Hot Ticket

Tracy Marchini

Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket

  • Title: Hot Ticket
  • Author: Tracy Marchini
  • ISBN: 9780615506531
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback

Juliet Robinson is the only sixth grader in John Jay Jr High who hasn t received a hot ticket from the mysterious ticket dispenser When one of the dorkiest kids in school Crammit Gibson receives a ticket before she does, Juliet decides that the ticketing system has to stop With the help of her best friend Lucy, a Daria esque Madeline and her almost crush Crammit,Juliet Robinson is the only sixth grader in John Jay Jr High who hasn t received a hot ticket from the mysterious ticket dispenser When one of the dorkiest kids in school Crammit Gibson receives a ticket before she does, Juliet decides that the ticketing system has to stop With the help of her best friend Lucy, a Daria esque Madeline and her almost crush Crammit, Juliet is determined to climb a few rungs on the middle school social ladder and catch the ticket dispenser once and for all HOT TICKET is the first book in the Hot Ticket Trilogy.

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Juliet thinks she is the most un-cool kid in the whole 6th grade. And now these things called Hot Tickets are showing up and everyone seems to be getting one but her. Juliet is going crazy wondering where the Hot Tickets are coming from so she decides to make it her job to solve the mystery and figure out the person behind the social craze. Certainly unmasking the Hot Ticket master will earn her a year’s worth of coolness. Maybe she’ll even get her picture in the yearbook! I really enjoyed r [...]

Being a child of the 1950’s I know we didn’t have anything resembling the tickets this book is about, nevertheless we still had our own popularity contests. While I’d never been consider very popular I still had my circle of friends.I loved the steadfast determination of Juliet Robinson to track down the distributor of the Orange Hot Tickets, tickets which have suddenly become the rage in deciding who the most popular classmate in the sixth grade at John Jay Jr. High [triple J’s] is.Thes [...]

Juliet thinks life is so unfair. Everyone is getting a "hot ticket" and she can't even get a "shame ticket". It's the thing to do in her middle school. Everyone is being recognized in one way or another for their actions, and it is super cool. Juliet is the only person who has not received a ticket at all.What else is a precocious 6th grader going to do? Investigate of course. She teems up with her best friend, and in her search finds two more friends. She is on t he case. One way or another, sh [...]

Almost everyone in the sixth grade at John Jay Jr. High School has received a ticket. Most kids have received a "hot ticket" - an orange rectangle made of cardboard - as a reward for doing something cool. Some kids have also received "shame tickets," as reminders of their most embarrassing moments. Even dorky Crammit Gibson has a few tickets to his name. But Juliet Robinson is the only one who hasn't received any tickets at all, and she's sick of it! Obsessed with the idea of the tickets, she be [...]

Hot Ticket is a fun story that children in middle school can relate too, yet has interesting twists and turns. Juliet Robinson is just a regular girl trying to survive middle school. There’s not much she feels she does right. She tries to stay out of trouble but finds herself, more often than not, sitting down by the principal’s office. It wasn’t her fault she “accidentally” punched the most popular girl in school in the face, was it? John Jay Junior High or most commonly called, Tripl [...]

Hot Ticket is an extremely fun novel for younger readers. It's been a while since I've read a book that has felt so perfectly pitched towards an audience. I would have lapped this up in upper primeary school – and loved every moment of it as an adult as well.One of the things that makes Hot Ticket work so well is its great cast of characters. In Juliet, Tracy Marchini has created an entertaining, and yet realistic, protagonist. She is clumsy, overly-spontaneous and often thoughtless, but it is [...]

My review:Hot Ticket is a book which touches many topics important to middle grade kids: being liked, getting along, friendship. I enjoyed reading it. It was well written, had very good dialogue, it was filled with quirky humor and believable characters.Regarding the plot:Meet Juliet Robinson, a girl who desperately wants to get a ticket. She goes to John Jay Junior High and studies in the 6th grade. It is a special school, because students are given Hot Tickets. These tickets can be given for b [...]

"I didn't punch Cindy Newsome in the face on purpose."This is the first line of Traci Marchini's little charmer of a book, Hot Ticket and it sums up the story of heroine Juliet Robinson's life exactly. No matter what she does, something always seems to go wrong, but never intentionally. Juliet is headstrong, impulsive and very likable so when she is the only kid in school who hasn't received a hot ticket or, at least, a shame ticket, she has to find out why.Given how far I am past the target aud [...]

This book is told from the viewpoint of a Middle School girl who thinks she is not very popular. The reason she thinks this is because there is a secret ticket giver, who gives out hot tickets for doing something “cool” or shame tickets for doing something embarrassing. Juliet doesn’t receive either one, although several kids have dozens of them, even her friends. Juliet sets out to find out who is dispensing the tickets so she can out them and end the ticket giving altogether. In doing it [...]

I can describe this book in one word: FUN!This is a great middle grade book that will appeal to not just kids. It is both hilarious and heart-warming.Poor Juliet. She just can't win, no matter how hard she tries. She's the klutz of the class, and everything she touches seems to go wrong. Reading it, I really wanted her to achieve something other than just being the girl to avoid.The love story portion was so cute. Middle school romance is so awkward and adorable. Really makes you look back at th [...]

Grade school is never easy when Julie finds herself on the outside without a “Hot Ticket” to instant notoriety.*** Author Tracy Marchini has created a delightful story about the twists and turns of popularity in this age appropriate middle grade school setting by using a “hot ticket” that magically appears when least expected. Julie Robinson and the other 6th graders all desire a ticket that marks them as one of the cool kids. When she is one of the last students not to receive a ticket, [...]

Juliet Robinson is trying to get through sixth grade. Anyone who did something interesting was getting an orange card the read Hot Ticket and why they got it. Juliet is pretty sure she is the only one not getting a ticket and she us determined to find out who is giving them out and why. She enlist her best friend Lucy, Steve "Cammit" Gibson and popular "mean" girl Cindy Newsomes' step sister, Madeline to help her solve the mystery. Very well done young adult story about a pretty typical self cen [...]

This was a fun read. It brought me right back to childhood "cool" points! Anyone who says that they didn't care about being COOL as a kid, is a liar. While I wasn't nearly as cool as Cyndi, I could have held my own. As a kid, it's a constant battle to stay "just cool enough". I never wanted to be on top (too much work) but I didn't want to be lumped with the kid who ate his boogers all day, either. This book perfectly illustrates the mindset of a 5th or 6th grader, while also providing a powerfu [...]

This was a very cute story for elementary to middle grade kids. The author was comical while addressing some important social issues that kids face growing up. I like the variety of characters, the adorable relationship between Crammit and Juliet, and the whole "hot ticket" concept. In real life, kids cast their votes on who belongs in the "in" crowd, often times unfairly which, in the words of Lucy is "tote ridic",but this story added tangible proof of being cool, as well as acknowledging shame [...]

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This was a short read I enjoyed with my granddaughter. The story of a middle school girl who is clumsy and feels unpopular. Hot Tickets and Tickets of Shame are secretly handed out but she doesn't get one no matter how she tries. She sets out to find out who the person is who gives out these tickets and ends up making friends along the way and ruffling feathers. A great YA with lots of fun and twists.

Honestly it was cute and it dealt with the struggles of a middle school girl and her popularity but I was really only excited to keep reading because I wanted a teacher to get involved and put a stop to it and when that sort of happened I looked forward to Juliet and Crammit together. I got this off a free kindle site and probably wouldn't actually buy it, but for being a free book it wasn't bad.

AmazingI loved this book. I would so recommend it. The basic plot is amazing, and it really just sucks you in. Really, it is almost as if you are the main character. Another thing is is that it has stuff in it that people could probably relate too. I gave this book a 5 star rating and if you read it I'm SURE that you will too!!

Carino. I personaggi sono sufficientemente delineati. Ho gradito il modo in cui hanno espresso i loro sentimenti e interagiscono. La storia mi è sembrata da subito interessante ma a metà mi è sembrato che si allungasse un po' troppo il brodo. I punti cardine non sono male: la soluzione del mistero, le motivazioni, ma ho trovato certi rapporti ed equilibri forzati, a volte.

An ok book I can see how kids would like the mystery of solving who was giving out "hot tickets," but it seemed to drag along after awhile.

Fun read. Would recommend to middle schoolers I know.

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