Tell Me More

Janet Mullany

Tell Me More

Tell Me More

  • Title: Tell Me More
  • Author: Janet Mullany
  • ISBN: 9780373605583
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback

Tell me every dirty detail Jo Hutchinson is obsessed with a man she s never seen only heard Her late night calls from the office to the mysterious Mr D grow increasingly intimate, until they finally become full blown phone sex Still, Jo doesn t dare meet him Instead, she embarks on a series of sizzling sexual escapades with other guys, sharing every sweaty moment Tell me every dirty detail Jo Hutchinson is obsessed with a man she s never seen only heard Her late night calls from the office to the mysterious Mr D grow increasingly intimate, until they finally become full blown phone sex Still, Jo doesn t dare meet him Instead, she embarks on a series of sizzling sexual escapades with other guys, sharing every sweaty moment with Mr D afterward, a passion by proxy arrangement they both get off on But even as she s charting brave new naughty worlds, Jo knows that it s all really for Mr D Every pleasure she experiences eagerly, athletically, vocally is to please him.Immersed in fantasy, reality just slips away even the chance at that elusive combination of love and lust Her new tenant, Patrick, an Irish hunk in geek s clothing, is totally into her And in her lucid moments, Jo knows she feels the same Can she tear herself away from her kinky dreamworld long enough to appreciate what s right in front of her Or has Mr D ruined her for real life

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**WARNING: This review is intended for readers 18 and older. It contains coarse language and adult themes. If you think you may be offended, you might want to skip this one. Be warned that this review also contains spoilers.**Let me begin by telling you about the two most redeeming qualities about this book: the premise and the sex. The story centers on Jo, a woman who is just coming off of a bad break-up with a long-term boyfriend. Jo is a radio DJ and has been talking on the phone to a mysteri [...]

Too Much And Not Nearly EnoughWarning: This book contains explicit scenes of a graphic sexual nature and is not suitable for all readers. Given my opinion of certain sections of the book, portions of this review are not suitable for all readers, either.Late night on-air radio personality Jo Hutchinson has feelings for a man she's never met. He calls into her show and talks to her, has for months now, and the openness and honesty in those talks form the bonds of a deep connection, until her life [...]

I honestly was not able to finish this book, though I promised NetGalley a review in exchange for reading it. I made it to Chapter 9 and decided to throw it against the wall. I will try to articulate my biggest issues with the book:1) The author's style was nauseating with her abrubpt transitions between scenes with little or absolutely no segue. I was honestly confused several times while reading the story and realizing the story had completely switched locations and characters conversing.2) Th [...]

3/5 Stars **This was provided to me by NetGalley**Jo is a radio D.J. on a classical music station. She works the late shift and manages the administrative department of the station during the early morning hours. While working her late-night shifts, Jo gets a call from a listener, Mr. D, and pretty soon the calls become regular. What starts out as something innocent, talking about everything from former lovers to music, quickly turns into full blown phone sex. Every night, without fail, Mr. D ca [...]

I didn't know what to expect from this ARC of Janet Mullany's Tell Me More. But I can say this-- I wanted Mullany to tell me more-- I wasn't ready for it to end! This is steamy-steamy. And while the sexual scenes and situations were nothing new to me (ahem!), I haven't read many novels lately that delve into the sensuous underbelly that this novel does: three- and more-somes, public displays at play parties, snarky comments about the uncircumcised. I loved it!I took to the character of Jo right [...]

This book was sexy, smutty, and delightful. The main character, Jo, has some delightfully wonderful sexual encounters. Some are sweet and some are kinky as all get out. Let me just say that Jo and I had a tumultuous relationship. I loved her, then I adored her, then I was rooting in her corner, then I hated her, and then we met back at the comfortable place of my loving her again. Jo and I finally worked out our differences as soon as she got over her mysterious, late night phone sex caller. Oh [...]

Holy moly. I had no clue what this was about when I randomly picked it from the books I had downloaded to my ereader from NetGalley, but once I started it I could not put it down. Extremely steamy, and various types of sex throughout the whole thing. I really liked Jo. She was funny, a smart-ass, and made plenty of mistakes to keep her real. It was pretty clear to see from the outside when she was making a big one, trusting the wrong people, etc. But the story would have been pretty boring if sh [...]

Jo is a personality at a local radio station and has a big probleme man who is stealing all her sexy thoughts and guiding her promiscuous behavior is a man she has never actually never met! Jo talks to the elusive and mysterious "Mr. D" on her office phone, late at night when no one is around. The lines of fantasy and reality begin to blur as she conducts her sexual life with the sole thought of rehashing every little detail with her sexy stranger. Can she pull herself together enough to have a [...]

2 stars for the story – heroine did stupid and illogical things. 3 stars for the sex scenes which is most of the bookORY BRIEF:Jo works as a classical music radio announcer late at night. She gets regular phone calls at work from someone she calls Mr. D. She does not want to meet him in person. She tells him about her sexual activities with other men, usually embellishing. Jo’s boyfriend of three years (Hugh) was having affairs, so she kicked him out of her home. Patrick is going through a d [...]

This is a Reading Good Books review.This is a good example of well-written erotica. Of course, it had a lot of hot steamy sex, yet it also had a solid story. And characters you can actually care about. Even the cover sets it slightly apart from most erotica books out there. It didn’t have a hunk of a man posed in a scenic tableau, just a tastefully nude woman and the title against a black background leaving a lot to the imagination. Tell me more indeed.The book is about Jo Hutchinson, a 20-som [...]

In many ways this book is a thowback the vintage sleaze pulps of the 1960's of which I am an avid collector. Those irresistible books were primarily marketed to men and written in the colorful language of the day required to stay out of trouble with the censors at Post Master's Office. Tell Me More is of course written in the more direct descriptive prose of the modern erotic genre and is marketed primarily to women. But I can assure you this kind of stuff is read by heterosexual males seeking a [...]

I didn't like Tell Me More.*****FRUSTRATING.I started Tell Me More and really liking it, but when the moment came Jo can finally have closure with Mr. D I found myself disgusted with her. I thought this erotica novel has a little substance in story, but that moment completely ruined it. That being said, Jo does not deserve even the smallest affection from Patrick. Ugh.Jo went into sexual experiments but Mullany barely bother to explain Jo’s past so I as a reader can sympathize with Jo. Patrick [...]

This book was sort of a train wreck for me, both with the story and with the main character, Jo. She seemed to stumble into every situation. Hugh came by and she let herself be talked into sex, a caller kept calling at night, she struck a friendship with a guy that seemed to turn more real than her real life. I thought it was interesting that she let the phone relationship start to dictate her actions in her life, even become the center of her life, every action she took was with the thought of [...]

This was one of the cleanest dirty book I have ever read but boy did it work. It was basically the sexual journey of Jo and her no so good experience with trying something a bit kinky. I have to say I liked that her foray into the sex club scene was shown as a bit of a disaster and that they were all a bit pretentious. The book worked well and the character development was a joy to read even if at times I was shouting at the book for Jo not to trust Harry.Would I recommend this book yes to anyon [...]

2 ½ StarsThis review is also published at thebookaholiccat Ok, I don’t know where to start with this *headdesk*… Jo is a radio DJ with a program late at night, sometimes she receives calls from listeners and in one of those calls she meets “Mr. D”. Jo went through a difficult breakup, her boyfriend cheated on her. Mr. D helped her a lot during those days and after some calls they became phone buddies. One day Jo’s ex comes to her house to pickup something he has forgotten in the house [...]

This is one of those books that will satisfy you on some levels and displease you on other levels. Even after thinking of the book for a while, I’m still not sure how much I enjoyed the story.Josephine Hutchinson is a late night classic music radio announcer. Her boyfriend cheated on her and she is caught up in a phone affair with a random guy, Mr. D. Her love life gets more complicated when she realizes she has feelings for her mystery man and embarks on several affairs to add a bit of spice [...]

Ever read a book where you thought "is anything else going to happen in this story besides XX?" That was the question I asked myself, repeatedly, while I forced my way through.Jo Hutchinson is a night shift DJ at a radio station in Colorado . She's started a "relationship" with a mysterious caller named Mr. D, but refuses to meet him in person. Instead, she's taken to having phone sex with him and then describing,in great detail, her other sexual adventures.Jo has quite a few adventurous. Let me [...]

Jo, a late night classical music DJ has been having a "relationship" of sorts with the elusive Mr. D. The odd thing is that they've never met, only spoken over the phone. When their phone calls take a turn towards full on phone sex, Jo's life changes forever. Instead of meeting Mr. D, at his request, she decides to embark on a sexual adventure. She decides to have planned sexual ecounters and then relate all the dirty details to Mr. D. Things get a little tricky when Jo is invited to join and ex [...]

**Taken from AtastyreadTell Me More was an Erotic Fantasy Novel involving Jo, a radio personality who after a difficult breakup gets involved with not just Mr. D, a mysterious stranger that she gets to know intimately over the phone, but an assortment of other men involved in some sort of Sex Club. In Reality, she becomes involved with her tenant, Patrick, whom she begins a real relationship with, might even be love. But when all the lies and hidden secrets about her sex life come out of the dar [...]

This is the story of Jo Hutchinson’s erotic adventures. Is she’s looking for love in all the wrong places? Or sex in all the right places. As Jo’s real relationship is falling apart she becomes more and more intimate with a late night caller. This could be the love she wants. Real love could be the blind date her best friend sets her up on, or it could be he her tenant who happens to be “seeing” said best friend.Things are getting complicated and a bit messy.I was very interested in re [...]

If you are looking for a book that will make you forget about your day and envelop you in hot, steamy and intense sexual situations, then by all means pick this book up. However, if you’re looking for more substance, then keep on searching for another story. The sex scenes are really exciting and inventive (orgies, phone sex, one night stands, public sex, the works!), and it’s wonderful to picture yourself in the steamy scenarios that Jo –short for Josephine—puts herself in, but I couldn [...]

Janet Mullany’s latest release is the story of Jo Hutchinson, a twenty-something woman who works late nights at her local radio station. Recently recovering from a break-up, Jo finds solace in her late night conversations with her mysterious friend, Mr. D, which have taken a steamy turn. Jo becomes obsessed with pleasing Mr. D, seeking out adventures in her daily life to spin into fantastical erotic romps over the phone for Mr. D. In the process, her new tenant, Patrick, moves in and the two s [...]

Reviewed by HeatherJo Hutchinson is a late night radio DJ that plays classical music over the air. When her boyfriend of three years, Hugh, cheats on her, she breaks it off with him and decides she needs to be a little more ‘adventurous’ in her life.She has recently struck up an unconventional relationship with a gentleman that calls her nightly while she is at work. While she has never met ‘Mr. D’ she feels that she can share anything with him. When they take their relationship to anoth [...]

There was something about the cover and the synopsis that had me looking forward to this read. After reading a certain amount of another genre, I was ready for a romance. While the story of Jo, Patrick, and Mr. D were great in theory, I felt there was something with the progression that had me longing for more. I could relate to Jo, and who she was a as a person, but I could not relate to how infatuated she was with someone she never met or didn't completely know. That could just be me and who I [...]

Recensione completa su Libri & Co.Per quanto mi riguarda, questo libro si divide in tre parti.Alla prima, tutta sesso sesso sesso, do un 5 pieno e non per il sesso. Beh, non solo per quello. La scrittura di Janet Mullany è divertente, frizzante. Jo è una donna sicura di sé e del proprio corpo, che sa cosa vuole e che sa come prenderselo. La storia con Mr D. è intrigante, e il fatto di non conoscere la sua identità mi ha fatto incollare il naso alle pagine, col desiderio di sapere e scop [...]

I really dont know where to start with this review.Two pages in and the MC is already going down on her ex, which normally wouldn't bother me but the writing here reminded me of bad eighties pizza delivery boy porn, really cheesy and not in a good way.And that's pretty much the way the whole book read for me unfortunately.Bow-chicka-wow-wowTruth be told, I read the whole book thinking it was going to get better and the sex a little more high class but sadly it just didn't happen. And by the time [...]

Reviewed at: Over A Cuppa TeaDate reviewed: 4 June 2011Review link: cleffairy/?p=5411‘Tell Me More’ by Janet Mullany is a rather tasteful erotica. It is arousing, but not trashy in any ways like many adult fictions out there. It’s all about dirty little secrets as well as secret fantasy with a blend of nasty desires that the world would not approve of.If you’re looking for some naughty read… or some dirty little secret that nobody would ever whisper into your ears for the fear of your [...]

I'm not usually an erotica reader. I read books that have sex in them, yeah, but the sex isn't normally a huge part of the story or anything. This book is purely about the sex and god-dammit, it's hot as hell.About a quarter of the way into the book I was convinced it was actually just porn, there didn't seem to be any discernible storyline happening. This is in no way a complaint but, in my head, erotica has a storyline while porn just has sex. I, personally, don't mind either. But eventually [...]

I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.For more reviews, check out booktotheskyI loved this book! It was steamy. It was romantic. It had lots of drama. And a wonderful ending to it.During the entire book I was trying to figure out who Mr. D could be and if he had good intentions or not. But overall I wasn't exactly a fan. When he was finally revealed I was completely surprised.Throughout the whole book I rooted for Patrick. I'm not sure why but it might have somethi [...]

Check out more reviews at Books to the Sky.(We received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.)I loved this book! It was steamy. It was romantic. It had lots of drama. And a wonderful ending to it.During the entire book I was trying to figure out who Mr. D could be and if he had good intentions or not. But overall I wasn't exactly a fan. When he was finally revealed I was completely surprised.Throughout the whole book I rooted for Patrick. I'm not sure why but it might have s [...]

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