Mocked by Destiny

Michele Richard

Mocked by Destiny

Mocked by Destiny

  • Title: Mocked by Destiny
  • Author: Michele Richard
  • ISBN: 9781612130279
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback

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For Stella Richards, life in the charming town of Virginia Beach is not as magical as one would think Sun, fun, and sand only guarantee one thing, unwanted visitors Stella learned long ago to never befriend anyone visiting the beach They re here then they re gone, drifting in and out as the tide ebbs and flows She vowed to never connect with anyone vacationing in VirgFor Stella Richards, life in the charming town of Virginia Beach is not as magical as one would think Sun, fun, and sand only guarantee one thing, unwanted visitors Stella learned long ago to never befriend anyone visiting the beach They re here then they re gone, drifting in and out as the tide ebbs and flows She vowed to never connect with anyone vacationing in Virgina Beach until spring break Stefan changed everything.Stefan Sterling lives life never knowing where he will end up next Bouncing from one Military base to another has hampered his ability to connect to those around him That s what happens when your father is a high ranking officer in the military Raised in a world of discipline, control, and strangers, Stefan never expected to find anyone he d want to be close tolet alone love.A family curse verses a loving abnormality promises to keep Stella and Stefan on their toes Was it an accident or could it be destiny Will they be able to survive their families And, is there ever a time when you can fully let go of the person who awoke your soul A story of love, sacrifice, and growing up before it s time.

Recent Comments "Mocked by Destiny"

Having grown up in a tourist town which also had a base at one time (Myrtle Beach, SC), this story evoked a lot of memories for me. I viewed the friendships differently than Stella- I saw them as brief spotlights in my life and feel that some people are put in your path for a reason. Michelle really described those feelings of new relationships well and I felt like I was in the scene- the ice scream shoppe, the beach, the base. So this book was more personal for me and thanks for the trips down [...]

Mocked By Destiny by Michele RichardLet’s start by saying this was my first E-book I have ever read. Great way to read a book, but having a copy on the bookshelf is even better. I have been an advent reader since I learned to read when I was ten. I was one of those kids who just slipped through the crake until I became teacher’s pet when I was in 4th grade. Once I learned to read I could not stop reading. It took me no time to be tested at college level.I have always read such a verity in my [...]

Richards tackles a very difficult subject in Mocked by Destiny – the issue of teen pregnancy. As a Childbirth Educator I usually have very strong feelings about fiction dealing with teen pregnancy because so much of it tends to idealize or glorify this trend and not show the hardships that can be associated with it. I was so happy to see that Richard made Stella (and her family’s) reaction to her pregnancy to be quite realistic and she took the time to illustrate the emotional roller coaster [...]

This is a very sweet and uplifting YA romance. I liked the changes between telling the story from Stella's pov & Stefan's pov, I've haven't read too many books that do this, and in romance especially I really enjoy it. I also enjoyed the entire storyline about a highschool girl getting pregnant. I personally had my first daughter the year after I graduated, and there really aren't many books/movies out there etc. that explore that (that I've seen at least). This may seem like touchy subject [...]

Teen pregnancy is never an easy issue to write about or convince others to read. The title really lives up to its contents. The reader will first note the author's ability to handle the situation delicately. Stella and Stefan could have had a bit more spark between them; Stefan is the charismatic bad boy and Stella is the slightly needy girl. The author does not sugar-coat things, she states them as they are. Financial and emotional issues are addressed and logistical issues are taken in stride. [...]

I had a slow time getting started because of the Memorial Day Holiday, but when I got started reading with no interruptions, I couldn't put it down. I was intrigued by Stella's POV during through out and could understand where she misunderstood conversations. However, I wanted to smack her at times too! Stefan, poor Stefan. Between his parents in the beginning, his mother's attitude toward Stella, and Stella misunderstanding things over and over again, he had so much to deal with. I was glad to [...]

I loved this book very much. Stella wants to break the cycle of the fate of every female in her family, while Stefan doesn't even know that his fate has been sealed by his family history. The struggles of this young couple to be together and keep their family together is quite gripping. It is definitely worth your time to read.

Michele Richard had me on an emotional roller coaster from the first page til the last page. I fell in love with the characters and truly wanted to know what would come of their lives. I felt that she dealt with teenage pregnancy in a very real and down to earth way. I can not wait to read her next book.

I really enjoyed this book, so much I passed it around work for others to read - can't wait to read the next one :)

I liked the story and will give a more detailed review on my blog in June, thanks

I loved this book. It made me laugh, smile, cry, laugh some more. Amazing book, and I look forward to her other works.

This book was a great read.

Mocked by Destiny tackles the issue of teenage pregnancy. The author tries to give a realistic view of the emotions involved when a teenage pregnancy occurs. The characters, Stella Richards and Stefan Sterling fall in love. Along the way doubts, fears, and life get in the way. There is the classic plot line where misunderstandings and lack of communication lead to situations that could be avoided if the characters just talked about their feelings.There is a lot going on throughout the story and [...]

Try as she might, Stella Richards cannot escape destiny. She can’t outrun it, she can’t outsmart it and she can’t change it. No one can. Generations of Richards’ women have fallen to the same fate of giving their heart and body to a man who wouldn’t be around long enough to appreciate it. Why should Stella Richards be an different? She’s a pretty girl who is smart and determined to make something of herself, the same kind of girl who thinks she has life all mapped out. What she doesn [...]

I was asked to review this book by the author. I got about 1/3 of the way into the book. I had to stop. I didn't like it. The writing wasn't strong enough. There were a lot of typos. The dialogue wasn't realistic. The characters weren't likable, and I couldn't connect with anyone. Their personalities need to be pinned down so they aren't all over the place. I was excited to read it. It's the first YA book I've read with a teen pregnancy. I'm sad to say that it didn't live up to it's potential.I [...]

Oh My! First just let me say that this was my second book written by Michele Richards. Absolutely Loved the first and Absolutely Loved this one. Also like the first, once I started reading it I could not put it down. Took it every where. My emotions through out Mocked by Destiny where all over the place once again. Michele has a way of making it to where you put yourself in the characters shoes. Right away it has you caught up:To read more of my review: Breath of Life

The story was engaging and a pretty fast read until the last bit. It probably would have been better if it had ended at the birth. Read my full review atGirl Who Reads

Love this book. It kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Love it.


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