Heart of a Soldier

James B. Stewart

Heart of a Soldier

Heart of a Soldier

  • Title: Heart of a Soldier
  • Author: James B. Stewart
  • ISBN: 9780743244596
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback

Heart of a Soldier is the extraordinary story of war, love and comradeship, danger and heroism, told by a Pulitzer Prize winner who is one of our finest writers When Rick Rescorla got home from Vietnam, he tried to put combat and death behind him, but he never could entirely From the day he joined the British Army to fight a colonial war in Rhodesia, where he met AmericHeart of a Soldier is the extraordinary story of war, love and comradeship, danger and heroism, told by a Pulitzer Prize winner who is one of our finest writers When Rick Rescorla got home from Vietnam, he tried to put combat and death behind him, but he never could entirely From the day he joined the British Army to fight a colonial war in Rhodesia, where he met American Special Forces officer Dan Hill who would become his best friend, to the day he fell in love with Susan, everything in his remarkable life was preparing him for an act of generosity that would transcend all that went before Heart of a Soldier is a story of bravery under fire, of loyalty to one s comrades, of the miracle of finding happiness late in life Everything about Rick s life came together on September 11 In charge of security for Morgan Stanley, he successfully got all its 2,700 men and women out of the south tower of the World Trade Center Then, thinking perhaps of soldiers he d held as they died, as well as the woman he loved, he went back one last time to search for stragglers.

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It is amazing how American people who are enjoying a higher living standard are totally ignorant about how that higher living standard came about.They did not understand that without their government neocolonialism, the American Empire ( also known as GREAT SATAN ) would not be able to maintain and improve their higher national GDP .This truth is as old as the earth itself.All nations from the early time of human history until now have been trying to expanse their national borders, or to say it [...]

Yes I realize the recommendation statement seems a bit vague. And maybe on the surface seems to not fit the title. But I assure you that is at the core of this book.Rick Rescorla was a war hero in Vietnam in the Ia Drang Valley. Made famous with the book "We Were Soldiers Once and Young" later adapted into a movie "We Were Soldiers." He was actually depicted in the movie but more like a "composite" character. Rescorla would later work for Morgan Stanley as their security chief and would actually [...]

I came across this audiobook at the library when I was browsing for audiobooks for my husband. I have heard of this story many years ago and was interested to learn more. I truly enjoyed this story, even though it took my emotions on a roller coaster ride. I cried, I was enraged, I was inspired, but mostly I was truly proud to be an American. It is so comforting to know that our world is filled with such wonderful people yet so tragic to lose them to such senseless acts. What a truly inspirating [...]

'Time' rated this one 'The best nonfiction of 2002. Who am I to argue. A testament to Rick Rescorla, a great son of Kernow. 'Heart of a Soldier' I read in a day, unable to put it down. Not just an engaging read but truly inspiring too. I highly recommend this book not just for it's gripping accounts of combat and valour in Vietnam but the many other aspects of profound truths this story contains. A tale of extreme courage, comradeship, friendship, love, sacrifice and the human spirit.James B. St [...]

The account of an absolute hero. A man who fought valiantly in Vietnam, was awarded several medals including the Silver Star. A man who loved deeply. A man who saved literally thousands of lives on 9-11. A patriot who gave so much for so many.


Reminder of the man who saved 3700 Morgan Stanley employees on 9/11. His life was bigger than life. Rick Rescorla's story should be read by young people everywhere.

This reads like something out of Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King" and that work is frequently cited by the two men in this book. Although principally the story of Rick Rescora it's also the story of his wife, Susan, and best friend, Dan Hill. Indeed both these men live the lives of stalwart, fearless, and eccentric Victorian soldiers except it's the Cold War and they are fighting for the USA and themselves. Stewart begins this biography in an unconventional manner and weaves back and forth [...]

I had finished We Were Soldiers Onced Young, and I was very interested in knowing more about Cyril 'Rick' Rescorla, one of the soldiers who had been in the Ia Drang valley. I googled his name, and was thrilled that this book had been written about him. After everything he survived in Vietnam to die while making sure others got to safety on 9/11, I was stunned. I have read many books about Vietnam and this is by far the best. Wow what a story. I will keep this book forever, and when I need a refr [...]

I picked this up based on my love for Stewart's Den of Thieves. This was a pretty good read but not in the same league. Nonetheless if you love non-fiction war it's a worthwhile read. The characters involved are extraordinary it is good that their stories are told. That said, I found the war years and their lead-up much more compelling than the post-war years and the Sep 11 sections. Having lived through Sep 11 and been there the morning of I was expecting to be more moved by this part of the bo [...]

I was very surprised on how much I enjoyed this book. The life of those two soldiers has helped me understand both sides of war. As it was leading up to 9/11 I knew it was going to end as a tear jerker. With the 13th year anniversary being tomorrow I just felt I needed to finish it today. I highlighted a number of quotes and sections, but the one with the most truth was when Rescorla told Susan repeatedly, “The real heroes are dead.” And Rick Rescorla is one of those heroes that we need to r [...]

My reviews are trite and cliched. Ok. This man's life is utterly amazing. A survivor of the battle of the Ia Drang Valley in Viet Nam, he and a friend tried to talk to the powers that be about the threats to security in NYC. They were impolitely rebuffed. He, as head of security for Morgan Stanley at the World Trade Centers, he created a security operations plan that was 'way outside the box', yet oh so simple and based on his combat experience. An enthralling read.

Incredible story about a man, Rick Rescorla, who lived a life most men couldn't dream. The story is well-written and paces chronologically the lives of Rescorla, his Army buddy Dan Hill, and Rescorla's future wife Susan Greer from youth to 9/11. Do yourself a favor and read this. Rescorla was undeniably a hero decades before his actions on 9/11, and on that day as well, but his life before and between those moments is rich and wonderfully diverse.

This was the perfect book to read right before 9/11. It is well written, easy to read, really interesting, and should be on every Americans list of you want to Never Forget 9/11. I'm so thankful for the common grace God shows this fallen world by leaving us a few heroes (speaking as a man to men)Rated PG-13: war, adult situations, and false religions.

I bought this book because it was advertised as telling the tale of a 9/11 hero. However, I found the parts describing the hero's life up until 9/11 the most interesting part. The best is perhaps, the story of a life-long friendship. The book would have been improved if it did not include as much detail of his wife's life.

I love this book. It's a true story and it is the only story that moved me to tears. Yeah, I cried, but I cried at the end of Rudy too. So, if you're the kind of person that wants to feel good about mankind, that wants to know that there are people who are normal but capable of being extraordinary, and if you want to read about a real hero, read this book.

The first 10 pages were some of the best I've read, and was so promising. However, the story peaked with Rescorla's involvement in Vietnam, and I found myself finishing the book out of premise rather than anything else. The final chapter about 9/11 was moving, but the third of the book before that was unmemorable and boring.

I really wanted to give this one a 3.5 rating. As a story of soldiers in Vietnam, it's a 4. The September 11th aspects are a 3, and the romantic elements are probably less than that. One of the sad ironies of the story is that it took the 9/11 attacks to bring to light the astonishing heroism which took place in Vietnam.Very much recommended as a story of soldiers in combat.

Such a great book. It reads as if you are talking with the person. Though a lot of military talk, it keeps you drawn in and you don't feel lost. I have such a great respect for those who are like these men. I will never understand what drives them but I am certainly thankful.

This is a story of a man who gave more than the life he had to everything he did. He fought on many levels for the freedoms we have as Americans, serving and protecting even after his death. It will make you laugh, cry and think. A great read.

An excellent book detailing the life and experiences of Rick Rescorla as well as his life-long friend Dan Hill. From the blood-soaked fields of Vietnam to the last moments of the Twin Towers, this book conveys what a true hero is.

This will rip your heart out on more than one page. I could not put this downwhich is odd for me. It is the story of Rick Rescorla, soldier, mercenary at times, and war hero -- who saved 2,700 people on 9/11 only to lose his own life.

This is one of the best books I've ever read in my life. It has had a profound effect on my life and I've read it more than once. I picked it up by accident and I am so glad I did. I learned a lot about the Vietnam War and 9/11.

An unexpectedly moving (to this jaded reader at least)account of a remarkable warrior's life that ended in the collapse of the World Trade Center. From the villages of cornwall to the bush country of Rhodesia to the jungles of Viet Nam, a well-told tale of courage and habitual heroism.

Wow, this is an excellently paced books. The only exception - the digression to Susan Greer, which, given the explanation of the book, was not information that I was seeking. Otherwise, fast paced and a great read.

Follows one man's journey as he heroically served in Viet Nam, came home, and served here and finally ended up serving in the Twin Towers where once again he was a hero as he gave his life trying to help others escape.

The story of what Rick Rescorla did at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 (and in the years previous to prepare) is incredible. This book as a whole (which tells the story of his entire life) is an interesting look at his background.

Terrific story of the life of a very interesting man, his friendship with a fellow soldier, and the woman who "completed" him during his later years.

This book is an excellent portrayal of friendships and love affairs during hard times such as September 11th. Truly a touching book.

A wonderful, completely readable story about a real man's man.

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