Time Stands Still

Lori L. Otto

Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still

  • Title: Time Stands Still
  • Author: Lori L. Otto
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Emi Lost Found series Winner of the Best Happily Ever After of 2013 HEA Bookshelf Intense doesn t begin to cover it I cried I sobbed I bawled A lot Constantly Take my word when I say that you and Emi will become one I felt every emotion as if I was in the story I could have been Emi Kelli, Alphas, Authors and Books Oh My Emi Hennigan could never haveEmi Lost Found series Winner of the Best Happily Ever After of 2013 HEA Bookshelf Intense doesn t begin to cover it I cried I sobbed I bawled A lot Constantly Take my word when I say that you and Emi will become one I felt every emotion as if I was in the story I could have been Emi Kelli, Alphas, Authors and Books Oh My Emi Hennigan could never have predicted her life would be like this After wasting than ten years being just a friend to her true love, Nate Wilson, Emi feels than a little regret Her future was set, though Nate loved her as much as she loved him, and they were moving forward with a romance that took them both by surprise They already knew their bad habits, quirks and the subtle nuances of expressions, but the love was all encompassing and new to them both No man could compete, Emi thought, until one night one evening, one party, one journey, one second alters her course completely That night, her brother s confident best friend, Jack Holland, comes back into her life with a mission to spend time with Emi to prove he is the right man for her A romance with him is the furthest thing from Emi s mind, though, staying loyal and steadfast to a trusted man that she will always love In a year s time, though, Emi must learn to make changes she d never before considered after being impacted by unexpected events While her fragile spirit takes time to heal, Jack slowly finds a comfortable place in her life Only time will tell if it s right for Emi and enough for him Photography and cover design by Christi Allen Curtis, assisted by Katrina Boone

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4.5 STARSTime Stands Still is not a standalone. You must read at least Lost and Found first.In all my years of reading books, whether it be for enjoyment or out of necessity, this book was the hardest and toughest for me to get through. There were many times I considered throwing in the towel and just move on from the series. But how do you move on from something that pretty much obliterated your world? The last word in book 1 blew a hole through my chest and with book 2 my emotions completely o [...]

Love ya, Em. Hold me.Love ya, Nate. <3---Ok, so How do I start this review? Ok, yeah. Saying this book is an emotional roller coaster is an understatement. So, I'll give you a piece of advice, you should buddy read this. Don't do it alone, because you'll need the support. Trust me. I actually read this with a friend of mine, and even so, I was still a mess. Oh, and get a whole box of tissues (or maybe ten).This is the second book of the Emi Lost & Found series, and I have to say, it was a [...]

One of the most heartbreaking books I've ever read. EVER. I started this book last March and I put it down because the first few chapters just broke my heart in pieces.I am emotionally drained. The feelings are just too raw and it's so tough to get into it. I've read lots of books that will make you cry, but THIS BOOK just made it to my list of the Best "Ugly Crying" Books of All Time. My God. It hurts and I'm still a mess right now from crying. I don't know if I will give you a little sneak pee [...]

I really, really have to stop making assumptions about books before I read them. I try to never read the synopsis of a subsequent book because I HATE having books spoiled for me. So, I finish book 1, read the blurb for book 2, and start getting pissed because I didn't want to see them caught in a love triangle after all they had been through. Yeah, if only I could be so freaking lucky to have it be a love triangle. A few pages in and I am crying. Like with snot running and covering my mouth so I [...]

Wow! My eyes were raw. Completely raw. I felt every emotion Emi had. I was completely blown away by the way the author made me feel. (view spoiler)[The way she described her pain was so real I felt like I had lost my soul mate! (hide spoiler)]In this book we meet Jack. I loved Jack!!!!!!!!! I am no longer Team Emi. I am now and will forever be Team Jack.Jackson Holland is best friends with Emi’s brother, Chris. Chris and Jack went to college together. He is a successful business man and does w [...]

Here I was wanting a nice light little story to help me get over the heartbreak caused by "Forbidden" (book I read before starting this series). But NOOOOO! Tears kept flowing non stop for the first Half of the book. Now almost every time Nate was mentioned I choked up a little. I'm really trying to like jack, but I was so invested in Nate. All this time and effort! he FINALLY got everything he wanted and BAM! The whole thing was really not fair!!

So after the ending of Book I, I immediately started on this book. Before I go on, I became interested in this series because I thought it would eventually turn into a love triangle type of story. I love reading about love, jealousy and something emotionally charged. Nope. No love triangle involved. Love, yes. Emotionally charged, most definitely. As I started to read Book II, I found myself crying and getting even more emotional. This book is the reason why I now have a shelf entitled Refrigera [...]

It's nearly impossible to write a review for this book without spoilers, so I'm going to write two reviews: A non-spoiler review and a spoiler review.My non-spoiler review:I'm going to come right out and say it. Book one gutted me, but I loved that it did. My own personal type of book crack are books that make me have insanely strong emotions and almost give me an anxiety attack. Twisted, I know. I think it's amazing that twenty-six letters jumbled into words, then formed into sentences can make [...]

I loved the first book so much I read this book only a couple of pages to find out what happened to Nate no one can dispute this author is talented she really makes you care but I couldn't complete the book it feels like I was cheating Nate.This book is just sad,I loved Nate,I loved Emi they were a brilliant couple to me it will always be Nate and Emi for me.Reading some reviews Jack seems like a great guy but my heart was invested in Nate.I guess this book hurt me,It made me cry and I cant seem [...]

I wasn’t going to review each book individually. I thought my review of the complete series would be satisfying, but it’s not. These characters and this story WILL NOT LET ME GO. I’m going to apologize for the rambling and possible incoherence in advance. It probably won’t be in any sort of order – just my thoughts and feelings as I think them. There also may be some spoilers in the mix, so beware!And now for the book that gutted me and made me question my sanity.After my self-imposed [...]

5 stars. I found Time Stands Still to undeniably be the strongest of the three novels in the Emi Lost & Found series. Time Stands Still is written from the point of view of Emi Hennigan and is her story of immense grief and heartbreak. Time Stands Still is also her story of letting go, healing, new beginnings and trust. Emi experiences an incredibly long and difficult road leading to closure with Jack Holland at her side, giving her strength and comfort. I have read many, many novels, but ha [...]

UPDATE: Second time around, and I love it just as much as the first time I read it. It's hard to watch friends suffer and it's great to see them experience real joy. The characters of these stories become your friends, and you feel everything with them. I will certainly keep revisiting these friends.------------------------------ This is the third book I've read in my entire life that made me cry. In fact I was sobbing through a good few chapters. Lori Otto makes you feel as if you are feeling t [...]

Emi wakes up in her fiancee Nate's luxurious 5th Avenue penthouse, the sunlight streaming through the window. Something has happened, but she's okay, and Nate has only minor injuries. He talks about how much he loves Emi, and how they'll always be together, they and their baby girl.The reality is that Nate died at the scene of the New Year's Eve car wreck that ended book one, and Emi has been in a coma for three days. She refuses to believe that Nate is dead--she just saw him, and he was fine!"T [...]

**This Review originally appeared on turnthepagebookblog a book review blog focusing on Indie/self-published authors!!**My Review: 4.5 out of 5 Stars. So as I was saying at the end of my review for book #1, I was devastated and confused. While I was grateful I had this second book, I was so emotional during the first few chapters I had to read some other reviews, which I never do, while I am reading. I hate the idea of stumbling onto a spoiler but there was a part of my that was conflicted with [...]

It is really hard to express how affected I was by this book. I feel like I literally had my heart crushed over and over and over. I grieved. I cried more than I have ever cried reading a book. Don't get me wrong, lots of books have touched me and brought me to tears. This book was brutal Most books will break your heart and quickly put it back together. This is not that book. Emi's reaction is SO real Her loss so great and her pain all consuming, gut-wrenching, just heartbreaking. "love ya, Em. [...]

When my friend told me that I would cry ugly British tears when reading this book, I said bring it on. It's very rare that I cry in books and when I do, it's the very odd tear here and there. How wrong could I be. I literally sat here sobbing and not just once! Continuously for about four chapters and then on frequent occasions after this. I have never read a book that could make me feel like this! The worse thing is, I can't tell you anything about it, nothing at all! I hate spoilers and if I w [...]

So, I know that many reviewers stopped reading this book after the fate of Nate was revealed and I have to admit that I didn't know if I could get through it. The first third of the book was pretty rough to get through and I cried almost the entire time. I think part of that was because the first book was from Nate's perspective and it made it that much harder because I fell in love with Nate's character and then he was just gone. But then it does start to get better and I almost felt like Emi a [...]

I'm not sure how I can express all of my feelings for this book. I've cursed Lori many times. Wasn't sure if I could even read past the first chapter because I wasn't sure if I could handle all of the emotions. I have never read such a heartbreaking book. Everything felt so real. All of Emi's emotions felt like mine, and it was rough. I couldn't read it as fast because I needed to be alone while reading it. Tears were guaranteed for almost every chapter, and didn't need my husband to see me cry [...]

what ever you do, DO NOT read any reviewsI hate when people ruin a great book/story with damn spoilers, they should be outlawed!!!!!!Simply beautiful, moving, heart breaking, I wanted to give up many times, my heart hurt, but I pushed and pushed, and I am thankful I didHI LITTLE ONE. THIRTEEN YEARS. ONE NIGHT. NINE MONTHS. ONE SMALL BABY WILL DELIVER TRUE LOVE. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU.

Never, in the history of books, has it been this hard to read a book (that I actually wanted to read). I can't really review this adequately without spoiling anything. Yes, I was THAT emotionally wrapped around this book. I was so heartbroken! And it took a loooooong time for it to heal (well I don't think it's completely healed, still) My first part of advice: READ THIS BOOK! It is brilliant! Second part: Keep reading! Fortunately, I had a buddy to read with.I needed one

Never in a million years did I see it coming. It's the most pain I've EVER left from a book, and I've read a lot of dad books. Still I would not, not read it. Keep reading

Review by HeatherThis is the masterpiece of this trilogy. There are not enough stars, or in our case smooches, to rate this book.It is really hard to express how affected I was by this book. I feel like I literally had my heart crushed over and over and over. I grieved. I cried more than I have ever cried reading a book. Don't get me wrong, lots of books have touched me and brought me to tears. This book was brutal Most books will break your heart and quickly put it back together. This is not th [...]

HI LITTLE ONE. THIRTEEN YEARS. ONE NIGHT. NINE MONTHS. ONE SMALL BABY WILL DELIVER TRUE LOVE. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU.WOW! My emotions are a mess. I do not know exactly what I am feeling right now but PAIN and LOSS is definitely on the forefront.Nate’s story really saddens me. He has loved this girl for thirteen years and kept it hidden for a long time. He foolishly accepted it in his heart that Emi will never return his feelings. Thirteen years that were wasted just because they were so afr [...]

Definitely 3.5 stars - 4 stars =)Seriously?!?! No book has ever made me cryI cried into the night reading the first 1/2 of this book. This series is amazingly well-written with a storyline that kept me going even in the middle of the night. I woke up with puffy eyes but it was all worth it. I loved Nate's character and it messed me up to read this book. It hurt so bad and I couldn't stop crying. I loved the 1st book so much!!! As much as I love this series and even with knowing that Emi's soulma [...]

I'm just heartbroken, it seems someone ripped my heart. He wasn't suppose to die. He was caring, loving and what makes me sooo angry is how he died. His dad died of a car accident, he was his mother's only child and he died the same way as his dad! That must be devastating for his mom. Losing a husband, now a son the same way. Did Lori want to break our hearts? Life is unfair, I get that. At times it is beyond heartbreaking,I get that but this was devastating. She made us care, we cared. We fell [...]

Unreal. Only it feels real. Brutally raw, devastating, gut-wrenching every bit of the heart-break in this book felt REAL to me. And I cried. I'm talking Sally Field Steel Magnolias / Debra Winger saying goodbye to her kids in Terms of Endearment / American History X ugly cry. Gosh, I cried more than I've ever cried over a book. And I've read Hopeless / Losing Hope, Falling into You, Falling for Hadie, and Connected. None of them came remotely close to the connection I made with the characters in [...]

I knew it was coming, but damn The beginning of this book was gut wrenching. I suppose if the first book hadn't been written from Nate's POV, this book wouldn't have been quite as sad. It took me a while to get over Nate's death and the seemingly abrupt switch to Emi's POV. Like many other reviewers, I had to set the book down for a little while before I could continue on with the story. The author did a wonderful job describing Emi's grief and showing how she went through the process of coming [...]

4-4.5 stars!Wow. What an intense emotional journey that was. I was hesitant to go on with this series after book 1 but I'm so glad I eventually did. The way the author wrote in such detail made you live the story with the main character and you felt everything right along with them. I don't want to go into any detail about the story because anything I say I feel would be spoiler-y, but just know that this is not an easy read. It is an intensely emotional, heartbreaking but beautiful story. I can [...]

I think this book will stay with me for a long time. Never have I been so emotional whilst reading. I had unfortunately read some reviews about this book before starting it and was adamant that there was no way it was going to get me! I am actually lost for words to describe the emotional turmoil I felt whilst reading the book, I know Lori would know how to describe it beautifully as this was the crux of my problem. The way it was written was astoundingly heartfelt and felt so real you couldn't [...]

Wow! What an awesome heartfelt story. It took me a few tries before I could fully get into this book. The beginning was so hard, I could barley see through the tears. Having to stop many times to catch my breath and dry my eyes. I loved Nate and he really did love Emi but Jake is just as great. I didn't think it would be possible to cheer for Jake but I did many times. He sure did prove himself. I'm so so glad I continued reading. It sure makes you think about love and life. This story will stay [...]

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