Beyond Nostalgia

Tom Winton

Beyond Nostalgia

Beyond Nostalgia

  • Title: Beyond Nostalgia
  • Author: Tom Winton
  • ISBN: 9781460920930
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback

Born with blue in his collar instead of his veins, best selling author Dean Cassidy chronicles his soul scarring rise from New York s darkest alleys to a place high atop the literary world As difficult and unlikely as such a climb is, there s yet another force working against Dean He s forever haunted by treasured memories of his long lost teenage soul mate Theresa TheBorn with blue in his collar instead of his veins, best selling author Dean Cassidy chronicles his soul scarring rise from New York s darkest alleys to a place high atop the literary world As difficult and unlikely as such a climb is, there s yet another force working against Dean He s forever haunted by treasured memories of his long lost teenage soul mate Theresa Theresa Theresa She just won t go away Despite all Dean s hang ups and mental baggage, he eventually does marry another woman And for twenty years his wife, Maddy Frances, remains so giving and forgiving she deserves to be canonized a living saint Even after she finds Dean unconscious at a botched suicide attempt a time faded photograph of Theresa clenched in his hands her love never wavers But is Maddy s loyalty enough to keep them together Or will a force far stronger than fate alone change everything Be sure to check out Tom Winton s newest novel, The Last American Martyr.

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Essentially a tale of a lost love and feelings that will simply not fade even after two decades, Beyond Nostalgia is a powerful story that encapsulates a man’s life; his yearnings, frustrations and finally his successes. Although the premise is a little hard to believe Tom Winton makes his story work with a combination of excellent writing and well rounded, emotionally and psychologically believable characters. The protagonist, Dean Cassidy, is a flawed and troubled individual and not always a [...]

Excellent read and well written. Dean Cassidy comes from a dysfunctional family and is suffering the usual growing pains of being a teenager living in New York City during the 1960's. He meets Theresa Wayman at a high school dance and a budding romance begins. They soon discover that they are soul mates and begin to plan a life together after high school. Their love for each other is shattered when Dean goes to a bachelor party, gets drunk and ends up having sex with another girl. Theresa is dev [...]

Beyond Nostalgia is a wonderful story. I have to admit that the beginning of the story reminded me of my husband’s experiences before being drafted. At times I had to pause to wipe tears away before diving back into the book.Beyond Nostalgia is a memoir of sorts, of a man named Dean Cassidy. It begins inNew Yorkin 1967 and follows Dean’s life to 1992. I know that sounds like a terrible snore but the story flows well and the characters are really endearing.I enjoy the way that Dean deals with [...]

This is a book for anybody out there that had a first love that they never forgot.This is the story of Dean Cassidy, a bleak young man who meets his true first love in the New York of the nineteen sixties. His romance with Theresa is both pure and deep, but this is also a story of human beings and Dean loses it all in one tragic, drunken act of stupidity.And in some ways that's where the story really begins, because it really isn't a romance story. This is a tale about how life doesn't always wo [...]

"Instantly, my old world transformed into a totally different place. A wonderful alien place, saturated with new hope."Beyond Nostalgia by Tom Winton is smooth and enticing. An engrossing coming-of-age tale that took me right in. We are taken back to a cold April night in 1967 when nothing would ever be the same for this cocky, headstrong eighteen your old boy. This is an endearing love story with a message of new beginnings. And yes, there were some goose-bump moments.Well written, I dove right [...]

Beyond Nostalgia will keep you up reading all night. The first half is a wonderful romance, period language, a late sixties Catcher in the Rye feel except that Dean and Theresa are both lovable. I kept thinking to myself 'it's going to go wrong now, no, not yet, yes, it's going to go wrong now'. That suspense combined with the great style employed makes for a fantastic piece of work. Then bang, down to earth in the second half of the book. First we take Manhattan - Dean has become a social rebel [...]

I have done something with this book that I have never done before rmally I finish a book , I post my review . Not this time - here I am a day late and still not sure I can put my review into words . I decided I would " think " on this one before I typed one word . I am still not done thinking about this book , but I figure I never will be . This is a " forever " book - I will remember it forever !I'm not so sure it is even a " book " . I think of it as a " story " . I know , I know I say toe-ma [...]

I wasn't so sure about this book at first. I kept thinking I wish it would get onto something. Then I realized I was half way through. When I sat back and thought about the story he was telling I understood I was reading about his life. It had to be told that way. IF I was already half way through it must have been good. Without spoiling the ending that is what really did it for me. This book is about life and the choices we make and the outcomes of those decisions. Did we make them for the righ [...]

Young love, is it real, will it last. Dean and Theresa think it is, until Dean breaks her heart.The sad part is that Dean cannot get Theresa out of his head. Even after, he falls in love and marries, even after, he has children and achieves his dream.It is twenty-four years later when he finally knows the answer to his questions.This was a great set up for a real love story, but it soured a little for me but maybe for you it will all be justified in the end. While I found Dean reprehensible at t [...]

A story about a boy becoming a man and his steps and missteps along the way. When D.C. is rescued by a beautiful girl, after getting caught fighting at a school dance he has no idea how it will effect the rest of his life.Writing in the first person the author brings his characters to life. Mr Winton makes the characters so real that there were times I wanted to hug D.C. and there were times I wanted to slap him. When it comes to the ultimate decision has Dean matured enough to make the right on [...]

This book haunts me.The words he strings together to form more than sentences that open up long restrained emotions as if I was staring into a mirror not being able to look away from a face that was telling truths I did not want to face because they hurt to much.I read about a mans life who is so different to mine,a man who as a person is so unlike me and yet the emotions he describes fit perfectly into vacant slots inside me. Awakening a sadness and also reminding me how lucky I have been in li [...]

Dean is young, its about 1967 and he falls in lovehis mother is a religious fanatic, his fathera hard working cab driver. Her mother is a drunk, her father is dead. They share their home problems, find escape in each other, until one day she & her mother just disappear. Dean is heartbroken, he cannot find her, he thinks of her every waking hour.r years & years. Hefinally meets another woman, marries, has 2 kids, works jobs he hateshe wants to be a writer.He writes a book, is turned down [...]

I loved this story. It reads more like a biography than fiction. Dean is a very interesting character with so much heart that the reader can't help but relate to. The author does a great job of explaining what makes Dean who he is. New Yorkers will relate very well to the beginning of the story and the narrative. I could not believe that he carried the torch for Theressa for that long, but he hadn't had closure so that is understandable. Maddy is a lovable character. I would have loved to learn [...]

"Beyond Nostalgia" by Tom Winton is a tragic love story about young love and a youthful mistake.Two strong characters and smooth writing drive the story along as Dean falls for Theresa. Young and stupid Dean loses Theresa but never gets over her.As simple as the story is, it is very well written and the sentimental and nostalgic tone made this a very beautiful read. The side characters, such as Theresa's mother, are impressive, as is Dean with all his honesty and his flaws.With a very authentica [...]

Tom Winton. Brilliant.Beyond Nostalgia.This book follows the life and times of Dean Cassidy, his youth and his loves.Reading this book I was finding myself playing the part of Dean. The author describes all the characters so well, and the book just flows from start to finish. You find yourself going through all the emotions, and actually speaking out loud when reading the book. Very highly recommended.5 stars. 04 June 2014.

Tom Winton is an extremely talented author. When Dean and Teresa fall in love they think it will last foreveruntil it doesn't. This story about a young man's regrets is captivating and realistic. No one has lived a life with no regrets but Winton makes you feel what Dean feels as he moves on with his life. Lesson learnedyoung men make hasty mistakes, real men recognize a mistake when they see one!I will definitely read more by this author!

I found myself reading this book during odd moments of the day when I should have been doing something else. There was a "calling" to the book that I cannot really explain. I needed to know how it it ended. May not be everyone's "cup of tea" but it was certainly mine. Love lost from a man's POVTom Winton did a spectacular job.

Wow.This book speaks to fears in people's lives. It said to me "go ahead. Love. To hell with the fear. Love anyway. Be the strongest you possible. Cause that love will help to make you strong - whether it works out or not. It'll still help you be the strongest 'you' there ever was cause you took a chance.

I found this story compelling, poignant and heart-wrenching, with the naivety of teenagers combined with the frustrations adults experience. I was extremely moved and rooting for the main characters, from start to finish. It was not only a great read but a lesson in hope, with some fascinating twists and turns - an excellent book.

Certainly not a classic literary book but thoroughly engrossing right up to the last page. I found it hard to put down although the dysfunctional families were a bit over the top at times. A story about first love and mistakes made.

I really enjoyed this book. It could be the story of one of your best friends. The characters are interesting and you can understand their choices and thought processes. Hoping to find another good one from this author.

Life is NOT always greener on the other side. That lawn has ants and weeds and bad spots too. Life is too short to eat the grass that is way over there when you have perfectly great grass right here.

I'm sticking with the 5 star review I gave Beyond Nostalgia when I was at the halfway mark. Good job Tom

A tale of first love, betrayal, separation, endurance and finally making the right decision.

I loved this book of the best stories I have ever reade characters were awesomehighly recommend

A heart-scrunching book that kept me turning the pages into the wee small hours. Beautifully written with memorable characters that felt real. I loved this book.

Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much . Shelley MA

When Tom Winton first approached me about reviewing his novel “Beyond Nostalgia” I was kind of excited. Here, in my eager little hands, was a book that not only had a fascinating product description, but the clout to back it up. (24 reviews, 22 – 5 stars and 2 – 4 star) This fact alone (if I were to consider previous experiences) boded well for the book I was about to read. (In case you were wondering…No, I didn’t actually read any of the reviews…at would be pointless now wouldn [...]

I enjoyed the characters but found it a long, slow read.

Rating: 7/10First off, I just noticed the description is sooo long! It does give a pretty good feel of the story, though it could probably do with being a little shorter. It didn't ruin the story for me in any way, but when I read it again after I finished reading the book, I realised how much information it gives away.So, now, about the actual book! The story is cut into two parts: the first one is set in the time of Dean's youth, while the second takes place many years later, when Dean is in h [...]

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