Heat Wave

Richard Castle

Heat Wave

Heat Wave

  • Title: Heat Wave
  • Author: Richard Castle
  • ISBN: 9780786891412
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The New York Times bestseller, HEAT WAVE, is a tie in to the ABC primetime show, CASTLE, that premiered in March 2009 The main character of the show, Richard Castle, is a bestselling mystery writer HEAT WAVE is his newest book Mystery sensation Richard Castle, blockbuster author of the wildly best selling Derrick Storm novels, introduces his newest character, NYPD HomicThe New York Times bestseller, HEAT WAVE, is a tie in to the ABC primetime show, CASTLE, that premiered in March 2009 The main character of the show, Richard Castle, is a bestselling mystery writer HEAT WAVE is his newest book Mystery sensation Richard Castle, blockbuster author of the wildly best selling Derrick Storm novels, introduces his newest character, NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat Tough, sexy, professional, Nikki Heat carries a passion for justice as she leads one of New York City s top homicide squads She s hit with an unexpected challenge when the commissioner assigns superstar magazine journalist Jameson Rook to ride along with her to research an article on New York s Finest Pulitzer Prize winning Rook is as much a handful as he is handsome His wise cracking and meddling aren t her only problems As she works to unravel the secrets of the murdered real estate tycoon, she must also confront the spark between them.

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For those of you who watched last night's Castle: yes, the thing on page 105 is really there. FYI.I don't really know how to actually review this, so I'll repeat what I said to a friend of mine this morning:Her: Oh my God. IS IT TERRIBLE? I MUST KNOW.Me: It's not! It's not high literature either, but--it's basically the same in terms of quality as the show. Fluffy, funny, throwing in another dead body whenever they think of plot, and just adorable.(and slashy.)I like.

This is a prime example of TV-show-success exploitation. It reads like a fanfiction written by someone NOT Richard Castle. At least not Richard Castle from the TV show. Because from what I saw in the series, the “original” Richard Castle at least appears to be a (much) better writer.So, why the fanfiction-y feel?1. It read like one of the episodes of the TV show, though to be turned into one if would need a lot of work.2. All of the “main” characters were there (with slightly different n [...]

Sorry, Castle, I love your television show, but Heat Wave is lukewarm at best :( It's been said that the bigger they are, the harder they fall maybe that's why king of New York real estate Matthew Starr just took a plunge from a six-story balcony. And while plenty of people may have wanted Starr dead, since he himself wasn't one of them, the authorities know they have a homicide on their hands. So the NYPD does what they always do when they need to catch a murdererey turn up the Heat! As detecti [...]

Going into this, I had an inkling it wouldn’t be a literary masterpiece, but I still couldn’t help but be surprised by how weak this novel was in every aspect.This book series is based on the now finished procedural crime drama, Castle. When I started watching that show, I was very young. It was one of the first dramatic television shows I watched, and I instantly fell in love with that way of storytelling.There are so many aspects of Castle that impacted me and my tastes, as well as my abil [...]

I tried again, harder this time. Still didn't get that far, only 28%.It's not a bad book, really. Just not something I normally read or enjoy. But objectively speaking, it has its charms. It's kind of funny and kind of cute if you like the bumbling amateur PI vs. tough real cop dynamic. I'm not a big fan of detective fiction (unless it's SFF), so this is not doing much for me, but I can see mystery fans enjoying this book as a fun popcorn read.* * * * *DNF @ 20%. I tried, though not very hard, s [...]

I never got into Richard Castle's Derek Storm novels, because I try to avoid things that hit bestseller status--in no small part because I've had one too many instances of "bestseller" being code for "hamfisted writing". Plus, there's been all the media hype about how Castle's such a ruggedly handsome jetsetter of an author, and the whole thing about him tagging along with the NYPD by way of the world's longest publicity stunt to promote a new series, yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah but can the ma [...]

I enjoy the TV show Castle, which is why I bought this book. However, for me, this book falls short of the show. (Rare, since I prefer reading to TV.) The dialogue is much like the TV show. The characters banter and there is a lot of lighthearted fun in the way they speak to one another. However, the story lacked detail. The plot was a spin on various episodes of the show. At times it was more like reading a summary of events. The characters also lacked detail. If I had never watched the show, I [...]

This was a fun, quick read. Mystery novels are not my thing, but I adore the TV show "CASTLE" and this book reads exactly like a show episode. In fact, bits and pieces of scenes from the first season where playboy novelist Richard Castle is riding-along with Det. Kate Beckett make their way into the story. Castle's counterpart is Jameson Rook, a magazine journalist shadowing Det. Nikki Heat (based on Beckett) to get an on the job perspective for an article about NYPD homicide detectives. Captain [...]

It'll be a while, I'm way down the list for this at the library. Wonder who wrote it? It came it.Basically, stick with the TV series. Sad to say but it really didn't make the transition all that well. This thin volume has a few good word gags and a passable story, but not great. It lost my interest early on. Could just be me I suppose. I picked it up because I find the series humerus though (of course) totally implausible. Yes, a chief of detectives is going to force one of his officers to trave [...]

I'm a big fan of the TV show Castle and had been dying to read the Nikki Heat books supposedly written by Nathan Fillion's character. In Heat Wave, I found great writing, wonderful character chemistry and an unbeatable mystery. I also found my mind making constant connections to the show, which was both distracting and confusing at times.It's hard not to compare Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook to Kate Beckett and Richard Castle from the show. The book is written under the premise that Castle is the [...]

I found this as a downloadable audio book at the library. I like the show "Castle" mostly because of Nathan Fillion. He was great as Cap'n Mal in Firefly & I even liked him in "Slither". In "Castle" Fillion plays Richard Castle, a best selling author who has made millions with his Derrick Storm novels. He wants to write a new series & asks his buddy, the Mayor, if he couldn't work with one of the best female detectives, Kate Beckett. He does & bases his new series & character on [...]

Rating: a deeply surprised 3* of fiveAs a rule, I watch very little TV that isn't about science, on PBS, or revoltingly prurient. Outside of that, why bother? So the other year, there came on this little show called "Castle" that had a promising premise: Bestselling author strongarms NYC mayor into giving him access to a working homicide team to research a character for some novels. (Yeah, right.) Sorta like being an embedded journalist in Afghanistan.I heard about it, I watched a few, I liked i [...]

This was really not that good of a book. And for that, I'm very disappointed given how much I love the TV show and how apt I am to squee with delight at everything that has Nathan Fillion's picture on it. The premise, for those living under a rock, is that these are the books written by Richard Castle as he follows Kate Beckett around at her detective job on Castle. The TV show plays prominently here, so if for some reason you've picked this up without ever watching the show, you're not going to [...]

Oh, my Hack! Absolute hack! But of the wonderful varietyI never thought that I would love hack, but this, I really like! (Okay too many exclamation points already. But, you get the point)But as much as I declare this hack, it's GOOD hack, as shown in the actual action scenes. This was definitely written by an awesome author, who knows how to write a gripping scene, and not just glorified fan-fiction, which is the tone this book starts out on. So if this doesn't appeal to you from the start, keep [...]

I'm a big fan of the TV show from day one. I hadn't even known at the time that they were planning on putting out books by 'Richard Castle' based on his time spent and research with the 12th Precinct. I'm glad I decided to check it out.From the peer blurbs on the front cover and inside jacket, to the press photo of 'Richard Castle' on the back, to the dedication in the very beginning, the novel feels very authentic. As if Richard Castle on TV were a real author and used his adventures in his fic [...]

Let me preface this with a declaration of my love for the show Castle. Nathan Fillion as a best selling author of detective novels? That’s a win in my book. There’s also the intense sexual tension between Castle and Beckett,and the antics of lovable partners Ryan and Esposito.Anyway, reading Heat Wave was like watching a marathon of Castle episode. Raley and Ochoa (a.k.a. Roach) are fictional duplicates of Ryan and Esposito. Nikki Heat, while obviously altered to fit Castle’s imagination o [...]

This is a pretty awesome idea, all things considered. Put out the book that the character writes, and do it all in character. Even the marketing, from what I've seen. Right down to the acknowledgements in the back. It's a moneyspinner: even people who don't know the show, Castle, might pick it up, and certainly loads of people that watch the show will pounce on it. And people who read it unknowing might end up sucked into the show.Also, tons of opportunities to reference it in the show, and to f [...]

Four stars for one reason alone - I love the plot of the TV series more than that of the book. But I'll definetely be onto the next book like today, actually XDThe first installment of the Nikki Heat series is dynamic and catching, realistic to the point of seeming based on real events and convoluted enough to keep the reader wondering who's the real bad guy to the very last chapter. I found the characters unique and intriguing, the settings - well-described, and the detective work quite up to t [...]

If you aren't aware, there exists a television show called Castle, currently in its second season on ABC. The premise of the show is that a famous and successful author of crime/thriller novels has used his connections and charm to be allowed to "ride along" with New York City homicide detectives as research for a book with a homicide detective main character. The premise of the book (Heat Wave) is that it is the novel that the fictional novelist wrote, based on his experiences in the first seas [...]

Heat Wave was not a serious read so I'm not going to give it a terribly serious review. I will simply say that, much like it's originating series, it was a lot of fun.A few simple things that I absolutely loved: there is a doppelganger for every series regular and they all have the same quirks, use the same banter, and do the same moves so it feels right at home. And the Castle doppelganger? His name is Rook. How great is that? It's so obvious but it made me so happy, I can't even tell you.It do [...]

Incredible mystery this is not. BUT. It is an actual book written by the fictional author Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), from the ABC show Castle. I love this show. In it, Castle uses his wealth, popularity and connections to get an indefinite ride-along with Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), who pretends to hate this. Love the cast, love the chemistry, love the dialogue, and I love my cop shows. This is a win all around for me. During the course of the show, Castle starts using Beckett as [...]

okay, trying to voice what I thought and how I approached it.First off: brilliant marketing idea.Second: I love the meta layer of a fictional character publishing a book (in my reality) which is inspired by the woman he is in love with (yup I'm a shipper, your argument is invalid). So I tried to read it as such, which proved to be difficult. Whenever I heard his voice (or that of Nathan) as the narrator's voice, I was fine. I could happily picture him typing away and having a ball at writing pag [...]

This book is a fun novelty for fans of the show, "Castle," as it's the one Richard Castle is writing during the first season of the show. I'm a huge fan of the show, but the book was only okay. The character interactions, supposedly (in the show) based on the detectives Castle shadows, aren't nearly as good as the actual show's character interactions. Also, the names in the book really bug me. I mean, Nikki Heat as the main character is kind of cheesy, of course, but the other ones were grating: [...]

Me like! But is it only because of all the fangirl squee I get out of thinking about how this book is written by 'Richard Castle'? I know that I excuse a lot of the out-there metaphors as something Castle would say, and I don't know that they would be nearly as fun or amusing to someone who picked up the book having never heard of Castle and had no idea what they were getting into. The way Nikki is drawn to Rook (haha, smooth name change there, Rick) is exactly how I can imagine him fantasizing [...]

This lies somewhere between reading Castle-Beckett fanfiction and reading a novelization of the show's script. I'd recommend it for more avid fans of the show -- although they will probably be befuddled that this was supposed to be written by author Richard Castle, who is lauded as a writing genius on the show, as this seems to be rushed-to-press by a hack of a ghostwriter instead. As a standalone mystery, without having the show's characters as a starting point, the cast comes off as paper thin [...]

If you like the TV show, you should like the book. The humor is the same, the characters are well known, although renamed, and although it feels a bit like fun-fiction, it's good fun fiction. I's clearly written to entertain, and it does it's job well. I had a lot of fun reading it, and thereofre feel generous, therefore I'm giving it a four.

Love the book. It's perfect for the tv series fans, it's like it's Castle and Beckett on the book. Funny and doesn't hurt to read. I give it 4.5.

Matthew Starr is a wealthy businessman who lives with his pretty young wife and son in an apartment in New York City that could double as a fine art museum. That is, until he plunges six stories to his death. As Detective Nikki Heat inspects his murder, she discovers that there was much more to Matthew Starr than the public perceived, and that many of the people connected to him had just as many secrets. To make things more complicated, Nikki has to solve this mystery while playing babysitter to [...]

Heat Wave by Richard Castle (pp. 197)Fan fiction taken to a whole new marketing level. Crossover marketing is taken to the next step when ABC publishes the actual novel, Heat Wave, written by the principle character, Richard Castle of ABCs crime dramedy of similar name, Castle. The book works because it doesn’t take itself too seriously and captures the same vibe of the TV show. The main characters of the book are fictional doppelgangers for the show’s two main characters, Richard Castle and [...]

I am not a fan of Castle TV show. I have to admit I haven't watch one single episode of it. Knowledge that this book is a tie-in of the TV show meant nothing to me. I decided to read it because it was recommended to me by based on my other reads and because it seemed to be a popular read. My expectations were average, just like for most books by authors I have never read before. Still, I was disappointed with what I got. You know this books written after the movie or the TV show success? The on [...]

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