Love Lifted Me

Sara Evans Rachel Hauck

Love Lifted Me

Love Lifted Me

  • Title: Love Lifted Me
  • Author: Sara Evans Rachel Hauck
  • ISBN: 9781595544919
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover

Jade and Max share a deep love, though revelations from his past have recently shaken their marriage And Jade is completely smitten with Max s little son, Asa, whom she is now raising as her own Their blended family brings her a joy she s never known But there is one secret to be uncovered One that will impact them all.Max is doing his best to man up and prove hJade and Max share a deep love, though revelations from his past have recently shaken their marriage And Jade is completely smitten with Max s little son, Asa, whom she is now raising as her own Their blended family brings her a joy she s never known But there is one secret to be uncovered One that will impact them all.Max is doing his best to man up and prove himself worthy of Jade s devotion As well as that of his young son It seems like life in Whisper Hollow, Tennessee, will pick up where it left off until Max is faced with an unusual opportunity leave his family s law firm to coach high school football in Texas.Realizing a fresh start will bring healing to their marriage, Jade takes the leap of faith and moves with him and baby Asa, bidding good bye to her beloved Blue Umbrella shop.The new beginning in quaint Colby, Texas, is soon sullied when Max discovers the high school program isn t all it seemed While Max struggles to rebuild a once glorious football team, Jade wrestles with news that could break Max s heart and change their lives forever.

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4.5 starI really enjoyed this series. I would recommend reading them all in order since each book is a continuation from the previous book. This book, Love Lifted Me, was my favorite of the three. After all the sadness and drama that takes place in the first two books, it was beautiful to see how Jade and Max truly find love and happiness in their lives once they surrendered their burdens and fears over to Christ. Someday, i would like to re read the entire series.

I really enjoyed this whole series. Jade and Max are now very dear to my heart and feel like family. If you enjoy Christian fiction. if you enjoy women's fictionif you enjoy happily ever after with a lot of drama then you will love this book. These are the first books I have read by Ms Hauck and her collaboration with Sara Evans was a winner. I highly recommend this series.

Excellent trilogy. Far beyond many other Christian books in helping the reader grow in Christ.

I really enjoyable series. Appreciated the tie up at the end. Of course I had a beef with Jade starting the book off muy pronto with a secret she was keeping from Max but it was all good in the end. Appreciated the character development and the underlying message that God can do so much more with us then we can do with ourselves.

My favorite of the Songbird series.

Good story but audio kept looping around. Story never ended ???

Unexpected ending. Loved it all the same. Worth the read. There is a part towards the end that I know about from my time in Texas.

This is the third book in Sara Evans’ Songbird series. I previously reviewed book two Softly & Tenderly (you can read that review here) and this book picks up directly after the second one ends. Max and Jade are making an effort to move past the secrets and let go of the anger.Max has taken his addiction in hand and attends an intensive rehab program in Texas. Through the help of people in the program he begins to come to terms with his dependency issues. Meanwhile, Jade has found salvatio [...]

I really loved this book! I wanted to give it 5 stars but it was kinda slow in the beginning Well in the very beginning it started off with a bang - I thought "Oh! Great, a scandal! I love a book that starts with a scandal!" then, sadly it got slow for a while. Half way through it picked back up. Funny enough - it started getting real good around football time! LOLAnyone who knows me knows I love football (Go Steelers!). So once this book really started talking football I started loving it. Jade [...]

I wanted to like this book, and for the most part, I did. The story is a cute story about a couple who works on their rocky marriage. I loved how both the wife and husband had baggage, and grace and forgiveness were main themes of this book. Max, the recently recovered addict, leaves his lawyer career to pursue coaching football. His wife Jade goes with him, and learns to trust her husband again after his addiction and infidelity. There were moments that reminded me of the Friday Night Lights se [...]

I have followed the winding road of Jade's story since The Sweet By and By. Each novel in Sara Evans' and Rachel Hauck's Songbird series has been as touching and melodic as a country song. A chorus of love, pain, healing, and faith flows through the series and into the third novel, Love Lifted Me. The conclusion of Softly and Tenderly left me with a lingering anticipation of what the plot of Love Lifted Me would hold for Jade and Max.Throughout the course of three novels, Jade and Max have been [...]

I just read the most recent book from the Songbird novels by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck. This was an excellent read, I was pulled in right from the first chapter. I so wanted to see what would become of Jade and Max’s marriage. It starts out with Jade taking care of little Asa while Max is away at rehab. She has just made an important decision in selling her second shop. When she gets a very interesting visit from a friend of Asa’s birthmother. She burdens Jade with a secret she is really [...]

Jade is worried that she cannot trust her husband, Max, when he returns from rehab due to an addiction to pain pills. She has concerns that he will begin using again, and she is still recovering from finding out he had a baby with another woman. A baby that was supposedly conceived just one week before their marriage. Jade has fallen in love with the baby, Asa, now almost 2 years old and has been caring for him while Max was away at rehab, but a newly discovered secret may take Asa away from the [...]

This book was like,“Facing the Giants” with southern spice. Jade and Max had a rough beginning to their marriage. He cheated and out of that union came Asa, a son. After Asa’s mother died, Jade took in the little boy like her own showing love and faith, struggling against fears and an old habit of running away from things and situations.Max goes to work in Texas as part of his rehabilitation after getting confronted with his prescription drug addiction. After months of being clean and work [...]

Love Lifted Me by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck is a Christian fiction/romance/chick-lit/3rd-in-a-series book. It's a story about new mom of a toddler (Asa) and vintage-shop owner, Jade Benson, wanting to trust her formerly pain-pill-addicted husband again, after he's been away at rehab for 3 months. At rehab, Jade's hubby, Max, supposedly got his heart changed by Jesus, and from that now he wants to change their lives dramatically and in every way.This story was romantic and sweet, but quite pred [...]

Directly following Softly and Tenderly, the third Songbird novel covers a new stage in Jade's life: motherhood. Trying to save her marriage with Max after she discovered he had a son with his old fiance during Book Two, Jade's trust in him shattered; but not her love. Now, she is becoming a little bit stronger and learning just how great God's mercy is.This was me on first learning the plot of this book: 'O'. Let's just say I was very happy to see it coming out. I took my time with this book, an [...]

The third book in the Songbird Series definitely snagged my attention. Whether or not you have read the other two books in this series, it really doesn’t matter because there’s plenty of background details for you to follow along with ease.This is a really well written story with lots of lessons woven into each and every chapter. Sometimes reading about someone else’s lesson in love, forgiveness and trust can make a person realize these lessons pertain to them as well. I found myself hopin [...]

In this sequel to Softly and Tenderly, Jade is trying to heal from Max's betrayal. She still doesn't trust him, but she's fallen in love with Asa his two-year-old illegitimate son. Max returns from the Outpost Rehab Ranch in Texas where he has been coaching football for the Randall County rec center team. Now Jade and Max have to figure out how to become a family again or whether it's still possible. This sequel is a good follow on to Softly and Tenderly. Jade and Max now have to face the proble [...]

After reading the first 2 books in the series, I wasn't sure how you could ever write a happy ending for Max & Jade. This book added a couple of major twists, and still managed a happy ending! "Love Lifted Me" starts with Max in rehab and Jade caring for Max's son, Asa. Jade is completely in love with Asa. When Max returns from rehab, he is put on probation from his family's law firm. An opportunity to coach high school football is presented; a chance for a fresh start in Texas. Max & Ja [...]

The third in a series of heart wrenching stories that have an air of Christian fiction, but do not shove their religious views in your face. Written together with country singer, Sara Evans, and well seasoned fiction author, Rachel Hauck - this series hits straight to the heart with each flip of the page.With a gap in time between reading the second book and this third and final in the trilogy, it was still so easy to get back into Jade's life and be swept away by her struggles and extreme faith [...]

Jade and Max share a deep love, though revelations from his past have recently shaken their marriage. And Jade is completely smitten with Max's little son, Asa, whom she is now raising as her own. Their blended family brings her a joy she's never known. But there is one more secret to be uncovered. One that will impact them all.Max is doing his best to "man-up" and prove himself worthy of Jade's devotion. As well as that of his young son. It seems like life in Whisper Hollow, Tennessee, will pic [...]

The third book in this series. I had to see what happened. I did not expect that little nugget though. (trying not to spoil) I felt that character was painted better in the other story and that came out of left field for me. Maybe it was to give a little more angst to the story, but it really didn't play that much of a part for me even though something crops up from it. That was dealt w/ pretty quickly. I could see why those two wanted to go that route, because of grief, but at the same time it [...]

Well, this book is about Faith. A little too much, may be. It has a plot, yes but it is usual and predictable. Nothing new to boast of. Jade, a strong lady who has been through a lot has still so much to suffer. Max who overcomes every obstacle with his faith in God. And how they together make a life.The book is a drag, really. I read on just in order to get it over with. If not for the review requested from me, I would have abandoned this book long ago. It's just not worth it. Too much of Faith [...]

When I saw this book on the Booksneeze site, a few things intrigued me… Sara and I have the same last name J and the Sara is a singer/song writer - I had high expectations.Love Lifted Me was well written and the story flowed well. The themes of forgiveness and letting the past go were strong and mostly well developed through the book. I wasn’t expecting the American Football storyline to be quite as involved as it was. Unfortunately, I don’t understand the game and found myself skimming pa [...]

Great book! I honestly had no idea it was part of a trilogy until I went to put this review there - so obviously it stands alone! I loved reading this story that shows human weaknesses and how that which is seen is not the whole story!Jade is good with learning to love her husband’s “love” child Asa – but is having a hard time not keeping secrets from him. Max, on the other hand, is trying to prove himself worthy of Jade’s love and is having a hard time understanding all that’s going [...]

The final book of the Songbird series by recording artist Sara Evans, Love Lifted Me, completes the story of Max and Jade. It is a typical ending, one that you would expect. Truthfully it reminded me in several ways of Friday Night Lights but then again I wonder if any book or movie or show that features Texas High School Football is going to do that. This one seemed harder for me to get through but then again life has been a little nutty for me and reading hasn't been a priority in light of oth [...]

This 3rd book in this series picks up a few months after book #2. Jade & Max are back together and are raising Max's toddler son, Asa. Things are beginning to look up when Max hits Jade with a new challenge - he has been offered the job of head coach of a struggling high school football team in a small town in Texas. Just before going, Jade is told some information about Max & Asa that she doesn't know if she should believe or what she should do with it.It is an enjoyable book that is mo [...]

I absolutely LOVED this book! Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. The first two books in the Songbird series were wonderful and this one is amazing! I hope Sara and Rachel write more for the series because I can't wait to read them. I will probably reread this serious someday. "Love Lifted Me," has characters who are full of true Christ like fruit and love. The most inspirational part of the book was that characters endured true life experiences and choose to trust God, our Fathe [...]

This series has been one of my most favorite to read. To see where the characters came from, their broken pasts and present, to God's redemption and grace in their lives I love good fiction, but this book series goes beyond and opens the door to allow readers to see glimpses into the hurt others are walking through, and easily allows readers to make a text to self connection. God working in us is a process that takes a lifetime, and the reader has the privilege to walk through that with the char [...]

This has been a great series that I hate to see end. I am not an evangelical Christian, and this story of a couple who've made mistakes but have learned to heal through their faith is life-affirming. Learning to forgive one another and to move forward together, Max and Jade make a radical choice and experience pain and joy that we can all relate to. I did not read the books in order, and I always suggest that you do, but I was glad I had read them anyway. Nicely written and (on CD)nicely read.

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