Vanity and Vexation: A Novel of Pride and Prejudice

Kate Fenton

Vanity and Vexation: A Novel of Pride and Prejudice

Vanity and Vexation: A Novel of Pride and Prejudice

  • Title: Vanity and Vexation: A Novel of Pride and Prejudice
  • Author: Kate Fenton
  • ISBN: 9780312328023
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback

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Tall, dark, and arrogantly handsome not to mention distinguished, powerful, and rolling in money Mr Darcy No, that s just the woman director of Pride and Prejudice, reports Nicholas Llewellyn Bevan, impoverished novelist and occasional reluctant journalist, when a TV production company trundles into his sleepy North Yorkshire valley Amusedly Llew watches these gl Tall, dark, and arrogantly handsome not to mention distinguished, powerful, and rolling in money Mr Darcy No, that s just the woman director of Pride and Prejudice, reports Nicholas Llewellyn Bevan, impoverished novelist and occasional reluctant journalist, when a TV production company trundles into his sleepy North Yorkshire valley Amusedly Llew watches these glamorous invaders combine the filming of Jane Austen s romantic classic with the much less modest pursuit, off camera, of real life romances with the locals.Under his very nose, his bashful handsome neighbor John is plucked out of a village dance by the famously gorgeous and wealthy leading actress, Candia Bingham, with whom he at once falls completely in love Our would be hero manages only to trip over the black booted foot of the intimidating and imperious director, Mary Dance So he s amazed and a little bit alarmed when her steely eye seems to be straying his way.An update on Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, Vanity and Vexation is a modern take on her blueprint of the romance game complete with sex, money, and power.

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" Sod this for a lark, why not turn the classic formula upside down and inside out? Keep the plot, but reverse the sexes? Eat your heart out Jane Austen, this is your actual 20th Century Equal Opportunities Romance: rich, rude, rakish women chasing shy, impoverished men."And this is exactly what Nicholas Llewellyn Bevan, former journalist-turned-thriller-writer does when he finds himself at a loose end or rather without any idea for his next thriller-book-to-be. He decides to try his hands and t [...]

The trick to this book is to 'hold it loosely.' I was startled to be introduced to two men (rather than marriage seeking girls) on the first pages. Reality and the gender-bending recapitulation by Llew, the main character, blur WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED. But this has all the fun of pride and prejudice with some interesting modern twists--even a couple quick jaunts overseas. If you want something fun and light with witty repartee and lots of Austen-esque characters, this is your book.

I would call this a Pride & Prejudice-"esque" book, as opposed to a sequel. It's set in present day, and the twist is that in this story the "Darcy" character is a woman, and the "Elizabeth" character is a man. It sounds weird, but it's actually pretty cleverly done.This is more of an homage to the underlying themes from P&P rather than any direct connection to the original, but it's a fun romp, I liked the characters, and the story is enjoyable. A fast, light read, and if you're looking [...]

This was such a fun book to read. It is the story of "Pride and Prejudice" in our time period. So if you are looking for a book that carries on the Regency style period and Jane Austen's style of writing this is not it! I recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed watching or reading Bridget Jones's Diary. It is similar to BJD in the language mostly. One, the author uses profanity occasionally and Two, some words or phrases may be hard to understand if you are not British or in this case Welsh. T [...]

I believe this is the first Jane-Austen-inspired novel that I have not cringed at and given up on in disgust almost immediately. I thought the story was very cleverly done -- both the parallels between the P&P characters and the "real" characters and the device of the novel-within-the-novel to undercut some possibly overstrained parallels. Reversing all of the genders and replacing the marriage-market motivations with a mixture of professional and social connections was really nicely handled [...]

Glædede mig til en hyggelig og sød moderne genfortælling af 'stolthed og fordom'med ombyttede kønsroller, kom til side ti hvor der stod 'l hands on dicks' troede jeg havde læst forkert, men nej. Behøver jeg at skrive at det ikke er en bog jeg nogensinde kommer til at læse.

Sometimes updated adaptations work wonderfully: Think of the film Clueless, a delightful update of Jane Austen’s Emma, or Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones's Diary, a modern-day retelling of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. But most of the time, the result is god-awful: Just consider the Ethan Hawke version of Hamlet or Baz Luhrman’s over-the-top gangster take on Romeo and Juliet. Yikes!Kate Fenton, fortunately, falls in the former camp, not the latter. Like Fielding, Fenton retells the tale o [...]

Pride and Prejudice in modern times with the genders switched. Could have been good; instead, it just sort of meandered.

I don't love modern retellings of P&P. I often find they are clunky where the author twists and turns the plot to make it fit with modern times.Here's the issue, unless a modern retelling is set in a distinct era - the 20s, WWII, it gets dated. This book was written 20+ years ago in 1995, and it was a world without internet, cell phones, computers (apparently), which makes the modern shift more palatable. it's not current, almost nostalgic.Also I almost stopped caring about the characters th [...]

Witty, fun and very, very British novel about a novelist and the director of a remake of Pride & Prejudice. The story parallels are pretty damn clever, with the added bit that the sexes are reversed - the proud, controlling, and misunderstood character is the female, and the male is down to earth and charming. With very fine eyes.And since it is set in the present and not the 19th century, there is some sex in addition to the letter writing and country dances.The cover blurb says "frothy" at [...]

A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice. In the novel, BBC is remaking Pride and Prejudice and the locals and actors get mixed up in situations that parallel a novel. A twist halfway through really confused me. I could not like this book as much as I tried. I felt it was too contrived and that Pride and Prejudice just didn't work in that type of modern setting.

Slightly Naughty Modern day Pride and Prejudice with a twist. Roles were not totally obvious at first (probably because genders were reversed) which made it more interesting. If your not from the UK though, you might need a translator. A lot of regional slang is used. :)

3.5 stars

I found this really boring, though I enjoyed it the first time I read it, so I think I might have just been in the wrong mood.

Enjoyed this modern re-telling of Pride and Prejudice with the genders reversed, but wished there was less profanity and sex.

Vanity and Vexation is a modernized, 278 page book, based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The author Kate Fenton used a clever and deceiving way to retell Austen's novel by changing the genders of the characters but having sharing characteristics and personalities. When I picked up the book I was aware of the gender role witches, but it was sill hard at first to pick up on which characters were matched with the ones in Pride and Prejudice. It was fun to try to figure out based on the story [...]

What happens when an independent film crew filming “Pride and Prejudice” comes to a small sleepy town? Pandelirium! Read along with the struggles of Mr. Nicholas Llewellyn Bevan as he tries to get his next novel published (he’s got to write it first but that’s a mere formality) and court the attentions of a famous director while striving to keep out of her romantic clutches. See how many Austen references you can spot in this hilarious take-off from Jane Austen’s most familiar and popu [...]

Austen fans will be wise to steer clear of this book. There's truth in the title Vexation awaits for readers. Sloppily edited so much that the last names of characters and the names of businesses erroneously change, you'll also encounter such glaring typos as "a women" (it should read a woman). The pacing is erratic but forgivable, however the stilted portrayal of Ahmurricans is tedious. The advice a character receives to pen a book with hopes to land a movie deal seems like the author's transpa [...]

This book was nice read. A few twists and turns kept it lively enough and I liked that's it's British. I read it with the accents in my head =)I like the premiseP&P with the genders switched (the "Lizzy" character is a welsh guyc). And that the main character is an author so he's writing a book with the same premise as the book he's in. It's a little crazy. Eventually you pick up and who everyone represents from Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice and then the plot becomes pretty easy to gue [...]

I didn't know if I should give this book 2 or 3 stars. I really enjoyed the gender switch of characters from P&P, but could have done with quite a bit less of the vulgar language, 'modern' sexuality, and the British slang was hard to follow. I mean, how many times do you really have to insert the 'F'-word into a book? It looses it's shock value with so many repeats. But the story itself was fun to follow--to see how the author would incorporate the modern version of P&P. If you don't min [...]

I couldn't stick with this one to finish it. The idea of a gender-bending remake of P&P is interesting, but I think the fatal flaw in the book was that the two central characters--the Lizzie & Jane-alike males--were not much of interest. And maybe contemporary, small-town Britain lacks the romantic haze of Austen's day. I appreciated what she was trying to do, and I soldiered on through as much of it as I could, but the writer's crafting was too heavy-handed and artificial for my taste.

A modern retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice with gender reversal makes this an interesting read. It tried a little to hard to hit you over the head with the idea that it was Pride and Prejudice. The movie they are shooting in the town is P&P and the main character decides to write the novel he is starring in. I didn't find that part necessary and I think it would have been better without it it.

This was an OUTSTANDING book. Very well written, well thought out and I just adored it. I liked how the characters sexes twisted from Austen's version from this being on the males version. Several times I could actually forget myself and think it was "real" and written by a man. LOVED it! TWO Thumbs up!

I just cannot get into this book. It just doesn't seem like anythign exciting is going to happen. The wording of this book is just harsh abd the characters are just not believable. I'm sure it's a personal thing for me as I hold some high standards for P&P variations as well as particular ways I need this book to be retold.

"With its interesting gender-bending twist, Vanity and Vexation earns three stars. The novel started strong with great parallels to Austen's original, but the ending felt rushed."Read the rest of Inspired by Austen's review at inspiredbyausten/pride-and

This was a bit difficult at first due to the dialect used, but once that became commonplace, it was worth the reading. This is a Pride and Prejudice variation. Only in this one the female is a movie producer, and she's the Darcy character. The male is the a writer and is the Elizabeth character. It has some nice twists and turns.

I was excited to read this modern-day twist of Pride and Prejudice, but ended up very disappointed. There was plenty of swearing and I just couldn't like the main characters. I ended up skipping to the end and reading the last page. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone.

Seriously? the most wacked out version of Pride and Prejudice I've ever read, and that's saying something. Not only is the gender switched, but there's also a purposeless story-within-a-story thing happening.

I was interested to read this modern-day twist of Pride and Prejudice but ended up very disappointed. There was plenty of swearing and I just couldn't like the main characters. I ended up just skipping to the end and reading the last page. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone.

This was very clever - the reversal of the genders worked surprisingly well and the plot itself was well worked out and wasn't ridiculously forced. I think this is one of the better P&P adaptations that I've read.

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