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  • Title: Extraordinary
  • Author: Nancy Werlin
  • ISBN: 9780142419748
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback

Phoebe finds herself drawn to Mallory, the strange new girl in school, and the two soon become as close as sisters Then Mallory s magnetic older brother, Ryland, shows up during their junior year Ryland has an immediate hold on Phoebe but a dangerous hold, for she begins to question her feelings about her best friend and, worse, about herself Soon Phoebe discovers thePhoebe finds herself drawn to Mallory, the strange new girl in school, and the two soon become as close as sisters Then Mallory s magnetic older brother, Ryland, shows up during their junior year Ryland has an immediate hold on Phoebe but a dangerous hold, for she begins to question her feelings about her best friend and, worse, about herself Soon Phoebe discovers the shocking truth about Ryland and Mallory that they are from the faerie realm, here to collect on an age old debt And the price of that debt could cost Phoebe everything But with the help of her friend Ben, Phoebe ultimately learns her own worth and breaks the generations old curse Werlin crafts her characters so deftly and unrolls the story so cleverly readers will be under the spell to the end Booklist A compelling tale of friendship and a refreshing antidote to faerie stories about that one special girl deserving of supernatural love Kirkus Reviews

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Extraordinary is Nancy Werlin's second foray into the genre of fairy tale/magical realism. Unfortunately, I can't say it is as successful as her first - Impossible.The basic premise here is that Phoebe Rothschild, a beloved daughter in a rich Jewish family, is befriended by two faeries (Mallory and Ryland) who try to manipulate her into doing something that will serve the interests of the Faerie Kingdom. The story revolves around the faeries' schemes and Phoebe's role in them.I have many good th [...]

What would it be like if you were constantly cut down? Would you cave in to the taunts? Would you hold your ground? Well Phoebe will be presented with this problem. The story starts out with her meeting an odd new girl. They both have just entered the seventh grade, but Phoebe is up for a change from her old friends. If that's what you can call them. Phoebe befriends the odd girl named Mallory. Unbeknownst to Phoebe that decision will change the entire course of her future. Fast forward four yea [...]

Just to clarify, naming a book Extraordinary will NOT immediately raise it to EXTRAORDINARY status. And by the time I finished this book, there was no way on any account that I could even think of what this author had been smoking. It's disgusting to see the normal high school girl falling for that aloof-couldn't-care-less tall, dark, stranger. But it's absoultely revolting to KNOW that the tall, dark, stranger is using the girl for something, and that he probably doesn't even look human! I went [...]

My new novel, Extraordinary, will be published by Penguin/Dial in the U.S. in September, 2010. And let me just say this: I adore this book.

The fey are mean little bastards. No, really. They are! Or so I learned while reading Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin. Phoebe is a member of an extraordinary family. You may have heard of them. The Rothchilds, is that ringing any bells? One of the richest families ever. So, Phoebe has a pretty great family, but she battles some personal inadequacy issues. Phoebe is also a kind-hearted individual, so she decides to make friends with the weird girl in class. What do you know, the weird girl is a FEY [...]

squeakybooks/2010/08/e1.5 stars.I was really, really, really, REALLY liking this book. But it turned horribly bad. After I finished it I felt mad for HOURS.FULL REVIEW (Posted on SqueakyBooks 8/09/10)Extraordinary started out AWESOME! I found the idea so, so interesting: a faerie sent to befriend a human girl. However, the goal of the faerie was to make the girl (Pheobe) say that she was ordinary. Is Pheobe ordinary? Who knows? What I know is that she was sweet and kind, had strong self-esteem, [...]

Have you ever heard one of those songs on the radio that seem to go nowhere? You know what I'm talking about: You turn on the radio, and it starts up and the intro just keeps going and going and going andgoingowly adding more and more layers of techno-beatboxuntil BAM. The song is sudden over. And you realize that you have NO IDEA what you just listened to. You thought that was the 6-minute introduction.Actually, it was the end. SURPRISE!!![image error]That, ladies and germs, is Extraordinary. W [...]

I loved this book, but I hated it at the same time. The message that Werlin communicated by the novel's end was touching and true, yet I could not tolerate what it took to get there. The story is about Phoebe, who is befriended by Mallory, a fairy intent on breaking her spirits. Phoebe is completely unaware of this, however. She assumes Mallory is simply a displaced outcast, an untouchable in her middle school caste system. After becoming best friends with Mallory, Phoebe learns about her myster [...]

Four years ago Phoebe Rothschild knew she wanted Mallory Tolliver as a friend–as her best friend. She was not sure why but she knew that Mallory with her tawdry, unsuitable clothes and her strange behavior would be a good friend to have, much better certainly than the friends Phoebe had previously found.And Phoebe was right. For those four years at least.Mallory always knew she needed to befriend the Rothschild girl. She knew what was required and expected of her by the Faerie Queen and the re [...]

Well, well, well. what a little suprise treat we have here!****Spoilers***Imagine a world where your parents are from a super important, wealthy, prestigous, historical family, your best friend turns out to be an (slighly evil) fairy, and your boyfriend is using his fairy glamour to make you like him all so he can suck the life out of you in order to bring you back to Fairie land as a sacrifice. This is the story of the Rothschild family- Mayer to be precise, all of this stems from his meetings [...]

My third book by Werlin, and I'm sorry to say it is my least favorite. My overall take of this is "I'm not very impressed." For one, the story didn't grab me until over 250 pages into the book. And even then it was just the curiosity factor and the way the book was written. Some of the story just didn't seem believable to me. I think that was more from how parts were revealed, or how much they were or were not dealt with. I did not like the ending. Not what happened, but how it came about. The c [...]

I would imagine it is extremely difficult for an author to write a book following great success from their previous work. The attempt to live up to the hype can only be a daunting task to undertake. As a reader it is hard to set the previous book(s) aside and only form opinions of the new rather than focus on comparing the old and new. I found myself doing just that with Extraordinary, comparing it to Nancy Werlin’s previous work of greatness, Impossible. For a good deal of the book I didn’ [...]

The Original Review -Here! Extraordinary is the next novel presented by Werlin after Impossible. With really high expectations to be fulfilled, Extraordinary combines a real touch in between a fairy tale. The story is narrated from Phoebe’s point of view and in third person where the reader has the opportunity to see which crucial factor plays the Fairy Kingdom in Phoebe’s life. Phoebe’s life is normally according to her circumstances until the day she meets Mallory, who turns into her bes [...]

Who knew extraordinary could be so boring?I had no idea what this was going in. I haven't read anything else from this author so I can't attest to whether this is normal for her or not. All I can say was that I picked this up expecting a contemporary novel. Instead. well, instead I got a novel with a whole lot of build up and very little pay off. Phoebe is supposed to be strong, but I never got that--she was easily swayed by people's opinions of her, and she would rather forgo her own beliefs to [...]

Here we have a girl who is rich and nice. And for some reason Faeries want to force this girl, Phoebe, into saying that she is ordinary. You figure out why pretty quick but just in case you don't I won't say anything. They use all means necessary to push her down. The plot was unique and Werlin's take on faeries is different from what I've heard before. I liked the part of the book that took place in the faerie world. That is the world of the faeries not really the faeries themselves. I don't li [...]

This is a decent work of teen fantasy fiction. Coming of age, learning one's self worth, dealing with relationships, finding your own path and facing life and death choices. All this stuff works well with the addition of a Faerie bargain. I found the biggest difficulty I had with this story was that I thought it surprising that Faerie could be so affected by what seems a minor set of events. I won't go into details here but that was my biggest concern and questioning of the whole book. I think t [...]

I can't decide between 4 stars and 5 so I guess it has to be 4 and a half. At first I was annoyed by Feeble (Phoebe) as she was so easily taken in or glamoured by the fairies. But she got stronger and stronger as the book neared the end. I just finished it so thinking about it still.

Riveting andextraordinary. Beautifully paced. Left me satisfied yet yearning for more. I always enjoy Nancy's books, but this is my favorite of all.

I remember feeling enthralled by Werlin's Impossible, and I'd hoped this book would give me the same feeling.Nope. Not even close.I found Extraordinary to be very poorly written. There was no tension, no suspense. We knew every detail from the beginning, thanks to the "conversations with the faerie queen" that were not only unnecessary, but frustratingly rendered. The dialogue was choppy, flat, and irritating. It's not a spoiler to say, "Oh, Mallory is manipulating Phoebe!" because we're told so [...]

I enjoyed Extraordinary and it was a fun read, but there were some elements that were disappointing in this novel. I was not completely satisfied with the way some of the events, particularly towards the beginning and the end, played out, as things took a long time to get moving, and I was somewhat let down by the ending. While I found the novel to be beautifully written and intriguing, I also found it somewhat predictable. And Phoebe, the main character, actually got on my nerves for quite a wh [...]

Nancy Werlin's "Impossible"--another modern fairy tale--was actually pretty good. It had more of a bite to it than the average YA fairy story, though it ended up going soft at the end. I remember thinking that while the story was interesting enough, Werlin's writing was a little awkward. She encounters the same issues with "Extraordinary", though without "Impossible"'s eye-catching premise.At the end of the day, "Extraordinary" is the story of one average girl's journey to discovering that she i [...]

theunreadreader/2010/0This has to be the oddest book I've read all year. Not only were the characters and setting strange, the writing style was also odd. What was with all the incomplete sentences and the repeating of words and phrases?! It was both not enough and too much at the same time, which as perplexing as it may sound, just left me unsure about my opinion regarding this book.The story opens with Phoebe and Mallory in seventh grade. Mallory, the new girl, has worn a cheap fairy Halloween [...]

2.5 A lot of what I said n my review of Impossible applies to Extraordinary, too, but my reaction was unfortunately less pleased overall. The odd juvenile streak I saw in Impossible became an actual tendency in Werlin's writing in this. There were times when it felt very young - not in content but in execution - and I hate to say it, but almost amateurish.Don't get me wrong, there were parts I absolutely loved, and I think there are going to be a lot of people, many of them teen girls, who are g [...]

After reading Nancy Werlin’s book Impossible, I was immediately enthralled by her writing. She writes in this really magical way that feels like you’re being hypnotized or something. And since faeries are one of my favorite topics, I was so eager to read Extraordinary.The premise of this book was simple and yet so mysterious, but I liked that about Extraordinary. I also like the way Werlin envisioned her faeries to be as actual “faeries”; meaning conniving, cruel, mischievous creatures t [...]

Things I learned from Extraordinary:*Never trust a pretty boy*Befriend the weird girl*Love your mom*Never, EVER, under any circumstance, bargain with a Faerie Queen.You've read the synopsis, right? So you know that this book is about a girl named Phoebe. She's a Rothschild, a family filled with extraordinary individuals. No, they don't have superpowers, but they're all successful in one way or another. It seems like everyone, starting with her ancestor Mayor Rothschild, to her mother have accomp [...]

At first I didn't really have high expectations for this book because many other people didn't seem to like it, but I disagree with them. Nancy Werlin has amazed me once again. This book didn't top Werlin's other best seller, Impossible, but it came somewhat close. This book mainly focuses on the friendship between Phoebe and Mallory. There are so many deep meanings within this book I don't even know where to begin. The title itself has everything to do with the story. I think that everyone is o [...]

I feel that the storyline of this book was so weak that it must’ve been hard even finding enough to write about to develop into a whole book. I probably shouldn’t have finished it, but I kept (foolishly) hoping it would end really well. Phoebe befriends Mallory in the 8th grade when she (Phoebe) decides she is tired of her popular (yet, cruel and shallow) gang of girlfriends. Fast forward four years later and Phoebe and Mallory are best friends. What Phoebe doesn’t know, but the reader doe [...]

So, this is listed as the 2nd book in the Impossible series. The first thing I want to say is that the books do not connect in any way other than they are both about faeries. You could read either or both and in any order. I'm not sure about book three yet, but I would guess the same could be said for that one.This story involves more of the fae than the first book did. You will get to see into their side of things a lot more. There is a whole world apart from ours that is in trouble and the fae [...]

Could I please kill everybody in this book? Except for Jay Jay, of course. Nobody should ever kill a good cook.Phoebe: Oh you have everything right, why can't you just SEE it?! And you have an abusive boyfriend. *annoyed*Mallory: Well, you got there in the end. After many half-hearted attempts to make amends.Catherine: Obviously, we have a bad influence in your daughter's life. He's climbing in yo windows, snatching people up, trying to glamour them so you better hide your kid, hide your husband [...]

Phoebe Rothschild is an ordinary girl in a family of extraordinary people. When Mallory, a mysterious new girl starts at school, Phoebe befriends her not knowing that she has been pinpointed by the faeries to save them.An interesting new take on the faerie world and I did like the way it was weaved in with the history of the Rothschild family. I had a hard time with the relationship between Phoebe and Ryland, Mallory's brother. It was hard to read as she abused verbally, emotionally and probably [...]

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