The Merman

Dick King-Smith Roger Roth

The Merman

The Merman

  • Title: The Merman
  • Author: Dick King-Smith Roger Roth
  • ISBN: 9780517800300
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover

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While on vacation in Scotland on her tenth birthday, Zeta meets a wise, kindly old merman who teaches her not only to swim, but also many fascinating things So while Zeta s parents try to figure out why she now refuses to eat mackerel, Zeta has the adventure of her life.

Recent Comments "The Merman"

I kept waiting for a book about a ten-year-old girl who surreptitiously meets a 140-year-old merman for early morning adventures to get creepy, but it never did. Instead, it was a tender story about a young girl being awakened to the beauty of learning by an old guy with a fish tail.Zeta vacations in Shetland with her parents every year. Mostly, it's a boring and dreary place, but one year she meets Marinus who teaches her to swim, shows her the local fauna, guides her through French vocabulary [...]

I honestly didn't care for this story as much as I did The Water-Horse or Babe. It was rather boring. Zeta meets the merman and he basically turns her vacation into school. The book is only 100 pages long but it covers about two weeks of time, so it's somewhat rushed.As far as parental warning, the merman teaches the girl about the Zodiac. Other than that, it's pretty innocent.I actually think I found the final two chapters more interesting than the rest of the book. They were more emotional and [...]

I definitely liked this book more than a 3 - there was something very positive about it, something that encouraged imagination and fantasy but I was very troubled with the fact that a little girl (10) befriends a grown (mer)man simply because she senses that it's OK. He asks her to meet him early in the morning, when her parents are still asleep - and she goes and then goes into the water with him, despite the fact that she doesn't know how to swim; trusting him completely. This is certainly not [...]

I would give this book three and a half stars, and I seriously considered four. I consider this story to be Dick King-Smith's best, at least among those that I have read. The feel is tremendously deep and resonant, and the writing style allows the reader to deeply feel Zeta's joy as she gets to know the magical merman Marinus, and also her sadness as the days of summer drift by, and she knows that she will have to say goodbye to her enchanting new friend at the end of the season. The results are [...]

This book wasn't my favorite out of Dick King-Smith's works. But it still gave me a sense of magic and fantasy like most of his books have. I started this a few days ago, but never continued it. Today, because I had nothing to do, I decided to go ahead and finish it. This book was a very quick read, seeing as it is for children.Here we meet Zeta, a girl who's on vacation with her parents. She meets Marinus, a merman. He teaches Zeta many different things and shows her wonderful sights. It is a d [...]

Lovely story about Zeta, a 10-year-old girl vacationing on the remote North Scotland coast where she meets a merman who becomes her friend and teacher, helping her learn everything from swimming to French. Zeta is a bird-watcher and always carries her binoculars, so there the birds of that area make an appearance, as well as seals and whale sharks. The ending made me tear up. King-Smith has a real gift. Logan loved this one.

I love these types of books, fun and adventurous! I had to read this book for my school reading homework and I read it in the first day because I loved the background story!I'd say my friends would rate this book as a 3.5 or maybe a 3 if they read it, but I know that my rating: (5) is the right score. I am going to be doing more of these reviews from now on~Piec3

I read this book when I was in like 3rd or 4th grade and back then I was completely enraptured by it. But now, I'm older, and know that were I to read this book today, It would not make it on my list of awesome books. I recommend it for younger age groups).

This came as a set with a number of other Dick King-Smith books. Suited for readers aged 6-9.

(I did not read the story - I listened to this as an audiobook instead.)

While on vacation in Scotland on her tenth birthday, Zeta meets a wise, kindly old merman who teaches her not only to swim, but to do many more fascinating things.

read this when I was a kid. a story of true friendship.

I really like this author for early chapter books.

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