Surviving Seduction

Maia Underwood

Surviving Seduction

Surviving Seduction

  • Title: Surviving Seduction
  • Author: Maia Underwood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Abduction was the only thing that could bring Selena out of hiding, and now, love is the only thing that can keep her that way In a lawless world after the fall of civilization, most survivors band together, but even life in a community can be dangerous for a woman without a good man s protection For Selena, Dan is that man Despite their love, she battles a persistent iAbduction was the only thing that could bring Selena out of hiding, and now, love is the only thing that can keep her that way In a lawless world after the fall of civilization, most survivors band together, but even life in a community can be dangerous for a woman without a good man s protection For Selena, Dan is that man Despite their love, she battles a persistent instinct to disappear again At the height of her struggle, Jack, a charismatic and clever trader arrives and sets his keen sights on Selena His dangerously bold efforts to seduce her turn her world upside down, and she finds herself powerfully drawn to his free spirited nature While Jack promises Selena the life she craves, Dan pursues an opposite ambition that sends a shockwave through the lives of everyone in Brian s Crater Meanwhile, someone is working in secret to sabotage his efforts, placing the entire community in mortal danger

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Very enjoyable sequel to Surviving Passion. Like the first book, this one is fast paced with an interesting plot and lots of action. Selena, still backward and immature in her understanding of relationships is now living with Dan. However, she often remains overwhelmed by the force of his personality and still views him as almost superhuman. Theirs is an odd relationship between her uncertainty and his stoic, terse manner. I started thinking of him as a Clint Eastwood character from a 70's Weste [...]

I like the world Ms Underwood has imagined, even in its simplicity. But if the first book enthralled me with its story, this one left me cold.I didn't connect with characters, above all the heroine who was transformed from a naive but strong woman into a classical fragile beauty. Jake, the other man, was simply too much and I wished for his death much before the ending. Nonetheless his move from jackass to jackal felt over the top to me.Many undercurrent were confusing: what is she really lookin [...]

Man, I really liked this sequel to Surviving Passion! But judging from the 1st chapter, I didn't think I would get into it. I know that the author needed to catch up anyone who hadn't read the first book in the series, but I felt that a bit more finesse could have been used to pull it together.Now, once the action gets going this book is a hoot! Dan was less annoying to me in this version, and I love love love Jack. But then I always love the bad boys, don't I? The whole Grazers community stuff- [...]

I'm still surprised that this sequel is so much better than the first book. There is so much going on. You're introduced to so many new characters. There are a lot of sneaky men, as well as a few scheming women. Each one of them puts so much strain on the story. There is a lot of tension. It's very fast paced and well written. It's so much more than Surviving Passion. Most authors don't improve that much between books but I'm so impressed with this book.

I finished reading the book last night and what a doozy! The story was well written, characters were well developed, and there were some curve balls! I had to take a break for a minute while reading, because I was so surprised by what I was reading! Selena is a bit more fragile in this book, and I read at least one review where someone was disgruntled about that. However, I felt that Ms. Underwood wrote a very believable and likable character. If you've ever experienced social anxiety or panic a [...]

I enjoyed this story as much as the first. Although, I will say it definitely had a lot more sex scenes than the first one did so, while I thought the first shouldn't really be considered a "romance" novel, this one definitely is. Not that that's a bad thing. Overall, the book was well written and interesting. Heck, I read the whole thing in one day! Looking forward to a part 3, if there is one.

This book continued smoothly from the last book. I got to know Dan better which was exactly what I wanted. Loved it. I'm keeping an eye out for the next one.

i liked Dan but the heroine in this was ttsl. :( this book was saved from the trash by a dream.

I didn't realize that the sequel to "Surviving Passion" was available or I would have been ON IT! All the little loose details that had gnawed at me during the first book were neatly wrapped up with a bow on top. We were finally able to get a pulse on the male lead, Dan. His POV was really needing to be expounded and deepened in the storytelling and Underwood delivered.Selena has begun a romance with her once-captor, Dan. Having been nomadic in the post-"crash" dystopian Midwest for years since [...]

This is a combined review for books 1 and 2. Read these if you are looking for a romance read and can stomach a wimpy h, not for a more detailed post-apocalyptic world or story. I couldn't finish but forced myself to skim the booksROLL DOWN FOR SPOILERS BELOWI found the h disappointing. and annoying. She starts out as a supposedly self sufficient loner (but exotically beautiful gag) kidnapped by the H (broody alpha male, with mad ninja/combat skills and very little of interest to say). But as t [...]

I loved this sequel to Surviving Passion and I hope the author continues with the series.Selena is still trying to adjust to life in a settlement and her new love with Dan. Dan has decided to change some things about how they live.Selena and others are not so sure about Dan's decision and conflict arises from the results of his plans. Selena often feels intimidated by Dan and the author does a great job of conveying Selena's vulnerability and worry of her relationship with him and her place in t [...]

This was a great second installment to a really enjoyable series.Everything about this story was really good.This series could become addicting,I can see that this could go far beyond just 3 books,there are a lot of interesting characters in it that I'd like to get to know better, Amy and Cal being one of them.Dan and Serena were a perfect couple, I fell more in love with them in this book.The romance was so sweet but there was a lot of heat between the two of them,I loved it.I can't wait for th [...]

I enjoyed this book much more than the first one in the series - Surviving Passion. I think the author has improved greatly between the 2 books. I definitely got caught up in this book and I cared for the characters, much more than I did in the first one. I'm only giving it 3 stars because, while it was good and I enjoyed it, it takes a bit more for me to give a book 4 stars.

So I like this one less than the first. In the first book Selena had some "cave girl" thing going on, she could do some damage and sort of can/take care of herself but in this one, not only she was insecure but she was irritatingly dull. I found some of her actions/reasoning/reactions ridiculous.

Having read both books I had to get my two-cents in too. I loved this and the first book immensely. I couldn't put either one down till I finished them and then read them again I can hardly wait till Maia comes out with the next in the series. What's going to happen next?

Really good read love the new drama among the already messed up situation.

Loved this sequel! So creative and engaging! I want the next book in the series!

“That was when I decided you were mine. I knew it before you even saw me.”Cany wait for the next one!

First Time Read: 17/11 - 2011

Great book. I love the story and the suspense had me at the edge of my seat. let's not forget the romance. YowzaI just wish the third book was out already.

Loved this! Interesting story and a page turner. I get so sucked into this story and find myself thinking about it for days after finishing the book. Can't wait for the next sequel.

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