The Thousand Faces of Night

Githa Hariharan

The Thousand Faces of Night

The Thousand Faces of Night

  • Title: The Thousand Faces of Night
  • Author: Githa Hariharan
  • ISBN: 9780704344655
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback

A debut novel which interweaves the fabled myths and legends of India with a young woman s search for self, exploring such universal themes as freedom, independence and desire.

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I had my prejudices even before I opened this book, however, got bowled over in the first paragraph itself. Githa Hariharan started the first chapter with such a intricate prose, even some of Nabakov fans would approve of.Compared to run of mill mediocre desi novels, it had such a refreshing plot. Overtiring descriptions, too much mythical connections, plethora of back stories ended up spoiling the experience. It is a shame when a 139 page short novel makes you yearning to get over.

I don't know how i feel about this book tbh. It started off so good and i got my hopes up but by the middle of Part two it started going downhill and became extremely boring.Nevertheless, it is beautifully written and the characters are very well-developed. I enjoyed reading the back-stories. Other than that, the reference to hindu gods and goddesses and my absolute zero previous knowledge regarding the topic made it kind of hard to read.

interwoven stories, some mythical, some contemporary, all from perspective of womenting but not very cohesivesweetly short

Where can a woman find her true path within Indian culture, family values, and related expectations towards her? And can she choose? The Thousand Faces of Night is a very well told story. I doubt I will ever re-read this book, but it is definitely worth reading. With all my westernized knowledge (more like - not knowing) I felt welcomed in the inner world of Devi, the main character – and Indian girl that has reached her womanhood and corresponding duties. The author lets us in Devi’s feelin [...]

This is absolutely one of the most beautiful novels I've ever read. I especially love the relationship between Devi and her grandmother--the stories from the Mahabharata she tells her, the way she responds to them, and how they shape her understanding of what it means to be female in her world. Equally wonderful is the relationship between Devi and her mother, Sita, with her father-in-law, Mayamma, the woman who works as a maid in Devi's husband's home. The way these relationships, and these wom [...]

The book starts with a bang of a prelude, draws you in with the first part, keeps you hoping through the second but by the middle, let's you know that it is not going anywhere too far. Then it meanders through the familiar territory to come to a whimpering end. At barely 140 pages, it manages to feel longer than it should have been. Indulgent prose, lots of descriptions, not much story.

I think I hyped myself up way too much for this. I enjoyed her short story, "The Art of Dying" so much more, which I stumbled upon in an anthology and I'm looking forwards to purchasing the short story collection of the same name.

One line only: DON'T TRY TO READ IT, YOU WILL GAIN NOTHING BUT A HEAD ACHE. I didn't force myself to finish it, thank goodness.

I probably shouldn't marry people like that

A good book.i think specially women will liked this book

It is her first novel.Although interesting the books tires one out. It tells the story of three women Devi,Sita and Mayamma. It is written from the feminist perspective

3rd part of the book was readable because the story picked a lil momentum.

Over-written, hyper-exoticized, disappointing.

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