Hobson's Choice

Harold Brighouse

Hobson's Choice

Hobson's Choice

  • Title: Hobson's Choice
  • Author: Harold Brighouse
  • ISBN: 9780435232801
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover

This comedy is based around the battle of wills between a hard headed cobbler, called Hobson and his daughter Maggie Maggie defies Hobson by marrying his most talented worker the timid and downtrodden Will She helps Will to develop his potential and together they turn the tables on Hobson.

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When trying to find something about this play that takes place in England c.1880, I came upon a certain reference to the name of the story: A Hobson's choice is a free choice in which only one thing is offered. Because a person may refuse to accept what is offered, the two options are taking it or taking nothing. In other words, one may "take it or leave it." How clever is it that the author of the play named his character Henry Hobson and the play refers to that. I could not find out when the p [...]

A comedy play about 3 daughters who do all the work and their overbearing father who does all the drinking. This is a pretty solid social comedy, the jokes reminded me of the humour of 'Till Death Do Us Part' or 'All in the Family' if your american. The ending might seem a bit harsh to some of the characters but this is a tough time to live in and 'being nice' is a relative term anyway.So an easy 3-stars when watched/read in a void however! Its also clearly a reimagining of King Lear, and on tha [...]

Mildly amusing clash of the generations, as a trio of unmarried daughters, propelled by the most steadfast among them, outmanoeuvre their stern and old-fashioned father, first about marriage and then second in even more significant ways. Set in Lowry era Manchester it is interesting that the play opened in the Us, who would no doubt have great sympathy with the pioneering spirit of young(ish) Maggie, who is the fulcrum of the play's action. Although many readers would find her amusingly bold giv [...]

Quite interesting to acknowledge the historical content and the social class system between the characters. Never thought I would read this, but since it's part of a English literature I read this book. All the characters are interesting when you analysis and read between the lines, especially Maggie, Willie and Hobson; you see a different perceptive of the unique characters throughout the play. You also see the equality of men and women, and that Maggie is not a typical women of her age.The the [...]

I have a feeling I have read this before - probably for school as I don't tend to read plays for pleasure. This time I am reading it as one of the kids at school is studying it and so I want a heads up before discussing aspects of it with him in prep for his exams.Hobson is a coobler who owns a shop which lots of ladies and gentleen frequent. His daughters work for him and Maggie, the oldest, manages to sell shoes to anyone who puts a step through the doorway. He doesn't pay his daughters though [...]

This is a GCSE set text at my placement school and I thought it best that I read it so that when I work with Year 11, I can help them understand it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and loved the characters. It was satisfying to read and even though I disliked Maggie at the start, I really got to see what she was like throughout. Hobson runs a show shop and mistreats his daughters, who work, wageless, in running his shop while he goes out and drinks. But when his young shoe-maker employee is prai [...]

I read this first in school, then watched the film, the play and the ballet(all through my school). For some reason I loved this quite quirky story then and I still do now. I dust it off and still chuckle to myself at Maggie's sharp tongue. So this was its annual outing and I decided to give it a 5*:)

Easy to read and enjoyable. The play is quite funny sometimes with a memorable female protagonist. I'd love to see it on stage.

I’ve always loved this play , since I read it and saw the film starring Charles Laughton and John Mills and Brenda De Banzie especially as Maggie . Was funny , and I still love it to this day. Was great to find the book in a book sale in Dorchester recently.

I only read this book because my son is studying it at high school and I thought it would be an interesting quicky to boost my 52 book challenge. So I borrowed it from him and gave it a go. It is unbelievable how my own family don't understand my obsession and love of reading. My wife was asking 'Why are you reading that?' And my son was asking 'Why are you reading that book, it's a school book?' How many times do I have to say I a writer and as a writer I want to and need to read as many differ [...]

Feminist and socialist leaning play set in Northern England

Loved this almost as much as the David Lean movie.

Woeful thank you please

give up.

As good as the movie.

I had to read it for my GCSE English class and it bored me and the entire class

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