A Torre e a Morte

Michael Innes

A Torre e a Morte

A Torre e a Morte

  • Title: A Torre e a Morte
  • Author: Michael Innes
  • ISBN: 8498192668
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback

When mad recluse Ranald Guthrie the laird of Erchany, falls from the ramparts of his castle on a wild winter night, Appleby discovers the doom that shrouded his life, and the grim legends of the bleak and nameless hamlets, in a tale that emanates sheer terror and suspense.

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I read this about nine months ago. I love Innes' mysteries, especially the earlier ones, and this one is just astonishingly well-crafted. He uses many different voices, and the mystery goes through at least three different valid and convincing solutions. He possesses such a brilliant mastery of his craft terrific stuff.

I ended up really enjoying this book, in spite of finding the first long chapter in partial Scottish dialect very hard going. I persevered out of curiosity as to how the story was to be constructed and the various voices managed. I’m so pleased I did. The writing is, as expected, impeccable and engaging (once you pass the test of the deliberately laboured first chapter). The plot construction is, however, so clever that it made me laugh in admiration -and read on to find the next twist in the [...]

3 starsMichael Innes was a fantastic author. But this book is not one of my favorites. The book was well written, as is Mr. Innes’ usual style. However, the story seemed to meander – at least for me. Some of the Scottish words I couldn’t grasp, although I usually enjoy books written in the local dialect. The Laird of Erchany Ranald Guthrie mysteriously dies after falling from the castle wall in a snowstorm. Was he murdered? Suicide? Haunted by ghosts? He is little mourned, for the village [...]

I really can't give this more than two stars. Five different narrators giving rise to six changes in narrative voice for a short mystery novel? Too many. Particularly as the author starts by writing the first long section in Highland dialect! It dragged. 1. Highland Cobbler2. London Lounge Lizard3. Fussy Elderly Solicitor4. Inspector Appleby (who turns up very near the end)5. The Man of Mystery6. Highland Cobbler (reprise)Like a 1970s concept album. Shades of "Days of Future Passed"--an album by [...]

Muy buen policial, intrincado, pero muy bueno.Esta historia esta marcada por tener 5 narradores distintos, los que, con su estilo personal, narran los diferentes sucesos dentro y fuera del castillo de Erchany. A medida que van pasando los narradores salen a la luz muchos detalles que se deberán tener en cuenta para resolver el misterio, tanto por parte del lector como por los mismos personajes que se van añadiendo a la historia junto con sus respectivos relatos.Aquí aparece un punto que puede [...]

La verdad que es un libro muy complicado. Me gustó, pero tuve que leer muchas partes varias veces porque no entendía que pasaba. Es muy enroscada la manera en la que se revela el misterio, y me resultó muy complicado entenderlo. Me parece que si se hubiera escrito de otra manera lo hubiera disfrutado más.Me gustó mucho que esté narrado desde tantas perspectivas tan diferentes, porque cada uno da sus puntos de vista de los personajes.Supongo que si no hubiera sido tan tan complicado, me hab [...]

El principal problema que encontré en esta novela es que la primera mitad es muy aburrida con algún que otro momento que resulta entretenido. La segunda mitad se vuelve entretenida pero ¿en serio Innes hacía falta lo de la rata y luego lo del hielo al final que parecen como fuera de lugar en la novela? ¿Acaso con menos giros no se hubiese obtenido un resultado mayor? Porque en un momento los giros me comenzaron a cansar e incluso, alguno que otro, quedo forzado.

When I first started reading this book I wasn’t sure whether I was ever going to finish it as I just couldn’t get into it. But I persevered having enjoyed the first two books in the Appleby series and I did find it interesting a well written. It is not a conventional crime novel and is nothing like the first two books in the series. It is narrated in seven sections by some of the people involved in the story – one of which is Appleby himself though he only makes a brief appearance in the s [...]

I read a lot of Michael Innes' books about 30 years ago and recently decided to start on them in order from the beginning. This is the third in the John Appleby series although Appleby comes into the narrative only late on. As others have mentioned, the style is reminiscent of Willie Collins' Woman in White in its use of multiple narrators. Some readers seem to have found this off-putting - I found it added to the enjoyment. Each narrator has their own distinctive voice. This is a mystery set in [...]

This 3rd book in the Inspector Appleby series is very different in style from the first two. This style is similar to Wilkie Collins; the story is told in a series of first person narratives. Unfortunately, the first narrative by Ewan Bell is written in a Scots English that almost made me give up on this before I had read 25 pages. I am so glad that I didn't! The case kept getting more and more complex and the ending was a great surprise - Innes really came up with a wonderful plot.

I was drawn by the description of this book but unfortunately I had to put it away after just a couple of pages. It is too confusing for me. Although I like reading (very) old books (I’m a big fan of Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins), this book was either too old for me or it’s just not for me.I grade it three stars because it is not the authors’ fault I made the mistake to request this book.

The influence of Wilkie Collins is strong here; in its multi-voiced narrative structure it reminds me of The Moonstone, and in its intricate plotting and air of Gothic excess, it reminds me of The Woman in White. And I liked it very much--until I got to the narrative of Richard Flinders; that took me a plot twist too far, I'm afraid.

Genre: Golden Age MysteryRating: Convoluted and Intriguing. Timor Mortis conturbat me.Third in the John Appleby mystery series.As with all the Appleby books, extremely literary and quite convoluted. Quite a few twists and turns I did not see coming.I do enjoy the series, even if it shows up my poor literary education. ;)

Wow. This is a complex and intricately-plotted book--how had I missed Michael Innes until now? Murder in a snow-bound Scottish castle, wonderful narration, and I didn't see the ending coming.

Having read the previous book in the Inspector Appleby series (Hamlet, Revenge!) I thought I knew what to expect from this one, but I was wrong – this book has a very different feel and structure and despite being published in 1938, it’s not a typical Golden Age mystery novel at all.The title is taken from a 16th century Scottish poem by William Dunbar (the word maker, also spelled makar, means a poet or court poet). The Latin refrain Timor mortis conturbat me – fear of death disturbs me [...]

Lament for a Maker is a novel that will not appeal to a wide audience.  The first half is written in the local Scottish dialect.  This gives flavor and helps build the setting, but it also is hard going for readers.  As in the other novels that I’ve read by Michael Innes, Lament for a Maker takes its sweet time to reach the heart of the plot.  I fear that many readers will be driven away by the difficult to read passages or worse - by boredom.  Once you reach the heart of the mystery, thi [...]

A Scottish castle,an isolated village,quirky villagers and an eccentric Lord. All the right ingredients for a classic mystery. The story is made up of different parts told by different characters. And it works were it not for the first character who writes as he speaks with plenty of Scottish words and expressions. Not always evidentStill the storyline is good and the outcome of the mystery is not obvious. 3,5 starsbooksdogsandcats.wordpress

I had a bit of trouble getting into this book, maybe it was the Scottish accent/writing, and I almost gave up. But I did continue and found it to be a very good, and in turn had trouble putting it down. Many surprised and red herring, told with many narratives to the final conclusion of the crime. Michael Innes never ceases to surprise and keep ones interest.

Inspector Appleby mystery without Inspector Appleby promotes this as the third Inspector Appleby mystery. Inspector Appleby is not in it. Still an okay book but those reading the series should know lied.

This book was not easy to read because some characters spoke in a Scottish dialect, using words that I never did figure out. But if you can hang in through that, the book is definitely worth reading. It's a complicated mystery, masterfully written.

The first of the five narrators writes in Scottish, but if you can get through that, it is worth it. Was it a murder or a suicide or is the victim still alive?

3.5 stars. Bueno. ¿Qué puedo decir de este libro? Me encantó, la verdad que sí. Lo digo incluso cuando el cierre final del misterio me pareció increíblemente ilógico. Pero a pesar del final el libro es fantástico. Lleno de emociones límites, locuras y mentes brillantes y verdaderos ambientes oscuros y tenebrosos. Esta novela de investigación de una muerte es gótica. Muy gótica.Tengo que decir a mí nunca me convencen el uso de varios narradores dentro de una misma historia, pero si s [...]

Autor de vários policiais Michael Innes publicou este título em 1938. Por cá, foi editado na colecção Xis e, mais tarde, pela Livros do Brasil na colecção vampiro. Em boa hora o Público decidiu incluir este título na 9mm, é um verdadeiro clássico dos policiais.Quem prefere os policiais modernos, mais realistas e com maiores referências às tecnologias, pode ter certas reticências quando confrontado com as insólitas circunstâncias que rodeiam uma estranha morte na Escócia profunda [...]

Lament for a Maker (1938) would seem--from ratings on and in the opinion of such fellow mystery writers as Nicholas Blake and Michael Gilbert--to be considered one of Michael Innes' best books. While I will agree that the mystery itself is quite nicely twisty and surprising, the journey he takes the reader on to get to that brilliant, twisty ending is a rather arduous one. The tale is told through the narratives of various characters--five in all, including his detective John Appleby--and wadin [...]

Innes's story of the 'murder' of a Scottish laird in an isolated Highlands castle on a snowy Christmas eve was quite a bit of fun to read. (The time is between the wars.) The story-telling is great, with side excursions into the really rather hard lives of the people of the area and a dip or two into Scottish history. Many engaging and, sometimes, astounding characters.The only downside of the book, in my very humble opinion, is a seemingly interminable period of wrapping the story up at the end [...]

I have been reading the early Applyby books (beginning at the firt) and this is by far the best of them. The construction of the book is quite interesting consisting, as it does, of the independent 'tales' of several people involved in the death central to the book. The weakness of the books is that, like many other written in the same genre, is that the unraveling of the crime is impossible without a great deal of information that is within from the reader until the very last minute.

Hard to get into at first because the first narrator uses Scots dialect. But it grows on you and is very worth reading if you like classic British mysteries. The story is told by various characters and the voices are very distinct.

Intelligent novel with unconventional narrative arrangement and a surprising ending, but the Scots vernacular is a bit difficult to navigate and the Freudian posturing a definite annoyance.

Bueno, extraño, pero bueno.

One of Innes' best mysteries, but not at all typical, except in that he gets carried away with his own cleverness, which is not unheard of.

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