending. While everything else was exciting for me, the end felt rushed and unsatisfying.

This was so good.

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