Dead Sea

Brian Keene

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

  • Title: Dead Sea
  • Author: Brian Keene
  • ISBN: 9781936383610
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback

In 2003, Brian Keene s The Rising revived horror literature s dormant obsession with zombies In 2007, Brian Keene s Dead Sea knocked that obsession on its ass The city streets are no longer safe They are filled instead with the living dead, rotting predators driven only by a need to kill and eat Some of the living still struggle to survive, but with each passing day,In 2003, Brian Keene s The Rising revived horror literature s dormant obsession with zombies In 2007, Brian Keene s Dead Sea knocked that obsession on its ass The city streets are no longer safe They are filled instead with the living dead, rotting predators driven only by a need to kill and eat Some of the living still struggle to survive, but with each passing day, their odds grow worse Some survivors have fled, frantically searching for a place to escape, even briefly, the slaughter around them For Lamar Reed and a handful of others, that safe haven is an old Coast Guard ship out at sea, with plenty of water between them and the zombies These desperate survivors are completely isolated from the dangers of the mainland But their haven will soon become a deathtrap, and they ll learn that isolation can also mean no escape Deadite Press is proud to present this Author s Preferred version of Keene s over the top cult classic, which includes never before published material

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Posted at Shelf Inflicted Brian Keene’s Dead Sea is a little different from his earlier zombie stories. In The Rising and City of the Dead, the zombies carried rifles, were intelligent, and drove cars. In Dead Sea, they are the more traditional shambling, empty-eyed, mindless variety. The end of the world began in New York City, when people were attacked by swarms of undead rats. The infected died and came back to life. Once the infection (known as Hamelin’s Revenge) spread to the city of Ba [...]

wow!!!!! Completely blown away by this incredible zombie novel.-Basically me at the end of this book.After reading this, i've come to the very logical conclusion that in the event of a zombie apolcalypse i probably would not surviveDon't want to write too much and give the plot away but rest assured that if you're looking for something different in the zombie genre, this book ticks the box. It's heartbreaking, bleak and everything a good zombie book should have.Absolutely Loved it!!

This was such a delightful book to breeze through, well delightful if you like icky zombies laced into an apocalyptic theme with no signs of victory. Fast paced and exciting, the novel was a fun break from anything else on my mind, I liked the characters and feared for their safety as the author took charge in making them run for their lives. I haven't read Keene's previous zombie books but I didn't feel that it took away from this story, on the contrary it makes me want to revisit his older boo [...]

If you are looking for a great survival zombie novel, look no further. This is a very dark run for your life and keep moving type of story. The story is told in the first person narrative by a very likeable character.The protagonist is Lamar Reed, an African American gay man who spent all his life fighting stereotypes mostly succeeding. Even though he grew up in the worst part of the city he fought against becoming a criminal. He finished school. He lost his job a couple of months before the eve [...]

Brian Keene's Dead Sea might sound like The Rising at first glance. Same author, same genre, same sub-genre. But that's where the similarities end. While I loved both books, I love them in very different ways. Dead Sea is in some ways a more innocent book than The Rising; the presence of the children and the nature of their relationship to the narrator of Dead Sea endows the book with a sweetness that surprised me. However, the bleakness of the book is more pronounced than it was in The Rising. [...]

As a huge horror fan of both films and novels, you may be surprised to find I'm not a big zombie addict. While most of my fellow horror hounds go that route, there has never been much to appeal to me about when it comes to rotting corpses stumbling around looking for brains. That being said, Keene has made quite a name for himself in the literary world as one of the best writers of the zombie sub-genre out there. Deciding to ignore the ending of his last and take it to a new direction, Dead Sea [...]

4.5 StarsThis is a tried and true straight up zombie horror novel. There is nothing really new, no unusual twists on the theme, and definitely no fantastical type ending. It is however very well written. Fast paced and filled with horror, action, and a bit of the human spirit too. I really enjoyed Keene's writing and felt that he created a top notch zombie book.Our protagonist Lamar, is a likable gay, African American, that has worked his whole life attempting to never give in to awful stereotyp [...]

Brian Keene breathed new life into the zombie genre with The Rising and City of the Dead with an excellent slant on zombie lore.Dead Sea is apart from that world. Here we have the standard zombie we all know and love: slow, stupid, disgusting, and ravenous. There are also a few non-standards up his sleeve, but I'll leave that up to discovery.As always, Keene's pace is relentless, the story moves along like gangbusters. It's not my favorite of his (Ghoul takes that one, I think), but it's still v [...]

YES!What a great mixture of action stuffed zombiecalypse and moving thoughts about the sense of life, why mindkind tries to survive in times of despair. Keene created a really thrilling horror scenario that overlaps just bloody fights against the undead. Furthermore "Dead sea" discusses the old theories of the archetypes and the existence of a collective subconscious - who is a hero, who is a survivor ? One of the things I admired most about "Dead Sea" is that the narrator is a gay black male na [...]

"A fucking zombie whale"Why do I read this crap?

Ghoul, was a mixed bag of sorts. At it's worst points, it came off as an overblown love letter to the 1980's. That, in and of itself, it not necessarily a bad thing, it's just that Keene felt the urgent need to over-explain his '80s pop cultural references -- so much so, that expository paragraphs began intruding on the narrative pace of the book, taking attention away from the characters and the dilemmas they faced. On the other hand, Keene had accomplished some interesting things with that boo [...]

If you want to read the best book ever on zombies and social complaints about prejudism toward blacks, gays and poverty, this one is it. I found it to be too preachy and schizophrenic. The premise is simple: something has caused people to die and turn into zombies. Then, in their bloodlust for human flesh (don't all zombies go through that?) they kill others and convert them into zombism.The narrator, a black gay man in Baltimore, befriends two children and helps them escape the city on a large [...]

I've read this book several times for some reason (there's a zombie tiger!) and out of all of Brian Keene's books I like this one the best (Conqueror Worm isn't that bad either though). Needed something light to read at doctor's office and this one fits the bill, gruesome enough to take your mind off any troubles, and can be read in just a few hours. Plucky orphan children? Check! Menacing law enforcement? Check! Priest gone insane and helping the zombies? Check! Every country's government crumb [...]

Right away the action begins and the fight for survival is do or die. Rats pour out of the sewars already infected and start infecting humans and the zomification starts. The characters are never typical but at least have sense enough to have a plan. Will it work? Or will they end up surrounded by zombies and have to come up with something fast. Ok, this is zombie survival, but I think Brian Keene wrote it in the most likely way possible, given the circumstances. Human survival doesn't last fore [...]

Estaba dudando entre 3 o 4 estrellas pero finalmente me he decidido por 4. Está muy bien narrada pero lo que más me ha gustado ha sido la originalidad en cuanto al virus zombie ya que no sólo afecta a las personas sino que también a los animales. Y sobrevivir en medio de un mundo donde casi cualquier ser puede ser un no muerto crea una atmósfera muchísimo más tensa y asfixiante que logra que no puedas dejar de leer. Además, los personajes son muy reales, no son geniales en ninguna habili [...]

I couldn't put the book down for the life of me.

Отново успя, копеленцето мръсно.Спазвайки всички клишета в жанра, в последствие успя да ги извърти и да им се подиграе. И не само на зомби книгите, ами на приключенската литература като цяло. Въпреки че знаех какво да очаквам, историята на героите ме засмука в книгата и финал [...]

The very first review I posted on was for City of the Dead, but it was a combination review of that book and The Rising, since I had read them back to back. Although Brian Keene did not introduce me to zombie books his were the first mass market paperbacks that I had read in the sub-genre. Since then I have read and reviewed numerous other titles. Brian is certainly one of the more polished writers working with the rotting buggers but I have to admit that in some ways his books are ones that I [...]

This is the first of Keene's Zombie books that I have read, and it is doozy. Full of intense gore, non-stop action, and amazingly well developed characters (everyone has a believable back story), this is one of the finest works of zombie fiction I have so far read. I see now why he is often referred to as a "Master of the genre". He earned the title with this one alone, I'm telling you.First off, in this book, Brian Keene does something I have always admired in the work of Philip K. Dick. That i [...]

This is the story of Lamar Reed; a man fighting for survival when a strange new virus nicknamed "Hamelin's Revenge" infects humans from rats and causes them to become the walking dead. Lamar battles his way out of downtown Baltimore trying to keep himself from being eaten by the living dead. He is joined by a young boy and girl, Malik and Tasha who have lost their mum to the dead. They have an idea to make it to the Baltimore waterfront and marina to get on a boat to escape the dead hoards in th [...]

The only other book of Brian Keene's I have read is The Rising, but I enjoyed his take on zombies in that book, so I looked forward to reading this. Even better, in this book you get Romero-ish zombies - slow, shuffling hungry undead vs. the intelligent ones in The Rising.This book paints a pretty bleak picture of the world after Hamelin's Revenge, a virus originating in rats that kills and then reanimates the dead. I enjoyed the main character who filled the "everyman" role quite well. There wa [...]

Shockingly, I preferred this to it's two predecessors. My only issue with this book is that, it comes across as a third in the series Frankie is mentioned as well as the scene in the zoo, which would imply that this takes place concurrently with City of the Dead, however these Zombies are completely different sure they are still Zombies, but rather than the intelligent, tool using, car driving zombies of the first two books, these are slow moving stupid zombies, which I was entirely okay with ot [...]

Best zombie book I've read in a very long time! Keene has once again outdone himself. This story is filled with plot twist, that I haven't seen in any other zombie story. I'd love to see this one make it to the big screen. I now have a certain dislike for tuna. LOL.

This is copy number 422 of 500 hardcover copies printed and is signed and numbered by Brian Keene.

I had tried a Brian Keene book before, Urban Gothic, and I really didn't care all that much for it. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if I even finished it. I didn't enjoy it, found nothing new about it, and am still surprised I was willing to give another of his books a try.There is nothing new about a zombie apocalypse destroying all humanity, wiping the human race off the face of the Earth. It's been done so many times, and there are only so many ways the story can be told. I'm not even [...]

An easy to read fast paced zombie novel I did like the twist the fact the disease was not just limited to humans!! It makes you think about how strong human survival can be when put in an end of the world situation and how instincts can take over.Well written, good character building and an easy read thoroughly enjoyed this one

Fast paced, gory zombie action. Keene's zombie work isn't terribly original, but his writing and well developed characters catch you from the start, and the story of a desperate survivor who ultimately winds up as part of a band of refugees who take to the high seas to escape the undead apocalypse is a hell of an entertaining yarn. Recommended!

Dead Sea PerfectionReading Brian Keene's zombie novels are like the cherry toppings on his delicious catalog of horror. Please give any novel or novella a try. You will be coming back for more.

1.5/5 stars**I read this for the first time back in 2007 when it was first published, and really liked it. At that time, it was the equivalent of 4/5 stars due to my interest in the zombie genre. As a young reader, the adventure appealed to me. Ten years later, in an attempt to relive a reading experience, I was both surprised and disappointed. What worked well to paint a picture in my mind back then didn't quite do it for me this time around. I noticed inconsistencies and parts of the story tha [...]

Brian Keene has often expressed how he is finished with zombies, more specifically he feels he has written everything he wants to say about the undead. Dead Sea feels like his last statement on the zombie genre, because we don't explore too much uncharted territory that wasn't already revealed in The Rising. Even though Brian has expressed a disenchantment with the zombie franchise, Dead Sea does continue to deliver genuine fears that were felt in Earthworm Gods and Darkness on the Edge of Town. [...]

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