Step by Wicked Step

Anne Fine

Step by Wicked Step

Step by Wicked Step

  • Title: Step by Wicked Step
  • Author: Anne Fine
  • ISBN: 9780440413295
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback

On a wild and stormy night, five students are sent ahead on a school trip Gathered together in a spooky mansion, they find a secret room and a mysterious old diary Little do they know that they share a common bond they are all members of stepfamilies and each person reveals his story, step by step.

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This book is one of the literature component for secondary school in Malaysia. Although I'm not using it in my school, at least as a teacher I should know the story. Therefore, I read it. In my opinion, this novel aren't not the best among those novels assingn for form 5 but it wasn't the worst. Its quite interesting but I think students in my school will not be able to imagine the setting in this novel. If we are going to do it, teachers have to show them using teaching aids like pictures and v [...]

i tend to prefer Fine's adult novels (because when not writing for children you can let rip with the amoral and the nasty, and you don't have to include a moral) but i always enjoy the comedy in her children's books. which is to say that i liked Ralph's story the most, with the labelled lunchboxes and the subversive (third) stepmother. but its portmanteau design means there's something for everyone.

3 years ago, I used to share a class with the 17 year-olds in my school. One day, when I decided to rummage through the locker in my desk, I found a book called "step by wicked step". Being the busybody that I was, I decided to read that book during my free time. It took me about 2 days to finish that book as I couldn't take it home with me because it wasn't mine.I remember thinking that it was a good book. Fast forward to this year, I found out that the students at my school used to read "the p [...]

This book was compulsory reading for my class so I read it while I was babysitting my siblings at a convention. There I was, pushing a pram down an aisle of shop stands, quietly bawling my eyes out. Simply written yet full of depth and character, this book was written as a story to relate to. If you didn't like this book, chances were it was because none of the stories spoke to you, which is - I mean, good for you, you've probably had a decent family life. If you did relate to this book in some [...]

This book is bland and boring to read. The story isn't convincing or captivating at all, there are little descriptions of the places they are in. This book lacks detail. The characters are so unreal, they are very miserable and depressed, their stories are so confusingly stupid and they would still argue and judge another's decisions. The author made no attempt to write a good book. Fictional works are supposed to teach and entertain readers, I learned that there are wicked books with zombified [...]

well, it might be a fun book to read if it isn't a mandatory for students to read. ( my country's education system used to require most of all secondary students to read this book.)It's an average novel. Nothing is exciting. Really. The concept is interesting but the story isn't. I wanted to give up on this book but I CAN'T. Ironic, i had reread for half a dozen times cause I needed to remember the whole details of story.Yet, i believe that this novel does give us some advises. Not all stepparen [...]

I got confused towards to the end of the book, and could not figure out which story belongs to which kid, but I thoroughly enjoyed each child's tale. I love how the stories are told from the child's perspective and some observations by the kids really stood out for me. Like how adults are not really listening when kids are saying something, they are just "softening" the child up so they will be more open to the adult's suggestion, we are definitely all guilty of that! It feels like a depressing [...]

Six main characters, Richard, Claudia, Pixie, Robbo, Colin and Ralph came from broken homes, and the book revolves around the kids upon solving ways they solved their family relationship problems. Except Richard of course, who at first props me with a lot of questions about his link to the five kids besides having a broken family, and my questions are still not resolved.What annoys me was that there was never a proper conclusion to this book. Like what was the real reason the kids are categorize [...]

I very much enjoyed this book because I really connected with each of the characters, without getting swamped with too much information and too many stories at once - Anne Fine managed to clearly explain each of the children's stories. I also liked the balance of genres in this short book; there was a bit of horror and spookiness, some comedy (especially with Ralph's story) and a few passages which saddened the heart. In all, I would recommend this book to any level of reader and know that they [...]

This is a short read and it's suitable for children . In my opinion,it's very simple and short . Each child has his or her own stories of stepfather , stepmother,stepsister etc It would be a great book for children . There aren't any climax or exciting events , but I still like it . I actually expected it to be adventurous and haunting as the children discovered a secret chamber (sort of) .The book would be more interesting if the author elaborated on Richard Harwick .

I have to read this for my english class and although I find the topic about the book a tad weird (it's about 5 children on a field trip with one similarity: broken homes) It's a fast read and I actually enjoyed it. Makes you really wonder, if you were stuck between crosswords what would you have done? Run away or stay and fight.

It was really good for a children's book actually. I just think it could've gone further than that. The story could've been elaborated more. The ending just didn't feel complete. I mean i wanna know what happened to those kids damn it! No closure. Nothing. It had potential though. I sort of fell in love with Ralph's story!

I got that book when I was 7 years old. now that I'm 21 years old, I still find myself reading it, it comforts me. It's a good book for a child. Perhaps I gave it such a good rating because I feel emotionally attached to it.The diary entries are the reason why I love that book. The rest of the content is crap.

I studied this novel back in my final year in secondary school. It is not an outstanding book that would make a secondary school student love literature. The language used is simple and plain, nothing captivating at all. It's a young adult novel about how five schoolchildren have managed to cope in their broken families. Overall, plain book.

I actually did really enjoy this book. It was my school's literature read for my year of students and despite it being depressing at some points if the story, I did really enjoy the fun bits as well. It was nice to see 6 different stories based on children with broken families and to be able to go through the many different emotions that they experienced.

The school trip to old hardwick hall is ready to start and Miss O'dell picks 5 pupils names from a special column to fill the overflow minibus. The children all have a second telephone number in case of an emergency. During the night at the hall each child tells their story. They all have a step parent. One person tells a story but everyone says its really his sisters story.

All in all, this book was okay. I was hoping this would have been more of a mystery book, but it proved me wrong. Truth be told, I was anticipating something more interesting the whole time, but before I knew it, the book was over and I felt like my time was wasted.

That was a sweet and heartbreaking little read! I really enjoyed reading these little stories about the difficulties of patch-work families! The only thing I would want to criticise is that for me, there was no real end or closure to the story and I feel a little left hanging

I can easily say, that despite it being so short and the fact that I usually don't like Anne Fine's books this is one of my utmost favourite books. The stories and the characters in this book just stuck with me for some reason, and I really loved it when I first read it years ago.

Step by Wicked Step is my school literature component & to be really honest, this is the second best literature book I've read in my 5 years in high school (the best was The Boscombe Valley Mystery) I really enjoyed it! Good job, Anne Fine

Okay, this book is my school literature novel. I'm always sceptical of my school literature (like last year's How I Met Myself ugh) but this book, Step by Wicked Step was good. Like seriously. Well done school, well done.

Another book that I remember reading in elementary school. I remember liking it well enough but not enough to give me a wow factor.

warmhearted, funny, and sad stories about all kind of step- (mother, father, brother, or sister)

Reminded me of a mild version of Roald Dahl's adult storytelling.

This story is little bit boring.

Not as good as flour babies

I have very good memories of this.

I like this story :)

It was a little sad and it didn't really have anything to do with wickedness but it was really well written.

This books was used in the curriculum of my country for 17 year olds. For gods sake. This book was torture.

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