Heat Rises

Richard Castle

Heat Rises

Heat Rises

  • Title: Heat Rises
  • Author: Richard Castle
  • ISBN: 9781401324438
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover

Heat rises in the coldest New York winter of a century The bizarre murder of a parish priest at a bondage club pits NYPD Nikki Heat against a vicious drug lord, an arrogant CIA contractor, and a shadowy death squad The conspiracy reaches the top of the NYPD When she gets too near the truth, Nikki is disgraced, stripped of her badge, and on her own as a target for killerHeat rises in the coldest New York winter of a century The bizarre murder of a parish priest at a bondage club pits NYPD Nikki Heat against a vicious drug lord, an arrogant CIA contractor, and a shadowy death squad The conspiracy reaches the top of the NYPD When she gets too near the truth, Nikki is disgraced, stripped of her badge, and on her own as a target for killers She can only trust reporter Jameson Rook.

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Though a part of me wants to rebel against liking this book, I couldn't help it.The big caveat is to keep in mind that this is a cross-media novel, it's a real-world novel written by a fictitious character in a TV show. But even without the crossover, the book works ok. It's a solid mystery through and through.But what drives me to rate this as 5 stars is the depth of planning involved here. The first 2 books were all right and had their moments, but I truly felt that a lot of thought went into [...]

These get better with each installment; I am really looking forward to #4.This one had twists and turns and false leads that kept Heat, as well as the reader, guessing.The most amusing thing in these books are the subtle ( or not so subtle) referenses to the "author." The main character, Rook, is the main one but then at the end we get that lovely book title from Victoria St. Claireiceless.(Plus if you are a fan of the TV show, you get a good laugh from some of the ways Castle describes Rook.Hum [...]

Even though they are a little cheesy, I like them, and I like the series, both book and television. I think its great and hilarious that they attribute the writing credit to the fictional character, I love all the Castle books, but this one the best. Each subsequent book is not only longer then the previous one, but in my opinion better. The intrigue and conspiracy that go up the ranks within the NYPD was suspenseful enough to keep you turning the pages as well as shocking.I love the parallels b [...]

At first I didn't think this book was going to be any better than the other two in the Nikki Heat series. But with the ending and with further thought about how well it complements what's happening on the show, I decided I liked it quite a bit more. (Or maybe I was just less invested in the show when I read the first two books?) The books are mostly just official fan fiction, most of which I could take or leave, and the mysteries in and of themselves didn't really interest me (especially the sec [...]

This one had a really interesting plot, plus a dramatic ending. And all the meta as an icing on the cake <3

I can't quite figure out why I'm more embarrassed to admit that I read weird Cop-show not-really!tie-ins than erotic Three Musketeers-fanfiction with vampires but somehow I am. There was I thinking my time for reading books that are inspired by TV-shows are over but apparently they aren't. I enjoy the Nikki Heat books. They have the same humour as the show and were clearly written by someone who knows the canon (both point against Max Allan Collins being behind the pseudonym). Additionally the r [...]

I must say that, "Mr. Castle" keeps improving over time. The plot of this book was well-thought-out, including some cleverly placed references to the show and to Nathan Fillion's other acting projects (Firefly, anyone?), which devoted fans of the show and the man are sure to appreciate. I did not catch the plot twist, I am pleased to say. Good murder mysteries are supposed to be like that--it gets boring when you can predict everything that is going to happen. All in all, the third Nikki Heat wa [...]

I have no idea who's really writing these books, but the author sure does a great job making it sound as if the character of Richard Castle really is penning these. This book was another fun read, with Nikki Heat in line to be promoted to lieutenant but having to solve a mess of a crime first, one that stems from a priest's murder at a bondage club that soon leads her to question an arrogant and obnoxious CIA contractor, a human rights group that might be a front for something else, and all sort [...]

This latest entry in the world of Castle is, so far, the strongest of the lot. The characters are firmly entrenched, there's no more need for back story and we can get down to the business of a murder, a conspiracy and a mission.At first I was a little surprised by the lack of Rook until he finally stumbles in 1/5th the way through the book. And once he does join in the book really starts taking it up a notch. Without Rook the book wouldn't have been anywhere near as good as it was. Heat may be [...]

1) Spot the Firefly reference :-)2) Can we all acknowledge that the Castle saved her?3) Kate Sakett.4) No German under 50 is called Horst. Also, is Meuller a typo or is it a lame attempt to conceal the clichéd Mueller? Do we all call you Americans John Smith just to establish that you are American? For instance, I'm German (in case you didn't know) and I have the same last name as one of the THe Avengers actors. So in the future, a little bit of imagination won't hurt. (Also, an info, we do kno [...]

In questo libro si respira praticamente la stessa aria della serie tv, leggera e divertente nonostante il caso e tutte le diatribe che ne conseguono. Allo stesso tempo però manca un po’, anzi, tanto, l’atmosfera tipica della serie tv, il che lascia abbastanza vuoto il libro. Inoltre rispetto alla serie tv (che sottolineiamo io conosco a memoria e adoro) manca la novità: il libro rispecchia molto quello che succede nella serie tv nella terza stagione, senza portare nulla di nuovo, ma solo s [...]

Half the fun of reading these is trying to figure out how it fits into the season of the show, and this one was no exception. The romance simmers a bit, and the crime was somewhat interesting, with a few twists and turns on it's way there. It was easy reading, but nothing overly special.

Heat Rises by Richard CastleMy rating: 5 of 5 starsSince there are so many glowing reviews I won't bother to write a long winded version. I started this series on a whim because I liked the Castle TV show, I was more than surprised to find that these books were actually well written (ghost writer should get an award). I had read the first 2 books and they were very entertaining and worth the money but months later I could not tell you too much about the plot of either book. That usually means th [...]

Those who watch Castle on TV already know that Richard Castle is not really the author of Heat Rises. In fact Richard Castle is not a real author (or person). Instead, he is a fictitious author who is the lead character in the ABC television show. Mr. Castle is a writer who observes (and helps) the investigative process of a New York City Police Department homicide unit in the show. In addition, Richard Castle, the TV character, publishes novels based on the characters in the TV show using diffe [...]

If you are a fan of the ABC show, Castle, then you will most likely already have picked up on the books that tie in – apparently written by the fictional character of Richard Castle (the author picture on the back cover is of Nathan Fillion, who plays him). Fans will most definitely enjoy the in-jokes and recognise the “real” situations and characters from the show that have inspired the “fictional” counterparts in the novels. They will laugh their socks off when Jameson Rook says thin [...]

The appeal of these books for me is first of course the part where you play spot-the-episodes, and because I actually watched all of the most recent season of "Castle" I was better at that this time around (Terrific Nick/speakeasy tunnels/etc). Also points obviously for the "Firefly" joke. BUT. What I'm really here for is the Nikki/Rook romance. I MEAN OBVIOUSLY. AM I NOT BLOOD. I am, I am blood. So. This book, the mystery was pretty strong, but the romance I don't know, you guys. For the first [...]

Heat Rises by Richard Castle (pp. 305)Another in the series of books based on the TV series, Castle, written by the lead character on the show. The books are largely solid escapist entertainment. But there’s some extra fun in this offering . The series is starting to find its own voice. It is fascinating to see how the ghost writer manages to juggle the continuing TV storyline and backstory while maintaining its own story world. Occasionally, you start getting lost in which world is the more d [...]

Browsing the books on the shelf at the library my eyes came to rest on this book. At first I couldn't believe it, the title was the same one mentioned on one of my favorite shows, "Castle." When I picked the book up I started giggling; it was real! There was Richard Castle on the book jacket and a brief excerpt about Nikki Heat. Huzzah! I rushed home to show my husband and was thrilled by the actual read. The book was fantastic and so true to the show. I LOVED that Niki had to circle and circle [...]

Heat Rises (Nikki Heat Book 3) by Richard CastleWith the background in these books following along with real events in NYC, this story took place during one of the coldest snowiest winters in the last hundred years. Better historically accurate writing I couldn’t find anywhere else! At least not in this type of book A dead priest in a S And M club starts off what quickly becomes a story filled with red-herrings and things that will make you assume things perhaps you shouldn’t.I have to say, [...]

What happens when your mentor and boss mysteriously commits suicide? What happens when you get the promotion, ace the test, only to have your badge stripped when you investigate the suicide? When you get too close too fast, you find out who your true friends and enemies are. Nikki Heat is in the middle of a power struggle the likes she's never seen in the 12th precinct when her captain, under a deluge of bad press and Internal Affairs investigations into the job he's doing, suddenly commits suic [...]

I have to say I mostly enjoy the Nikkie Heat books because I like picking up on all the bits and pieces of the story that came from various cases on the show, as if Richard Castle really was writing the books, and the little nods he makes to characters on show, as a writer might do in real life. =) The one draw back is that they key piece of information was given to a character but not the reader so we're not given the chance to solve the mystery until that character reveals the information at t [...]

Once again, I'm really impressed with the writing in these books. Much better than what I would expect to find in a television tie-in novel and it makes me want to renew my efforts to identify the ghost writer. As with the previous book, various plotpoints were gleaned from the previous season of the television show, but then remixed and presented in new and clever ways giving the impression that they really were things witnessed by the "author" and then incorporated into the plot for his novel. [...]

4.5 starsI started reading the Nikki Heat books as a lark because I'm a fan of the show Castle. I have been very pleasantly surprised by how good they've been, but I have to say that this one was aces. Great plot, lots of red herrings and a cliff hanger to boot (not that I don't know how it'll turn out). I have to recommend this series if you're looking for a light mystery with mostly sly, tongue in cheek humor.

I totally thought I knew where this one was going, figuring it was paralleling the show. But it took a turn I didn't expect. Though I half-guessed who the bad guy was. I breezed through this one and already purchased #4.

What can I say? I love the clever double entendre of the whole Richard Castle thing. This was a rather complicated story for a guilty pleasure read, with unexpected depth and the usual insider jokes. I highly recommend the Nikki Heat series by Richard Castle.


(A-) 80% | Very GoodNotes: Essentially a spy story dressed up as a murder mystery, its militaristic air and snow globe setting give it a Soviet feel.

Madre mia qué final! Por dios, que maravilla y que inesperado todo

See all my reviews at readingreality/Every time we watch a few episodes of Castle, I experience the irresistible urge to read another one of the Nikki Heat books. It's a compulsion, I can't help myself. I know there's another potato chip in that bag, and it's calling my name.The third Nikki Heat book is Heat Rises, and so far, they are maintaining the illusion that the books are written by Richard Castle. What can I say? So far, it's working for me. As a matter of fact, it's working pretty darn [...]

Il m'aura fallu 3 saisons de Castle, enchainées à la suite en moins de 2 semaines le mois dernier, pour finalement rentrer dans l'écriture des Nikki Heat !A la lecture des 2 premiers volumes il y a 2 ans, je n'étais pas assez familière avec la série dont j'avais à peine vu une saison, et les abréviations, l'argot, plus le lexique policier me freinaient un peu. A cette époque, mon bagage était insuffisant, mais après la préparation intense que je me suis offerte dernièrement, j'avais [...]

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