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  • Title: Ravensong
  • Author: M.L. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9781463660703
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback

Elena Harris knows what she should have a doctor as a husband and a large home in the suburbs, but what Elena desires is passion Enter Joshua Ravensong, the quintessential bad boy A rock star struggling with a drug addiction, Ravensong falls for Elena, allowing her a chance to live out her fantasy, but one night of passion quickly turns into a relationship that mightElena Harris knows what she should have a doctor as a husband and a large home in the suburbs, but what Elena desires is passion Enter Joshua Ravensong, the quintessential bad boy A rock star struggling with a drug addiction, Ravensong falls for Elena, allowing her a chance to live out her fantasy, but one night of passion quickly turns into a relationship that might consume both of them.

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I liked this book, but the first half of it drove me a little crazy. There were too many he said, he remarked, he questioned, he inquiredey are having a conversation, I get it, please stop doing that. There were also weird uses of language that confused me. At first I thought the author was afraid to use harsh language. For instance there is a mention of a drink named after an inappropriate sex act. There are lots of drinks named after inappropriate sex acts. Why can't we just say what it is? I [...]

Wow. Where to begin? This book is just fabulous. Simple as that. I love the story, and I'm so glad I was able to win it in the Giveaway. It shows the reality of the drug addiction life, and what it takes to continue on afterwards. It shows how complicated life can really be in the music world. It's not just glam and fame. When you go down the wrong path it hits you hard and all those around you that care for you. This story is a great read. The characters are believable and take you on such an [...]

I really liked the characters in this book although Elliot with his child mentality of calling dibs on a girl who is in her late twenties and will date who she wants to was just insane. I was suprise also by the fact that the author didn't make Josh sucum to his demons through out the book when I read the blurb on amazon I was dubious I thought I was going to be a matter of girl meets bad boy rocker with and addiction problem and that would be the cause of a rocky, up and down and on and off aga [...]

I really enjoyed this book :) At first I thought that this is just like all the typical rockstar falls in love with a regular girl and all but it is more than that. I love that heroine is always saying what's on her mind and so strong. I want a sequel to this story!!! Wah!!!! I love it so much that I finished it in one afternoon. I can't help but get intrigued on what will happen next. I learned a lot of lessons in this book and I thank the Author for that! Keep up the good work! I will be readi [...]

Ravensong is about Joshua Ravensong, a musical prodigy. Anything musically he touches is gold. It comes with a price. Joshua had turned to drugs to cope with that price in the past. He has been clean for a few years when you meet him in this book. He is in the band called Avalanche. Every band member is vested (financially) accept Joshua. This gives him no leverage or direction in the band. He just exists. Elena Harris is hired to be the band assistant. She is a firey strong woman who is engaged [...]

First ReadsI won a copy of this book in a ' GiveawayLoved. Loved. Loved.I thought this was a fantastic and exciting read. I read this book in less than 24 hours. I was so fascinated by the characters that Hamilton created. I thought the plot was original and fresh, and I'm happy to put it on my favorites shelf.I loved this love story, and fell completely in love with Elena and Joshua. I rooted for them the entire time. I think the way that Hamilton portrayed both of these characters was brillian [...]

This story gives a raw and intense look into a man's life that is barely holding on to his life. At the beginning of the story its about Ravensong and his attraction Elena which escalates into a relationship. As the story progresses though the story begins to show what Ravensong's rock star life has given him. He's a recovering drug addict that is led into temptation once again. He is constantly goaded by his manager who thinks that he nothing more then a pretty face to sell records. He is alway [...]

OMG, I have a new author to follow! YAY! I believe Ms. Hamilton is a new author to watch, and if she can keep writing about such interesting characters - especially about more sexy rock stars!!! - I will be very happy. I don't always like shorter books or novellas because not enough time is devoted to personality development and WHY their personalities were that way to begin with but Ravensong was successful in both regards. Now I just disliked that it was too short! And while there was wonderfu [...]

This was such a good read.Not sure how I stumbled upon this book but am so glad I bought it on my Kindle.The main character Joshua is a reformed drug addict rock star and has a lot of demons to deal with, and the book does not gloss over the issues of his past or how he will deal with the present.I thought this book was going to be a bit depressing and started reading with trepidation, but it was anything but.I loved the developing relationship between Joshua and Elena - she was so good for him. [...]

What a great story. I throughly enjoyed the look into the evils of the music world. Elena and Joshua were two strong characters, that kept you interested in the story. I loved the way his past, and what happened was incorporated as if we were experiencing them with him, not just hearing him tell Elena about his past. I never saw it coming that John was the one behind everything, I, like Elena and Joshua, thought it was Julien, he was portrayed as the typical bad guy. Loved the relationship betwe [...]

I have to say I really enjoyed this book. The story of Joshua and his addiction kept me wondering what was going to happen next and what was going to happen to the relationship. The only thing I would've liked more of was Elena's involvement in the story when he started getting suspicious that someone was trying to hurt him. Once James came in, her character was pushed to the back a little.

I really enjoyed Ravensong. I really loved how the relationship between the two characters grew and developed into something solid. The story was well written. Coming from a household of a simular nature, you really captured the essence of pain, shame, and the hollowness that follows when someone feels broken. I loved Elena. She was exactly what Ravensong needed to become alive again. I wish the ending went on a little longer.

Stayed up to read this straight through ~ it was that good. Must admit to having guessed half of the antagonist (the other half came out of the blue!). This is not an erotic book at all but that doesn't detract from the story. I was rather disappointed at the ending: rather anti-climactic, almost as if the author just wanted to finish it.

I won this book on and thought it would be a quick love story to breeze through. After sitting down and reading I am hooked. I can't wait to see what happens in the relationship. I finished Ravensong this afternoon. I wish there was a bit more detail into what Elena's Ex was up to in the background, otherwise a nice book that kept my interest until the end.

I really liked the story. I found Elena to be very strong, confident and secure with who she was. Ravensong's character was flawed and honest about who he was and his demons. I enjoyed their story and found the story had a surprising twist. I couldnt put it down and finished it in a day.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Josh has a very troubled past and it keeps getting in the way of him trying to find true happiness. Elena is trapped in a loveless relationship because of fear. Together they are able to overcome much but there are huge obstacles along the way

Rock star romanceI've read a few and this is one that hints at the sex without all the play by playnda like all the romance shows back in the day. Still covers the groupies, drugs but to a way lesser degree. It's a clean read with lots of heart!

Not as much sex as I usually like with my rock star romances, but Joshuas story and the little mystery of who was messing with him totally sucked me in.

Great story!

I love Joshua Ravensong, every tortured little piece of him

TWO & 1/2 STARS--I liked the set up for the story. However based on its premise I was expecting something slightly more different. It seemed as if a bad boy rock star was going to be in a passion filled romance with his engaged to be married co-worker. Instead we get more of a biography of Ravensong, a Native American rock star's sad life of abuse, drugs and his recovery.The romance felt a bit lackluster because the characters said the right words but I didn't believe it as much. I still fin [...]

First things first, and I'd like to know what the hell this book is doing on 'adult' shelves. There is not a dot in Ravensong that is adult. Not a single drop of ink. So I went expecting what most adult books have, and halfway through realised that I'd been mislead. Nevertheless, I was already roped in, so hey-ho. But if you're putting off reading it right now because you're in the mood for YA, pick it up; it's YA all right.Now on the stuff that matters Ravensong was a tricky one to rate. The bo [...]

Review of Ravensong4/15/20150 CommentsA new job has one woman excited about her future with a wedding around the corner. But working for a top record company might not be what she expected. The top selling band’s lead singer is more than a heartthrob. He spells trouble for her laid out life.One thing I really loved about this story is that it was not explicit. The physical relationship is intense but not to where I would blush. It was wonderfully done. Books like this let my imagination have p [...]

This story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese! The author constantly contradicts herself throughout this story. Example: At the beginning of the book the author talks about how much money Joshua is paying his ex in alimony and child support. Towards the end of the book Joshua talks about Terry being a one night stand and having the baby while he was in rehab "confused much". I am not aware of a state in the US that requires a guy to pay alimony to a woman he wasn’t married too and didn’t [...]

I was fortunate to have won this book from because I found it hard to believe that it was the author's first novel. She had all the ingredients that make a book successful. By reading the outer cover I thought I was in for another another love story. It was that but so much more. She made the characters come alive. Wasn't sure how'd I feel about reading about a Rock Star prodigy but I truly got into the book. She combined a love story with a mystery and kept me guessing to the conclusion. Well [...]

Good story. I really liked the characters. I wanted more in the ending. I felt like I was left hanging.

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I just received a signed copy from author which I actually won from here ()!!Review to follow .

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