Quarry's Ex

Max Allan Collins

Quarry's Ex

Quarry's Ex

  • Title: Quarry's Ex
  • Author: Max Allan Collins
  • ISBN: 9780857682864
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback

BECAUSE HOMICIDE BEGINS AT HOME Even the enigmatic hit man called Quarry had to start somewhere And for him that was the day he returned stateside from Nam to find his young wife cheating He d killed plenty overseas, so killing her lover was no big deal And when he was recruited to use his skills as a contract killer, that transition was easy, too He survived in this jBECAUSE HOMICIDE BEGINS AT HOME Even the enigmatic hit man called Quarry had to start somewhere And for him that was the day he returned stateside from Nam to find his young wife cheating He d killed plenty overseas, so killing her lover was no big deal And when he was recruited to use his skills as a contract killer, that transition was easy, too He survived in this jungle as he had in that other one by expecting trouble What he didn t expect was ever running into his ex again.

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Especially if you’re a hit man and you’ve killed several people while there.Quarry used to just murder people for money, but he now he works a new angle. Using info he accumulated while in the business, he now tracks other hit men while they’re getting ready to kill their latest target, and then he approaches the marks with an offer to dispose of the other hit men first. For a bonus fee, he’ll try to figure out who paid for the contract.This gig has [...]

Quarry's working with a movie director to stop the guys hired to kill him and find out who hired them. Too bad the last person Quarry expected to see again is complicating matters his ex-wife.The Hard Case Crime series is back and they've brought Quarry with them. Quarry is the same old methodical hitman he's been in the other Hard Case Quarry books. After reading the Perfect Crime reprints of the early Quarry books, it was nice to read one of the ones written once Max Allan Collins had a bit mo [...]

It was fun to read Quarry again, although there was a lot of back story in this one. Not sure it all meshed right with the previous books, but it was still enjoyable. It was nice meeting his ex, too. It was short without too many convolutions & typically Quarry. He's a rather strange & cold guy.It's a shame HCC has gone to the trade size. I have all their originals & they look great together, but they no longer fit the shelf properly. I don't care for this size to carry as much, eith [...]

I just finished QUARRY’S EX, an excellent entry in the QUARRY series by Max Allan Collins about an anti-hero murder-for-hire hitman. As with all the novels in the series, the first-person narration is conversational , humorous, and compelling. There are two kinds of Quarry novels: 1. Ones where Quarry is hired to kill someone and 2. Ones where Quarry is hired to stop a another hitman from killing someone. Both types are equally great. In QUARRY’S EX, our hero follows a hit-man to the on-loca [...]

Really a prequel to the other Quarry books. This one had the least plausible plot, I thought. Quarry is well into his role as hitman of hitmen, in the service of those who have become targets. Those who have read any of the other Quarry novels will have already have numerous pieces to Quarry’s back-story: how he came to be recruited by the Broker, the betrayal by his ex-wife, his time in Vietnam. That he would meet his ex-wife as the wife of a B-movie director who has been targeted for assassi [...]

I read this yesterday stuck for 3 hours in some desert airport in Yemen in Riyan on my way to east Somalia. Thankfully this was the best Quarry book I have read so far. Crisp prose,clear strong voice of Quarry who had his nasty,witty humor while he was being ice old killer. These books are short but like The first Quarry was near perfect story for this type of novel. The mystery of who put the contract on Art Stockwell had me guessing until the end.

As detailed in the First Quarry, Quarry is a former Vietnam veteran whose real name is never disclosed to the reader. He comes back, finds his fiancé,Joanie, in bed with another guy, finds that guy working under his car and kicks the jack out, survives a murder trial, and is then recruited by a mysterious figure named the Broker to carry out hits and we don't mean hits in baseball.In Quarry's Ex, Quarry no longer works for the Broker, who is no longer among the living. Rather, Quarry has obtain [...]

For a 10-book series (soon to be 11), Max Allan Collins' Quarry novels have been remarkably consistent.True, there is a predictable formula at work in each one, but this series never feels like a by-the-numbers retread like Robert Parker's Jesse Stone novels or Donald Westlake's Alan Grofield mysteries.How does Collins do this? First, he keeps each book short (I'm a slow reader, and I can finish a Quarry adventure in less time than it takes to smoke two cigars). Second, he divided Quarry's life [...]

Hard Case crime is back!. Today HCC is officially back in business. QUARRY'S EX is one of two that hit the markets today.In his early thirties, Quarry is still up to his old tricks. Using the list he got from the Broker, he finds a hit man, follows him until he determines the target, then approaches said target offering to save his life, for a fee of course, and get rid of the hit man.What he never expected was to run into, right in the middle of the whole mess, his ex-wife, the woman who unknow [...]

I've read nine of the Quarry books. This was not one of his better books. If you were going to skip one of the books in the series this would be the one. I gave Quarry's Ex 3 stars.

See my review atnyjournalofbooks/revie

This is the third Quary book I've read in theseries, and even though the premise wouldseem to make the whole series formulaic,the author does manage to change it upso each story does not sound like the onebefore it.This time, Quarry is preventing a killing asthe author's curve ball plot. It works. Stillnice and pulp-y, and of course Quarry hashis way with a couple of women.A quick entertaining read.

The story slows down a bit when the nigh-mandatory recitation of Quarry's backstory begins )an even longer section than usual since a major piece of the backstory is a player in the fore-story as well, as the title implies). The location so far from the Mississippi is also an outlier for the series. Both of these quibbles are overcome by the brisk pace, expected action and obligatory sex.

Definitely up to standard. Added interest centres on extra context of Quarry and his wife, often alluded to but never quite given substance. This is an excellent series, engaging but requiring minimum effort


Love these books.

"Quarry's Ex" is the tenth book by Max Allan Collins in the "Quarry" series. Quarry is a hitman working out of the Midwest in the 70's and early 80's. "Quarry's Ex" is set in Boot Heel, Nevada in 1980. So Quarry is outside of his usual stomping grounds.Since it's right there in the title, it's not much of a spoiler to say that Quarry does, indeed, run into his ex-wife. She "done him wrong" while he was in Vietnam. And him walking in on her in bed with the mechanic from down the street set him on [...]

Max Allan Collins writes noir crime novels which read very much like Mickey Spillane, with whom he was a close friend and collaborator [and completed some started by the late author]. This novel is no exception, and is full of sex, violence and hard-boiled prose. It is a prequel to a long-running series about a hit man who has turned the tables on other assassins by developing a new business: collecting his fees from intended victims by eliminating killers and those who hired them.This novel tak [...]

In 'Quarry's Ex', Max Allan Collins delves deep into the surface tension between the hitman's hitman and his former wife Joni. Well established is their bloody history, with the former flame credited with paving Quarry's bullet riddled, body bagged road, for it's her deception that leads him to the Broker and a life built on ending others. In this latest installment, a prequel, Quarry enters the movie business having tracked a former hitman hired to knock off a b-grade director. From there he sw [...]

Quarry's Ex takes place in the 1980's and directly references previously established continuity by brining the guy's former wife into the fold while he investigates a film director on whom a hit has been taken. I really enjoyed the movie-making setting of Quarry's Ex as a change, but I missed some of the bleaker Midwestern settings from the previous books. In all honesty, Quarry's Ex is probably the least of the newer Quarry novels. Aspects of the book including the coincidental nature of Quarry [...]

#10 in the Quarry series. If you've followed the Quarry series, you've heard about his cheating wife on many occasions - but this episode of the saga puts a new twist on things. Lawrence Block has John Keller; Loren D. Estleman has Peter Macklin; and, Max allan Collins has Quarry. It seems odd to have a professional hit man as the protagonist of a series but it happens and sometimes it happens very well.Quarry series - Even the enigmatic hit man called Quarry had to start somewhere. And for him [...]

The literary revival of Max Collins' Quarry has been a welcome development, but the most recent installment, Quarry's Ex, is perhaps the most enjoyable read since the series was revived with the publication of The Last Quarry.For decades, readers have heard of Quarry's first love only in the context of how her betrayal of him upon his return from Vietnam shaped his character. Quarry's Ex remedies this by an extended appearance from the woman who broke Quarry's heart, fleshing her out in at least [...]

I don't know why I keep reading these Quarry novels, but I do. Quarry is a fairly interesting character, and the concept of a hit man who targets hit men is a good hook. However, the books are predictable, and Quarry relies on both coincidence and extreme generalizations in order to solace these mysteries. The conclusion to this book, in particular, doesn't make much sense if examined closely. It's a quick read, though.

A great book from the early life of hitman Quarry, focusing on the return of his wife and his involvement with a low budget film crew and someone who's out to kill the director. The mystery became a case of "there's no one left, so it be this individual", but I enjoyed this for the characters and their dialogue. The coolness drips off this book quicker than pool water off a brunette. Max Allan Collins is amazing and any new venture into the Quarry stories is eagerly awaited by me!

Breezy but light episode in Quarry's story. He's a former hitman who found a list of a boss's other hitmen and uses that list to help out the potential victims. In this case, the potential victim is a movie producer on a shoot in Nevada. It turns out the girlfriend of the producer is Quarry's ex, who he was married to briefly some years before. The story moves quickly, with for me only the first section remaining memorable. Still, I picked up another novel in the series at a used book store.

I very much enjoy reading Max Allan Collins, and after having read Quarry's First, this was a good book to follow up with. While this book follows the formula of most Quarry novels, it becomes much more personal when his ex, who helped put him on the career of hit man/assassin, shows up as part of his next job. Learning more about the way the main character works and seeing some of his vulnerabilities makes this book much more than your usual hit man story.

I love the Quarry series. Good writing, solid character, fun plots. Quarry's Ex is probably my least favorite I've read so far. Collins spent way too much time explaining Quarry's ex wife history at the beginning, and there wasn't as much of that hard-nosed, main character in danger moments. But still, I read it quick, and I enjoyed itjust not the best of the series. Still glad I purchased it.

An excellent addition to the series. I liked this one as it starred his ex and this provides an opportunity to delve a little more into what made Quarry who is today and helped explain a little about his personality. I did think there were times where Quarry seemed almost evil in his actions, but hey, he's hit man. ;-)Another good read for the average person but a MUST for the Quarry fan!

Quarry kills with little hesitation, just might off you if the price was right, takes shit from no one, and spits words as dangerous as his bullets. Whether because of or despite these facts, you still can't help but cheer him on. Just as Quarry always hits his mark, Max Allan Collins always delivers. Quarry's Ex is one helluva ride.

Better the second time around. Didn't mean to read it a second time. Thought it was the latest Quarry book. Figured it out about 50 pages in that I had read this before. Decided to finish it out and glad I did. Mr. Collins has a terrific character in Quarry. I think I like him better than Nathan Heller. Maybe I will go find the earlier Quarry books and read them again.

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