Strategic Moves

Stuart Woods Tony Roberts

Strategic Moves

Strategic Moves

  • Title: Strategic Moves
  • Author: Stuart Woods Tony Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781101484449
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Audio

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The new page turning Stone Barrington novel from the perennially entertaining New York Times bestselling author Stone Barrington is enjoying his usual dinner at Elaine s when his boss at Woodman Weld, the law firm where Stone is of counsel, walks in, sits down, and hands Stone a check for one million dollars It seems Stone s undercover dealings with MI6 have brThe new page turning Stone Barrington novel from the perennially entertaining New York Times bestselling author Stone Barrington is enjoying his usual dinner at Elaine s when his boss at Woodman Weld, the law firm where Stone is of counsel, walks in, sits down, and hands Stone a check for one million dollars It seems Stone s undercover dealings with MI6 have brought in a big new client for the firm, and they re willing to pay Stone a huge bonus and make him a partner But almost as soon as he s taken the deal, Stone gets wind of an impending scandal that might torpedo his big promotion It may be that the lucrative new client whom he s introduced to the firm might be a Bernie Madoff in disguise

Recent Comments "Strategic Moves"

Good series! enjoyable but predictable storyline with a few old/past supporting characters involve in this series (paperback!)

I picked up this book last week when I visited the library. The blurb looked interesting enough for some light popcorn reading. Plus, I was lulled by the fact that Woods has written so many books in the series. New York Times bestseller, award-winning, blah blah blah. Boy oh boy was I ever wrong. This is a terribly written book. The dialogue is so wooden that it feels like the author wrote this thing by taking a 2x4 and beating his computer to death with it. I'm not exaggerating. He probably too [...]

I don't know why I keep reading these books because I really don't like Stone Barrington much. I'm sure he's a great lawyer, but he's a lousy person. He's always been a slut, but in the past when his lady friends get murdered he usually shows a little bit of emotion. In this one he's dating a woman, takes her off for a romantic weekend, then she's murdered, and he acts like it's nothing. At the crime scene he and his pals decide it's time for a meal. Seriously? His name should be Stone-hearted.T [...]

About halfway into this book, Stone Barrington (an attorney) signs a new client who is hired by the CIA (who is also a client of Stone's) to extract (read: kidnap) a person from Europe so the CIA can "interrogate" him for information. (What happens until this point in the book? Honest to God, I have no idea what the point of the first half of the book was. Except that Stone slept with a woman who died, and then he didn't really seem to care. And the new client gets suspected on "losing" millions [...]

Too much ice yesterday so I picked up the latest from Stuart Woods. "Strategic Moves" was the best strategic move I've made in a while. I knew I was grabbed from the first chapter. It has the perfect amount of intrigue and gripping plot development and I didn't see many of the bomb shells coming until they hit. I started reading just after breakfast and finished just in time for dinner. My only complaint is that I have a hard time with Stone Barrington; what with a new woman for every adventure; [...]

As I told a friend, I think that Stuart Woods had three or four manuscripts laying around, all going absolutely nowhere, and someone turned on a ceiling fan. The resulting stack of mixed up plot lines is Strategic Moves. There is too much going on and none of it is going anywhere. Herbie Fisher, one of Stone's less than stellar and constantly bumbling clients, marries into millions. Not long after the "I do's" the wife's father is accused of embezzlement, one of the company employees takes a hos [...]

I received this book for free through First Reads Giveaway.After pushing myself to finish this book I can honestly say I did not enjoy it one bit. The book had no real story. Problems ranging from small to impossible were thrown at the main character Stone and some how he always had an answer. And since he is portrayed as an insufferable know it all, then it must make sense he can always find a solution. This may be a book of the imagination but to go from helping a man that is wanted for not p [...]

I tend to be judicious about my guilty pleasures. I'll read a Stuart Woods mind-candy thriller, featuring Stone Barrington, but I won't give it more than 3 stars. Kinda like having a slice of cinnamon raisin toast before you kick off a diet. But who knew. This 18th Stone Barrington in the series could very well be the best. That's why ya gotta keep reading even the pulp. Who knew that cinnamon would have such positive health benefits, I just thought it tasted great.

This is the first Woods book which I have listened to via Audible and will probably not read, but listen to all of his books from now on-MOST ENTERTAINING.

His Stone Barrington novels are always a Fast, fun read

Unfortunately, 2 starsI have read several of the Stone Barrington novels, the books at the beginning of the series are significantly more enjoyable in my opinion. I have skipped quite a few in the middle there, but decided to pick the series back up because even though I have always found the dialogue to be a bit odd, I have also always enjoyed the plots. There was too much going on in this one. And not only too much going on, but there also wasn't any real depth to the characters or the situati [...]

This is my first Stuart Woods book and I thought it was just okay. I'm not even sure what genre it is supposed to be--there was no real mystery in it (there was a murder but it was never solved) and it didn't have enough action or intrigue to be a thriller or suspense novel. I actually liked Stone Barrington but felt that the whole book was just him reacting to and controlling situations (which generally meant directing those around him on what to do). But none of the situations really affected [...]

Started yesterday - finished today. A perfect dose of Stone Barrington - light, airy, mostly preposterous but we all know the characters so well as they intertwine. The story moves, with great familiarity, along on the rapid fire dialog. I do wonder if it would work as well without assuming the vast background on the part of the reader. Now, if I did an analysis of number of letters "within quotes" as spoken by characters versus anything else would that ratio possibly be any lower than 2/3's if [...]

April 2017 ditto3-15 re read like it . Woods books getting shorter and larger print and less words per paged, really. Its like getting 1/2 a book.7-20-2013 re-read (got an actual book). The money sure does flow in this book of investments and BS.6-1-2011 book on tapecouldn['t find a synopsis by publisher but one reader wrote:Stone Barrington is hired by a big security service as consular and ends up on a CIA mission to extract an Arms dealer from Spain. Things go ok till they are over the US hea [...]

Totally disappointed!! I have every Stuart Woods books to date and generally can't wait until his new books come out to read them. I even pre-order them and have them sent to whatever bookstore he is doing his signing and have him personalize his new book. As a rule, a Stone Barrington book is finished in 2 days tops - this one took me a month! It was awful! It was a chore for me to continue and towards the end I had had enough! It was so boring and had no major plot and ughhh just terrible. St [...]

Another solid Stone Barrington novel. These never fail to entertain me - Stone is the kind of guy that everybody wants in their life, along with his Detective friend Dino. The books are solid thrillers, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader highly engaged and the characters are engaging and complex so they just come alive on the page. The small details given to even the smaller characters are what really sets apart these from so many others. If you haven't read any of these yet time li [...]

Any Stone Barrington Mystery is a fun filled and entertaining read. Stuart Woods is a master at weaving a tale that puts you right there in the moment with characters that seem like familiar friends. I have never read one of his books that I did not like.

Excellent book. I really enjoyed reading this page turner! Thriller/mystery from start to finish. This is about the fourth Stone Barrington series by Stuart Woods I've read and I've really enjoyed all of them!

Well narrated, totally unbelievable, made-for-cheesy consumption, I just love Stone Barrington. The perfect book to "drink" while sipping a Knob Creek.

Stone Barrington and his women, money, wacky friends and adventures and misadventures. Light and quick read, but entertaining.

What can I say ? Word for word Stuart Woods & Stone Barrington just keep us going !

I have been enjoying Mr. Woods Books for the last couple of weeks. They have been entertaining, funny, suspenseful, and left me wanting more. I don't really care for the profanity but when used it's used in the proper places if there is such a thing. All-in-all I look forward to reading many more of this series of Stuart Woods

This is the 45th book I've read by this author. I read them in chronological order and it appears that he Mr. Woods has run out of creativity. The character introduced in this book, Pablo, shares many of the same skills and predicaments as another ongoing character, Teddy Faye. While there are some good plots in this book, it was somewhat of a boring read for me.

Usually the stories are decent but it annoys me how the characters are written. They all speak very proper English and that’s just not reality. There is also an unfinished storyline in this book. Who killed the girlfriend??

There was nothing really outstanding about this book and there was nothing that was really bad about it either, it just kind of was. I was glad to see that stone was actually in this one though. I will keep on trucking with this series.

I listened to this via CD. There is too much going on, I was easily distracted by anything else going on around me which normally does not happen to me. I was not inclined to rewind and rehear what had just happened. This was truly a mash of plot lines that I felt did not live up to expectations.

Another mediocre entry in the Stone Barrington series. I never divulge plot details. Let's just say this is a surprisingly boring book compared to the other SB books I've read to date. Meh sums up my thoughts on this one.

Really enjoyed

Interesting story, but very basic and plain writing style

Never a doll page

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