More Notes of a Dirty Old Man: The Uncollected Columns

Charles Bukowski David Stephen Calonne

More Notes of a Dirty Old Man: The Uncollected Columns

More Notes of a Dirty Old Man: The Uncollected Columns

  • Title: More Notes of a Dirty Old Man: The Uncollected Columns
  • Author: Charles Bukowski David Stephen Calonne
  • ISBN: 9780872865433
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback

He loads his head full of coal and diamonds shoot out of his finger tips What a trick The mole genius has left us with another digest It s a full houseread em and weep Tom WaitsAfter toiling in obscurity for years, Charles Bukowski suddenly found fame in 1967 with his autobiographical newspaper column, Notes of a Dirty Old Man, and a book of that name in 1969 He He loads his head full of coal and diamonds shoot out of his finger tips What a trick The mole genius has left us with another digest It s a full house read em and weep Tom WaitsAfter toiling in obscurity for years, Charles Bukowski suddenly found fame in 1967 with his autobiographical newspaper column, Notes of a Dirty Old Man, and a book of that name in 1969 He continued writing this column, in one form or another, through the mid 1980s More Notes of a Dirty Old Man gathers many uncollected gems from the column s twenty year run Drawn from ephemeral underground publications, these stories and essays haven t been seen in decades, making More a valuable addition to Bukowski s oeuvre Filled with his usual obsessions sex, booze, gambling More features Bukowski s offbeat insights into politics and literature, his tortured, violent relationships with women, and his lurid escapades on the poetry reading circuit Highlighting his versatility, the book ranges from thinly veiled autobiography to purely fictional tales of dysfunctional suburbanites, disgraced politicians, and down and out sports promoters, climaxing with a long, hilarious adventure among French filmmakers, My Friend the Gambler, based on his experiences making the movie Barfly From his lowly days at the post office through his later literary fame, More follows the entire arc of Bukowski s colorful career.Edited by Bukowski scholar David Stephen Calonne, More Notes of a Dirty Old Man features an afterword outlining the history of the column and its effect on the author s creative development.Born in Andernach, Germany in 1920, Charles Bukowski came to California at age three and spent most of his life in Los Angeles He died in San Pedro, California, on March 9, 1994.

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There's actually some pretty good stuff in this one. Still not Bukowski's best material in my book, but much better than some of the other previously uncollected stuff. Definitely glad I grabbed this one.

It is more of the same old stuff. The drunk man who is sick of the world. Tired of the people in it. Lots of drinking, sex and despair with that rare illuminating piece of social commentary inserted here and there. There is the token scorn for Norman Mailer's writing, run ins with psychotic men and women and lots of boozing. Bukowski basically dishes out the same thing over and over again. Yet I return, again and again, for more. Because reading Bukowski is like opening a nice bottle of rum and [...]

A Bukowski book is driven not by what's written but by who's writing. There's nothing inherently interesting here--in fact the topics he covers are downright mundane. He drinks, he gets horny, he complains, he drinks. But there's such a strong energy behind it all that it's hard to break away. The man really does elevate the lowest, meanest, dirtiest experiences of his terrible/beautiful lifestyle into art.3.5 stars out of 5. There's some really really strong stuff in here, but as a whole this c [...]

It's arguably a hodgepodge of writing with first person experiences mixed with fiction and even aphorisms and yet it works because Bukowski consistently speaks in the same voice regardless of category. There are pieces in here that he would incorporate into later novels and much more on horse racing than he gives you in his fiction. The guy should have been writing for Daily Racing Form as anyone that's spent time trying to win money on the horses would appreciate his observations. For as much a [...]

i love books where fact and fiction are melded together to weave a tale. i love bukowski and by his lack of care he encourages the reader to care more.

After reading "More Notes of a Dirty Old Man: The Uncollected Columns" by Charles Bukowski I know why he's one of my favorite writers and literary role models. First of all he always tells it like it is and second of all he always makes life, no matter how mundane, entertaining, sad and witty. Pictured on the cover driver and smoking a cigarette I will never forget the day I saw him driving down the street in Downtown L.A. in his '67 baby blue Volkswagon looking out the window and checking out t [...]

The view from below often carries a certain amount of filth. But even this filth can be seen as fertilizer for something to grow. Charles Bukowski’s view of the world came from the bottom. And in that view were the basest aspects of life that drove a person forward. More Notes of a Dirty Old Man stands as a collection of fiction, anecdotes, and semi-autobiographical columns written by Bukowski over much of his life. It certainly is not for the weak-minded or the ordinary.For the remainder of t [...]

More Notes of a Dirty Old Man: the Uncollected Columns by Charles Bukowski (City Lights Books 2011)(818.54). Today I read Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, and then I read this. I barely understood Siddhartha, and I did not understand any of Bukowski's More Notes of a Dirty Old Man. I'm going back to bed. My rating: 5/10, finished 5/12/14.

just perfection. A chauvaunistic asshole has never written so beautifully. strangely enough I resonate with so many things he says

„Спомних си един път, когато бях много близо до самоубийство. Седях на висока скала над океана при Сан Диего. Докато седях, четири катерички бавно – е, не бавно, а като се стрелкаха бързо, както правят, но изглеждаше бавно – се приближиха, дойдоха досами краката ми, както си с [...]

Fun read. A lot of this made its way into his prose later on, so its good to see where some of the ideas formed and how they took shape as they made it to Buk's later work.

"Proving that misanthropic and humanitarian are two sides of the same tarnished coin and that stagnation and metamorphosis are equally related, this collection arcs subtly from the banal side of addiction to the most extreme forms of love and hate. Bukowski's prose is still relevant, still shocking, still transcendent."-- Publishers Weekly, 8/1/2011"In another installment of his essays and ramblings, City Lights press have surely come up with a winner. These are essentially Bukowski's articles f [...]

These excerpts from essays and articles he wrote early on really demonstrate the writing process. Though most of the stories are clearly defined, I find them over and over again in his novels. I just started reading "Women" and in an early chapter he casually mentions his landlords who he drinks with. He doesn't say much more, but I know them because of a chapter in this book that talks about his entire relationship with them. It's quite fascinating. It reminds me of the Beats who wrote to autob [...]

Ja, was soll ich schreiben? Bisher unveröffentlichte Texte von Bukowski, die er für seine Kolumne "Notes of a dirty old man" geschrieben hatte. Der Name ist Programm.Allerdings kam es mir beim Lesen so vor, als wären in dem vorliegenden Band durchaus gesellschaftskritischere Stimmen zu hören, als ich es von ihm in Erinnerung hatte. Vielleicht liegt es an meiner falschen Erinnerung.Ein heruntergekommener Zyniker schreibt über seinen Alltag, das Trinken, Frauen, Pferderennen, Begegnungen mit [...]

This is my second favorite author next to Irvine Welsh. Like Welsh, I would pay to read Bukowski's grocery list. After finishing all of his novels and screenplay I thought there was only poetry left which I cannot cotton to quite yet. I was more than elated to find there are collections of articles and short stories, and many are ongoing tales of Henry Chinaski. Here are a couple of my favorite lines from this collection:Incidentally, one of the best things I like about humans is that they do pe [...]

An uneven collection of remainders of Bukowski's Open City and other uncollected columns. You've seen some of this respun into pieces of the book Women, and some of it is the same Bukowski stories repeated again ("I got out of the hospital, couldn't drink, started going to horse races, mixed milk with wine and didn't throw up so I started drinking again", etc.)If you're a Bukowski fan, you're going to buy this anyway. And it's nice to see bits and pieces I haven't seen elsewhere, almost 20 years [...]

I really liked "Hollywood," and I'm a fan of his poetry, but Bukowski was a bit of a one trick pony when it came to prose. The "I hate everything except booze and sex and oh by the way I don't have any money" shtick gets old quickly, and there was nothing to hold me here. I think when I went through my teenage-nihilistic phase that many teens go through, Bukowski's stuff really spoke to me. But as I age, and as my tastes in literature change as well, I find his work increasingly silly.

Short description: A book of previously uncollected columns of Bukowski. You'd expect this is just a selected garbage which was unpublished in a book until recently for a reasons, but it is not so. This collections contains pure gems of his writing style. Texts are cynical, desperate, crazy, angry, insane, funny and everything you expect from Bukowski.

uncomfortably heinous, ha ha. this book was a trip of immoral sexual madness, but terrifically enjoyable and yet another example of ol Buk's gift at crafting wickedly simple prose that never sacrifices poetic detailing on the strangest of things.

One of the better posthumous releases of Hank's work. I think it helps in that John Martin didn't have the access to any of the City Lights publications and therefore could not significantly alter the originals.

This was my second Bukowski book. My first was Ham and Rye. I absolutely loved this book. The type of cynical asshole I wanted to read. I laughed out loud at some parts. He is very blunt and to the point on how he views human nature and I loved that.

Pure Bukowski. Raw, gritty, hilarious, true. After he died, I stopped looking for his books, which is how this one escaped me for so long. That's a shame, because at least a couple of these stories are among some of his best work.

This is another book that I won from the Good Reads, First Reads Give away. It is a collection of short autobiographical prose. While it was an ok book, I think it is geared more toward male readers. I think guys will enjoy it more.

More short stories from ole Buk.

good. more of the same.

2012/Haziran ayında okuduğum iki Bukowski kitabından ilkiydiAdamımsın Hank

It is a collection of the columns and excerpts from Charles Bukowski writings for the various newspapers and magazines. However it is a good read, a collector's material for a Bukowski fan.

Gotta love Buk

Bukowski,always a good read.


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