The Never Weres

Fiona Smyth

The Never Weres

The Never Weres

  • Title: The Never Weres
  • Author: Fiona Smyth
  • ISBN: 9781554512843
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback

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Late in the next century, the human race is on the verge of extinction A mysterious virus has resulted in no births in almost a generation Despite the impending doom, three urban teenagers try to live their lives with hope.Mia strives to preserve humanity s compassion through her art and her volunteer work with the oldies Tech savvy Xian spends her time tinkering withLate in the next century, the human race is on the verge of extinction A mysterious virus has resulted in no births in almost a generation Despite the impending doom, three urban teenagers try to live their lives with hope.Mia strives to preserve humanity s compassion through her art and her volunteer work with the oldies Tech savvy Xian spends her time tinkering with the robots she s sure will inherit the Earth Jesse, the son of geneticists, is convinced the future lies with cloning, but society is reeling from the grotesque failures of previous attempts When the friends stumble upon the 60 year old mystery of a missing girl, it leads them to the world s only successful clone and the key to saving our species.

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I dug this. I finished it and immediately went "Oh crap" since I put the lid on my list of middle school booktalk books a month or so ago. This feels like a new take on the dystopia genre, mostly fresh in the fact that it's a graphic novel which looks like a Lynda Barry piece. A diverse trio of kids solve an underground mystery in the bowels of a dystopian city. Cloning, technoethics, environmental politics, family, art in society, and intergenerational friendship all come up. The illustration s [...]

Fiona Smyth’s graphic novel The Never Weres finds its place with the growing catalog of dystopic/post-apocalyptic future young adult novels popular this year. More Science Fiction than Fantasy, Smyth sets her world amidst a world of sophisticated technology and a controversial exploration of cloning; a bit Blade Runner, Children of Men, and Aeon Flux with an after-school special feel tossed in.The alien figure in the above (& below) image, top left, is “Storybot Sasha” narrating the st [...]

This is a great concept. A virus causes mankind to lose the ability to procreate, and this story focuses on three teenagers who are among the last teens of the human. The characters on the surface are very fun, and I like the cloning angle. I even enjoyed the quirky artwork. But the delivery of the story is a bit weak. Largely told through the eyes of a alien being looking back on history, the book is filled with overly written narration that steals a lot of the really great moments from the cha [...]

In the near future, where a virus has stopped humanity’s ability to reproduce, three teenagers of the final generation of youth — Xian, Jesse and Mia — navigate a world where cloning has been made illegal and robots play a large role in society. With no family on Earth, Xian’s closest companion is one of the robots she has created. Jesse hopes to one day be a brilliant geneticist like his mother but can rarely get her attention. Mia’s love of art is expressed through her friendship wit [...]

SPOILER: The moral of this story is that cloning rules. Right? I guess I can't get behind that.Butttt it was a pretty fun, suspenseful, funky read with some hip kids and some cryptic art at the center of it! A really different and unique take on the near-future-dystopias of Children of Men or Handmaid's Tale (I think the latter gets a visual shoutout here!).So basically, the story was not my fave, but the characters were great, and I love Smyth's squiggly wacky artistic style. I wish she would d [...]

This was very very good. The world building and all of the external conflict that occurred was believable, well thought out and well executed. I really appreciated the diversity, especially as it related to the main characters. However intriguing the main plot line was, the resolution felt preachy (intentionally I'm sure), but that was my main problem throughout the entire read. Every moral was explicitly stated and that ended up taking away from the poignancy of the moral itself.

An interesting graphic novel about the bleak future of man-kind. Three students, part of the last generation of teens, stumble upon a bizarre mystery that seems to involve the future of man-kind.Big brother is a constant threat to the three children, who also have to deal with different but difficult family situations as well.A nice story that combines classic teen troubles with science fiction and mystery.

I loved the main character's compassion and determination. These types of stories always intrigue me, I like the idea of striving to succeed against all odds. The virus concept probably could have been explained a little clearer, but I think the mystery panned out well.

I liked this book! For a graphic novel, I felt it was completee story made sense, followed a logical order, and the pictures aided the story line. I will definitely recommend this to my students.

Different than any graphic novel I've read, in a good way. The narrator does a thorough job so there's no ambiguity or confusion, which is something that often leaves me unsatisfied with a graphic novel. It's sort of dystopian, really interesting and fun, with a clear ending.

The Never Weres by Fiona Smyth is a remarkable and mysterious graphic novel which includes a lot of action. This book is strongly recommended to teens of all ages. The Never Weres is about 3 friends, Xian, Mia, and Jesse. They each have very different lives outside of school. In the society they live in, no babies have been born for 15 years because of an incurable virus. Mia comes upon a symbol that she sees multiple times and is very curious about it. Xian discovers that there has been a missi [...]

In the near future, humanity is on the verge of extinction. The youngest citizens, age fifteen, will be the only human beings left until they finally die. A deadly virus reared its ugly head years earlier, resulting in the mankind loosing its ability to reproduce. Unless something is done, the Earth could become a barren wasteland. Humanity's only hope is cloning. However, due to several grotesque outcomes, cloning human beings is forbidden. The world is just a clock, ticking and ticking, counti [...]

The story is interesting, but the art is confusing, the dialogue is terrible, and the expository narrative is beyond annoying. There's something here, but the execution brings it down.

The Never Weres by Fiona Smith The Never Weres by Fiona Smith is an attention grabbing graphic novel that will make everyone want to read more. There are many twists and unexpected turns in this graphic novel. This graphic novel is easy to read and also has parts that leave you hanging, just so you can read the next chapter. In mostly every chapter, this book would leave you hanging with a mystery. There was one chapter where the three kids find this map and they don’t know what it is for ( [...]

Ben LevinT3The Never Weres by Fiona Smyth The Never Weres by Fiona Smyth is a book that explains how being committed makes you learn a lot. Xian, Jesse, and Mia are three teenagers that are part of the last generation. Cloning isn’t legal, so no more humans can be created. This is not a good thing, and Xian, Jesse, and Mia try to change that. Xian is a girl that has a robot named Loly who goes with her everywhere. Jesse is a boy who enjoys oceanography, and Mia works at a retirement home, and [...]

The Never WeresThe Never Weres is a Graphic Novel that shows great Friendship, Adventure, and many disagreements. The author wants it to be relatable, and I believe that she accomplished that goal. Even Though it is based in the future the author brings in current time knowledge. I think she did a great time writing this story especially with all the relatable topics she pieced in. This story was informative with the cloning which gave me more information on that topic.When the three friends wer [...]

No one has been able to have children for 15 years. The country is torn between those in favor of cloning to carry on the human race and those who are against it. Xian, Jesse and Mia at 15 are three of the youngest people in the world. When Xian begins to find clues about a girls' long ago disappearance, the three friends may discover what's needed to save the world.OK yes, so it's another book that starts off with "Oh no! There's a virus and now no one can have babies/all the adults are dead/th [...]

Due Date: Tuesday, October 15th.Name: saraT-Class: T-1Title of the Book: the never weresThe never weres by fiona smyth is about three teenagers in a futuristic world trying to save their world from extinction. As the popularity has gone down and the human race is starting to become less. They all try to live with hope that nothing will happen. they find out different mysteries as they go on a journey. The world three teens are very determined to let the world carry on. The three characters in th [...]

When high school, cloning, and a missing persons mystery meet up with a graphic novelist, I begin to expect great things. “The Never Weres” delivers on a great plot, but falls a little flat for an older crowd.It is the 22nd century and mankind is in rapid decline. An illness called the “Barren Virus” has eradicated human’s ability to reproduce. So the population continues to get older and older. Mankind’s only hope of survival rests with the science of cloning, but cloning human DNA [...]

The Never Were's by Fiona Smyth is an intriguing graphic novel , where three kids try to put an end to there unthinkable fate of becoming the last generation of mankind. Throughout the novel, it questions the existence of humans, due to a cruel disease making all people incapable of having children. A cure is useless because everyone is already infected. However, cloning seems to be the only option, yet a horrible past involving cloning had a terrible result. Conflict spreads about allowing clon [...]

Three 10th-graders--Mia, Xian, and Jesse--are among the last generation on Earth. The Barren virus struck 15 years ago, leaving humanity no way to go on without cloning. Unfortunately, attempts at human cloning have thus far all gone very, very wrong, and subsequent attempts have been outlawed. Xian's explorations of abandoned tunnels yield a mystery: an odd symbol on walls throughout the tunnels, centered near an abandoned lab. Mia notices the same symbol in old news footage about a missing tee [...]

I am not sure what I feel with this book. The premise sounded really cool with dystopian world where no kids are being born and the last generation of teens is the only hope along with the battle of cloning versus robots. I didn't care for the storybot Sasha narrating in present tense. It was just weird for me; not something I am used to. Some times the art was a little all over the place for following the plot, making me glad it was not in color. Art work is nicely done with lines, grey scale, [...]

In short, I dug the concept, but I thought the execution could've been better; it seemed that there was an exposition-dump on every other page. Additionally, a lot of the dialogue only seemed functional- there for the sake of additional exposition, which to a degree is alright, but the characters seemed lacking in voice and personality.That said, I liked the story itself- it's entertaining, but not particularly strong in the first two-thirds of the book. At the end, however, everything comes tog [...]

I absolutely adore this book. When looking at the very premise of this book--three young teenagers find themselves irrevocably wrapped up in a 60 year old mystery while already facing the impending end of humanity-I was hooked from the start. The illustrations are rich with movement and detail, and the pacing of the story is perfect. Xian, Mia, and Jesse are very relatable teenagers, which makes the story far more engaging, with a sprinkling of just enough questions to keep you reading. Who is A [...]

In the future the end of the human race seems inavoidable for the evolution of humans have brought every human to be barren. Three fifteen year olds Mia, Jesse and Xian are one of the lasts teenagers on Earth and they are in trouble. Xian is spotted exploring the tunnels under the city and for a good reason, she's on the trail of a 60 year old dead teenager who went missing and has something to do with the future of humanity. Now they must find out what or take the risk of dying.I picked this bo [...]

The Never Weres, by Fionna Smyth, was a very interesting graphic novel. It talked about how in the future when people are unable to have children and how everyone needs to figure out how to not let the human race become extinct. A bunch of children try to find a way to prove to everyone that cloning is ok and is the answer to everyone’s problems. I don’t want to tell you what happens because it is a very interesting book, but I only recommend this for kids that will be able to comprehend a m [...]

To clone or not to clone - that is the question. This engaging dystopian graphic novel is told through the perspectives of three teenagers who also happen to be the youngest people on the planet. Smyth expertly lays out her panels and places artistic backdrops to add feeling and movement to each scene. Since her art adds quite a bit of foreshadowing, close readers will figure out the mystery long before the ending.

I won this from Giveaways and thought it would be an interesting departure from my normal fare. It's an interesting exploration of a dystopic world where no more children will be born. The illustrations are in a comic (graphic novel) format, and they remind me of the Editorial comic Matt Bors. The story was very engaging and although I had a clue where the plot was going, I really enjoyed reading this story. I'm very glad I won this book here at !

Really, really interesting idea for a graphic novel.Somewhat similar to "Children of Men" where no one can have kids anymore. In this book the youngest person in the world is 15.Man's only hope is cloning.I think I may have liked this more with adult characters then teenagers and more darkness.A cool idea, but didn't quite work for me.Too cutesy, given a plot of a very dangerous and scary world.Enjoyable but could have been way better.Edmund

This was a very appealing idea with very unappealing characters. I really couldn't like Xian, and Jesse was pretty annoying too. Mia was the only character who I found likable. I found the art to be very interesting and very expressive, and liked the way the story was laid out. Overall I liked the story, but I just am not sure of its teen appeal.

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