Beyond Birkie Fever

Walter Rhein

Beyond Birkie Fever

Beyond Birkie Fever

  • Title: Beyond Birkie Fever
  • Author: Walter Rhein
  • ISBN: 9781936850020
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback

What is Birkie Fever Cross country skiers are hearty folk The compulsion to race marathon length distances in subfreezing conditions requires an eternally optimistic and fiercely independent spirit The fear of blinding snow or paralyzing cold does not deter them, and it has been said that skiers do not merely laugh at adversity they are completely oblivious to its exisWhat is Birkie Fever Cross country skiers are hearty folk The compulsion to race marathon length distances in subfreezing conditions requires an eternally optimistic and fiercely independent spirit The fear of blinding snow or paralyzing cold does not deter them, and it has been said that skiers do not merely laugh at adversity they are completely oblivious to its existence America s greatest cross country ski race is the American Birkebeiner or Birkie for short Every year, thousands of people journey from all over the globe to Hayward, Wisconsin, for a world class celebration of life, winter, and the competitive spirit Prior to the race, local participants find themselves in the throes of a unique and natural euphoria They thrill at the prospect of participating shoulder to shoulder with elite international competitors in a wild race through the great Northwoods wilderness Beyond Birkie Fever is the story of how America s magnificent cross country ski marathon can expand your horizons and be the gateway to experiences beyond anything you d ever hoped to imagine

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Beyond Birkie Fever by Walter Rhein is his personal experiences in marathon cross country skiing. He has written at least five novels in the fantasy genre, something people my age would call D&D type books, which I will need to look at. He was born and currently owns a bike and ski shop in Wisconsin. Rhein stumbled across my blog and asked if I was willing to review the book. I didn't make the connection immediately until he said he owned a bike shop and that one of the legends of the Birkie [...]

Beyond Birkie Fever surprised me. There was so much more to the book than the initial idea of what it takes to be a ski racer. Rhein starts telling the tale of his first American Birkebeiner, a 55 km race through Wisconsin. As the reader you can start to understand the world of skiing but if you're a skier you can laugh through his stupidity and nod along to the relatable moments. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a witty read but especially for a fellow ski racer. As a racer you can a [...]

Having read Walter Rhein’s fantasy novel The Bone Sword, I was more than willing to give his non-fiction book a go. I have to admit that I know very little about cross-country skiing, but Beyond Birkie Fever gave me a wonderful insight into what these athletes have to go through to prepare for such an exacting race. I enjoyed the way the author took me right back to his earliest experiences with skiing, as this set the tone very nicely for what clearly became an obsession. His easy, witty pros [...]

**********THIS WAS A FIRST READ CONTEST WIN!!!**********This was a very interesting book. I thought this book would just be about cross-country skiing, but I was wrongs. It was a very interesting read with humor that got me to laughing. This book was well written. **********THIS WAS A FIRST READ CONTEST WIN!!!**********

Excellent read. It got me super pumped for my first birkie! Entertaining and funny the whole way through.

Enjoyed thoroughly.

Beyond Birkie Fever by Walter Rhein ReviewEverything that you would want to know about cross-country skiing.Cross-country skiers are hearty folk. The compulsion to race marathon-length distances in subfreezing conditions requires an eternally optimistic and fiercely independent spirit. The fear of blinding snow or paralyzing cold does not deter them, and it has been said that skiers do not merely laugh at adversity; they are completely oblivious to its existence. America's greatest cross-country [...]

Gotta start out by saying that Walter sent me this one after I reviewed another of his wonderful books, The Reader of Acheron. He in no way, shape or form solicited me for a review. There, nasty disclaimer out of the way.I had the pleasure to meet Walter in person the summer of 2014 in Washington DC when he introduced Janet and Chris Morris at a Library of Congress event. I came out of that one small meeting with (1) another author to stalk (2) signature of said author (3) and a voice. A very di [...]

Beyond Birkie Fever is a book about the American Birkebeiner, described as “America‘s greatest cross-country ski race” and the following it has inspired. In fact, the race kicks off again for its 40th Anniversary in just 5 days. The race “spans 50 kilometers from Cable to Hayward for Skaters, and 54K for Classic Skiers” in Wisconsin. I am not a skier, I have never skied and always felt it looked tremendously dangerous to me. To be honest, I have lived almost my whole life in Wisconsin, [...]

Title/Author: “Beyond Birkie Fever” by Walter RheinTags: Nordic skiing, autobiographyPublished: November 20, 2013Length: 248 pagesRating: 4 of 5 stars (very good)Review:This story of a cross-country skier’s experienced with the famous Birkebeiner race is a fascinating account of not only the history and trails on the course, but also of his trials and tribulations as an athlete. More than the sports aspect of the book, the human spirit aspects of the story are what make this book worth the [...]

Beyond Birkie Fever is an adventurous journey of author, Walter Rhein in America's greatest cross-country ski race called American Birkebeiner. He shares with his readers how his journey as a skier changed since a kid of 7 years till date with details explaining his experiences beyond anything that one would ever hope to imagine!When you start with the book, you find founder David Landgraf's account of the first Birkie. I would say it's a good idea to start a book like this. It's like giving a c [...]

Prepare yourself for the brisk bite of the cold winter air, the dizzying rush of frigid wind through your hair and the searing joy of straining muscles as you whiz along with Walter Rhein through America’s greatest cross-country skiing competition, the Birkiebiener.Beyond Birkie Fever is two stories for the price of one. It’s a close-up look at the lively world of competitive cross-country skiing, with most of the attention paid to America’s foremost cross-country race, The Birkiebiener, h [...]

Even though I’m a sports fan, I enjoyed reading Beyond Birkie Fever, a non-fictional story focused on the author’s history with one of North America’s biggest skiing competitions named the American Birkebeiner. Affectionately called Birkie by skiers from all over the world, Walter Rhein chronologies the birth of Birkie—a humorous competition between two friends—to its expanse through the Wisconsin wilderness as a premiere cross-country ski race. Though Rhein talks about the harshness o [...]

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to competitive cross country skiing. For those uninitiated, it is simply another way to pass the time in the long winter months of Wisconsin. But to Walter Rhein and many like him, it is a wonderfully addictive lifestyle.Beyond Birkie Fever tells the story of the famous Birkebeiner cross country ski race that takes place every year in Hayward, WI. This is a grueling event through challenging terrain, made even more difficult by the harsh winter weat [...]

I was asked to read this book and a give an honest review. It’s not a book I’d usually pick up, I must say. I think this is due to the fact I’d never heard of the winter sporting event “The Birkie.” After receiving the book I gave it a chance and I’m very glad I did. The book is very well written and has flow. The book is a memoir / Autobiography style of a sports minded man who’s very open to travelling the world. I think by chapter 6 the story took hold of me but the chapters are [...]

As an aspiring Birkie skier and native Wisconsite, I enjoyed Walter Rhein's entertaining account of the American Birkiebeiner and Worldloppet Circuit. The American Birkebeiner is the largest cross-country ski race in North America traveling 50 kilometers through the rolling hills of Wisconsin. The event began in 1973 with only 35 participants and has grown tremendously with a devoted following and has since capped at 10,000 participants each year. Beyond Birkie Fever is the author's account of h [...]

Although having never literally skied in real life this book gives me an insight of what skiing is like and how people from all over the world come to Wisconsin and celebrate the wonders of winter. However this book is more than just about skiing its also about learning lessons and how you can benefit from them. This book is a great motivation for skiers that want to pursue their dreams. The narration is great and one should pick it up whether your a skier or not.

Perfectly stated! As a Wisconsin native and a lifetime skier, this book had me nodding and chuckling at every page turn. Beautiful glimpse into the endurance racing culture, the unique northwestern atmosphere surrounding the Birkie, and just growing up as a skier in Wisconsin. Loved it, and I'm definitely gifting it to my fellow family Birkie finishers!

A fun look at a venture and lifestyle I'd rather read about than undertake. Originally reviewed (full review) by request from the author at elucidatepublishing.c

This book reminds me of my dad, who taught me how to cross-country ski. It's a fun recounting of the lengths we push ourselves to just to see if we can.

This was a very interesting book, especially since we had just spent two weeks vacationing in Hayward, Wisconsin. It's main appeal I believe would be to cross-country skiers.

i loved this book! It was one of the most hilarious books I've ever read. It was also very helpful for my Academic Fair project because it supported my topic with a lot of info.

The writing wasn't stellar, but I liked reading about the Birkie (and a few other, similar races) from a participant's point of view.

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