We are the Monsters

Aaron Polson

We are the Monsters

We are the Monsters

  • Title: We are the Monsters
  • Author: Aaron Polson
  • ISBN: 2940011250767
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Nook

While cruising a dark country road late one Saturday night, five high school friends accidentally kill an old drunk Hiding the body is easy Lying about what happened is even easier But lies have a way of breeding Monsters in Springdale, Kansas, and the Monsters have come to play Here s the truth about growing up in a small town you tell lies to survive.I worked at a gWhile cruising a dark country road late one Saturday night, five high school friends accidentally kill an old drunk Hiding the body is easy Lying about what happened is even easier But lies have a way of breeding Monsters in Springdale, Kansas, and the Monsters have come to play Here s the truth about growing up in a small town you tell lies to survive.I worked at a grocery store during high school, part time on the evenings and weekends I saw plenty of strange things there avocados stuffed in a barrel of fresh popcorn left to rot, a coworker who punched holes in the caps of beer bottles with an awl, pies marked Verda s own home baked which came frozen on pallets with the Sunday dairy truck I found a body in the trash bin once, but nobody can prove who put it there No one can prove it was there.There were too many bodies for a town the size of Springdale The name of the town is a lie, but the bodies aren t All of them When you find a body lying with the outdated yogurt, wilted lettuce, and cardboard boxes, you make up stories to cope You can t process a body in the grocery store trash bin A trick of the light, you say The way the shadows fell across certain bits of debris like the coat hanger beast in a little boy s bedroom That head of lettuce, there, in the corner, looks like a human hand.Bodies are bodies.Dead is dead.And lies are lies About the author Aaron s stories have been reprinted in The Best of Every Day Fiction 2009 and 2010, listed as a recommended read by Tangent Online, received honorable mention in the storySouth Million Writers Award and Ellen Datlow s Best Horror of the Year.

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Aaron Polson's We Are The Monsters is a tightly-wound story with beautiful prose and a swirling, creepy plot that blurs the lines between reality and imagination.On one hand, We Are the Monsters' characters and setting come off as snapshots of any American small town one could think of. Their voices are real, and most of the set pieces (The Shack, The Pond, The Bridge) become characters in and of themselves. Everything about Springdale and its population seems authentic. Their interactions, thei [...]

2.5Interesting story but overall the book feels incomplete and could use some editing.

Imagine witnessing a horrible death. Now, imagine being a party to that death in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and no secret is safe. Seventeen year old Aaron has experienced his share of tragedy in his life and while attending high school and working part-time as a grocery bagger he tries to go on with his life while watching things fall apart around him as a consequence of one night of joy riding. That brief synopses does not do justice to this beautifully written tale. While [...]

If Footloose featured ghosts and mental illness instead of dancing, it would be We are the Monsters.People die in a small town. They kill each other and themselves. They don't remember the events as they happened. And everyone seems to think it is normal.Throughout the story there is a vague tinge, sometimes more overt than others, of the supernatural. Are the ghosts actual ghosts, or a figment of a disturbed mind struggling to bury memories of murder? Eventually the question is answered, althou [...]

I picked this book up over the summer when it was free. Since I am a huge fan of the Introducing Penny Dreadnought, Insidious Indoctrination Engine of the Abominable Gentlemen issues and since Aaron Polson is one of the writers featured within, I figured this novel would be a shoe in to my favorites pile. I was disappointed. The story itself would've been ok, if it were not for the misspellings, the missing words and some serious confusion trying to figure out who owned the Olds Cutlass. At firs [...]

We Are the Monsters by Aaron Polson is an intelligent - and disturbing - psychological horror that captures the 90s high school zeitgeist of Small Town, USA. Set in Kansas and firmly grounded in the relational reality of dysfunctional families and strained friendships, the novel also explores the fantastical boundaries of the mind - including the lies, self-deceptions, and irrational fears we have all experienced at one time or another. This is a mature read but not explicitly graphic or gratuit [...]

Entertaining, quick read. Overall, too dark a story for my tastes. Even horror has to have some beam of light or shot at redemption hidden in there for me to appreciate it. This didn't. Kids killing a dude for no good reason, dealing with the guilt of it afterwards, with a small town backdrop. As a small-towner myself, at least that part had some interest. When the story poses teen suicide as a way out though no thanks.

Another freebie on but this one I might have actually paid for. Good storytelling. Good use of words. I was drawn in and it's a quick read. It has a Stephen King feel, but not in a bad way or in a way that he is deliberately trying to copy his style. I may read other things by him. Even if they aren't free.

This is a very good novella. The only odd thing is some confusion of character names in early chapters. The story is well told and keeps the interest throughout. It works as a tale of horror. The story-line is unique and intriguing.I recommend this novella to those looking for a quick read with horrific overtones.

It was okay. I saw all these great reviews and decided to give it a try. It is not that bad for a free book. The writing is goode storyline is okay only, the ending was somewhat confusing and disappointing. It required too much thinking on my part so I just quickly skimmed the last few pages just to be done with the book.

Glad I did not pass this one up. Nothing more wonderful than a free book that was really good. This book is dark and thought provokingwell written display of how guilt can completely over take a person's thoughts creating a monster. You should download this book if you havent aleady!

I didn't care 1 bit 4 this book. It was depressin' and hard to follow at times. It was filled w/ way to much death for me, and the whole River/Pond thing or monster, really didn't make any since 2 me.

A YA book about a group of teenagers who do something they live to regret.The story rolls along at a steady pace with a little suspense here and there, but It was just okay for me. I'm sure someone who likes this type of book would love it.

I feel bad rating books when I haven't read the entire thing but I just couldn't make it all the way through. I've read textbooks that were more interesting.I'm glad I got this book free because I would have been mad if I'd payed even $.99 for it.

(free Kindle book) Good book about the dark side of living in a small town (although this is a particularly dark small town) - the ending surprised me, which doesn't really happen often.

Creepy ghost story about a creepy small town in Kansas. Thought it was a good story, told by the narrator from his past. Good read!

After they first few chapters and the Ken/Dan confusion, good reading. Reminded me like It by Stephen King.

Great book! The author is from Lawrence and the story takes place in KS. This book is creepy, but totally sucks you in!

Sucked. One of the worst books I've ever read.

Decent read, the end was a little confusing and not everything was wrapped up as much as I would like for a book where is obviouslly not going to be a sequel. Very well written, though

I truly have no words for this book. I finished it, I didn't enjoy it.ank goodness it's over. However if you enjoy books like King's IT then you'd probably enjoy this.

Got this book when it was free. Didn't expect much. Boy was I surprised!!!.Well written story about the haunting power of guilt

Too much talk about dead bodies and secrets in small towns so I didn’t finish it.

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