If You Hear Her

Shiloh Walker

If You Hear Her

If You Hear Her

  • Title: If You Hear Her
  • Author: Shiloh Walker
  • ISBN: 9780345517531
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback

A CRY IN THE WOODS The scream Lena Riddle hears in the woods behind her house is enough to curdle her blood she has no doubt that a woman is in real danger Unfortunately, with no physical evidence, the local law officers in small town Ash, Kentucky, dismiss her claim But Lena knows what she heard and it leaves her filled with fear and frustration.Ezra King is on leave frA CRY IN THE WOODS The scream Lena Riddle hears in the woods behind her house is enough to curdle her blood she has no doubt that a woman is in real danger Unfortunately, with no physical evidence, the local law officers in small town Ash, Kentucky, dismiss her claim But Lena knows what she heard and it leaves her filled with fear and frustration.Ezra King is on leave from the state police, but he can t escape the guilty memories that haunt his dreams When he sees Lena, he is immediately drawn to her He aches to touch her to be touched by her but is he too burdened by his tragic past to get close When Ezra hears her story of an unknown woman s screams, his instincts tell him that Lena s life is also at risk and his desire to protect her is as fierce as his need to possess her.From the Paperback edition.

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No plot rehash, just some thoughtsOne of the best romantic suspense books I've read all year! If you're a fan of Karen Rose-type suspense (grisly, with diabolical, twisted villains) but you'd like a little more in the romance department--then this book is what you're looking for. Some really hot, steamy scenes between the hero ( a tall, dark, and sexy (and somewhat tortured) state cop named Ezra King on leave from his job) and the very independent heroine Lena Riddle (an auburn-haired chef at a [...]

Something very, very bad was going on. Lena Riddle might be blind but there is nothing wrong with her ears and when she hears a woman scream in the woods behind her house, she knows that the woman is in terrible danger. But because the police of Ash, the small town she lives in, can’t find any physical evidence, they dismiss it as part of her imagination. But Lena knows what she heard and she fears for what happened to the unknown woman.Ezra King is on leave from the state police after a horri [...]

5 If You Hear Her Stars Book 1 of 3 I knew it was going to end with me wanting more I knew it but still I wasn’t prepared for it!! I am Lena fan, I am a Hope fan and all the rest are suspects. Hahahaha I love the suspense part of all of this, its driving me mad getting all the character’s straight. I have a page filled with descriptions. I like that Lena is such a strong character she might be scared but she isn’t willing to let it rule her life. And Hope is a survivor. I have mad love for [...]

This is my first book by Shiloh Walker. I’d heard good things about her, but I never seemed to find the time to seek her out and give her a try. Let me just say, this was a great introduction to her work and I’m glad I finally took the plunge. Romantic Suspense doesn’t always work for me. I find that a lot of authors tend to focus more on one of the elements; Romance or Suspense. But some authors have the skill to balance both features well. Walker is one of those authors. I never felt che [...]

Certainly different from the various other published works by the author, book 1 of the Ash Trilogy signifies the growth of Shiloh Walker as an author towards excellence and beyond. Even from the very start, ever since I stumbled upon Ms. Walker’s Her Best friend’s Lover, I have been drawn towards the effortless ease with which she draws the reader into the story that makes a book hard to put down and of course the way she delivers scorching hot scenes of passion that one cannot help but abs [...]

Story Rating 5 starsCharacter Rating 5 starsRomance Rating 5 starsHeat Level 3.75 stars (LOL)Overall Rating 5 starsThis book grabbed me from the beginning and never let go, that is until the end because it just dropped me there and I was like WTF, hahahahahahaha. Well if that was a plot from Shiloh to get people to buy book 2, it sure will work because I REALLY need to know what's gonna happen, who the killer is and read the HEA that these characters deserve. I get the feeling now that book 2 mi [...]

2hrs into the audiobook and I'm annoyed at all the damn POVs the author is cramming into the story. I've counted 8 different POVs so far and there's still quite a bit of story left WARNED!! This is one of those books that never end. Meaning there is no resolution to the plot it gets continued on into the next story. I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!! I hate that authors feel they kinda have to "force" you to read the next book to find out who did it and why by not giving each book in the series a satisfying [...]

I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I liked Lena and independence. Despite being blind she was a full person and had fought hard for it(her mother was the overprotective sort). I loved it that she was a cook.Ezra the hero is a cop on leave. He is staying at his grandmothers house doing nothing. He isn't sure he wants to go back. Six months ago he was shot by his partner and lover and he has had nightmares ever since. He doesn't trust his judgement, he killed someone who was his best friend even if [...]

Another good one by Shiloh Walker and an impressive start to the new trilogy. Dark and gritty & sometimes downright scary with a well-balanced blend of romance -- just like I like them! The cast of characters is also well-developed. Looking forward to the next addition to this series.

This started off really strong IMO - hero and heroine were both interesting and their initial chemistry was awesome - but then the story just sort of fizzled and I found myself skimming more and more and finally continued skimming until I reached the end and found out whodunit. I think where it went wrong for me was the number of characters and POV's to keep track of - initially I kept going back to try and figure out if we had met a certain character before as they were introduced so nonchalant [...]

This was such a great start to an intense and thrilling trilogy! Shiloh Walker is a favorite author of mine even though I have not read a ton of her books. The ones I have read though were all amazing and I was not disappointed with If You Hear Her! There were so many nail-biting, sitting on the edge of my seat moments that I was definitely intrigued from page one! I loved the writing, the characters were very well written and even though the romance between Ezra, whom I loved!, and Lena happene [...]

Superb . This book is not my typical read usually I like romance and mystery yet this book is a phenomena. Well I don't know how to describe what I felt but of course I highly recommend it

Review copy provided by authorWhy I Read this Book: I love romantic suspense and I am a fan of Shiloh Walker’s writing. ‘Nuff said.What I Liked: It was very interesting, and eye-opening, to read from a character’s POV where that character is blind. Lena doesn’t let her handicap hinder her abilities in the slightest; it only makes for a unique vulnerability that forces her to do things differently. She has to completely rely on her other senses – specifically her acute sense of hearing [...]

This is a 3-star book that left me with a 2-star feeling. There are lots of points in If You Hear Her's favour - I liked that the book's heroine is blind and she is drawn to the hero not only because of his sexy voice, but because he doesn't treat her like an invalid. The mystery throughout was upsetting but in a dramatically effective way and questions are left unanswered by the book's close keep interest levels high.Yet by the time I reached the end, I found myself unable to really care about [...]

I've found a new author to glom. In IF YOU HEAR HER Shiloh Walker weaves a multi-layered, complex story of romance and suspense that doesn't skimp on either. I loved that Lena was a woman who happened to be blind rather than a blind woman, if that makes any sense. She was just a beautifully drawn, strong heroine and the perfect complement to Ezra's wounded/recovering cop. There are multiple POVs here but all of them are necessary to the plot. I read some parts with my hands over my eyes (or I wo [...]

Really great book! I enjoyed it very, very much!It has everything I'm looking for in a book: romance, suspense, hot sex, intelligent H/h, good dialogue It's just great!

In the small town of Ash, a phone call sets off a series of events. The cast of characters in this book are so likeable. The author did a fabulous job of making us love the characters we should and hate the characters that are evil.Ezra King meets Lena and they hit it off, but Ezra backs off until he sees Lena at the police station. Law is a character in and of himself. I am so surprised that the small town has not figured out what he does and things he is an odd duck.The introduction of Hope to [...]

If You Hear Her is the first in the Ash Trilogy by Shiloh Walker. Ezra is a police officer on leave in Ash, Kentucky. He meets Lena and is attracted but he is reluctant to get into a relationship at that time. Lena is a chef and is also blind. One night she wakes up and hears a woman screaming for help. Unable to physically do anything herself she calls the police. Very suspenseful with a nice romance. I loved the story but I hate that the story continues on to the next book in the series so we [...]

first of 3 books, and sadly, i read them out of order since i got this, the first book, last, but it was great anyway. the hero is a man who is wary of starting a romance since his last one ended in him shooting his partner, and the heroine is a blind chef who is attracted to him and he reluctantly responds. then the weird stuff starts.

This being the first time that I have read anything by this author, I was pleasantly surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was however planning on only reading this trilogy (Ash Trilogy) at the end of February as ‘If you See Her’ will only be released at the end of January 2012 and ‘If you Know Her’ at the end of February 2012. Having it sit on my bookshelf clearly calling out to me though was a big no-no. I should have hidden it away as now I feel I have put my nose out of jo [...]

A) I'm really glad that Auntee recc'ed this book to me. And B) I'm really glad that I decided to wait and read all three books in a row.Series Note:First book in Shiloh Walker's “Ash” romantic suspense trilogy which is centered around the people who live in the small town of Ash, Kentucky and the strange things that begin happening in the town. This series really should be read in order as there is an overall story arc throughout the 3 books.Summary:Ezra King moves to the small town of Ash, [...]

Wow! This one will leave you desperate for more - it definitely leaves you way more questions than answers.This is the story of Lena and Ezra but there is an underlying suspense plot that will play out over all 3 novels of the trilogy and is only just coming into bloom by the end of this one.It all takes place in a small town - Ash, Kentucky. It's totally character driven and I had a little trouble at first working out who they all were but they're so well written, they become to life off the pa [...]

This review is really for the whole Ash Trilogy; I don't feel that the books stand alone. There is an overarching plot, the mystery/thirller part, that continues on through the whole trilogy and then each book has a separate couple as it's focus, however, all of the characters are heavily involved in all three books. If You Hear Her - this installment focused on Lena and Ezra; she's a blind chef at the local inn and he's a state cop on leave after getting shot by his dirty partner (don't worry, [...]

2 1/2 stars really. I just couldn't get through this book fast enough, and not due to immense interest, I just wanted it to end. I felt no chemistry between the MC's, Lena and Ezra, the sex scenes also fizzled for me. Why did she like Ezra so much? I still couldn't tell you what he looked like, I just couldn't get my mind around him, visualize him. There was one part where he spent a full week coming over to her place while investigating the woods but we didn't get to see their time spent togeth [...]

Wow! What a great first book in the Ash trilogy! It's been a while since i've read a book by Shiloh Walker (her Hunters series) so i'd forgotten what a great story teller she is! The serial killer was creeeeppppyyy!!.n't wait to find out who he iseveryone in the town of Ash obviously KNOWS HIM which is a little bit eery knowing that he's probably somebody's friend, possibly a husband or relative!.ekkk!! Getting to be in the minds of his victims was scarey.owing that that was it for them. was awf [...]

If it was the authors intent to get you so invested in all the characters and then leave you hanging until January dying to know what happens next then she succeeded. The end of this book has so many cliffhangers. As this was the first book in the series its a little slow going at first as we get to meet the characters. Actually the first character we get to meet is the killer and his victim. We do not get to find out who the killer is in this book. I dont even have a guess yet as to who the kil [...]

4.5*I swear, this felt like a version of Criminal Minds, without the cool profiler FBI team. I loved how it changed POV's, but I hated the killer's, it was just way too creepy. PS: It's 2 AM here and I think I'll dream of creepy serial killers

Great start to a new series. Hate waiting for next books and cliffhangers. We got to know the cast of characters pretty well. Can't wait to see how the story pans out and how the characters develop. Really rooting for Hope. Can't help but feel sorry for her.

3 1/2 stars for me. This was a good romantic suspense, but it ended in a strange place in the book. I know that it was a trilogy, but I don't even feel that we ended up with a HEA for sure for our h/h. I am looking foward to Hope and Reilly's book.

WOW--great suspense-great romance--characters you become invested in--what's not to love.

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