The Iron Khan

Liz Williams

The Iron Khan

The Iron Khan

  • Title: The Iron Khan
  • Author: Liz Williams
  • ISBN: 9781456409166
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback

Tasked with retrieving the Book before it can alter reality, Chen crosses paths with his former partner, Zhu Irzh who is in hot pursuit of the Iron Khan, an evil, homicidal immortal intent on conquering Asia by any means While Chen and Zhu are otherwise occupied, Inari Chen s demon wife is whisked away by forces intent on revenge against Chen and ultimately, the EmperTasked with retrieving the Book before it can alter reality, Chen crosses paths with his former partner, Zhu Irzh who is in hot pursuit of the Iron Khan, an evil, homicidal immortal intent on conquering Asia by any means While Chen and Zhu are otherwise occupied, Inari Chen s demon wife is whisked away by forces intent on revenge against Chen and ultimately, the Emperor of Heaven.

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I will start by saying I had all but given up on finding this book - I have been following the series of Inspector Chen since I stumbled across Snake Agent some years ago. However even after changes in publisher (if the story is to be believed they dropped Liz Williams without even warning her let alone an explanation) and the cancellation of the last book in the series (there is reports another one is out there called Morningstar) it appears the Iron Khan has found a publisher in Open Road - so [...]

Fifth book about Detective Inspector Chen and (at this point) his coterie of demons, Celestial warriors, familiars, ghosts, and Emperors of Heaven. Okay, only one of that last.This one never clicked for me. The problem is possibly on my end -- I read it while tired. But, for whatever reason, the story felt overstuffed. There are *four* narrative threads running through most of the book (following Chen, Zhu Irzh, Inari, and a newly-introduced shaman). There are two Big Bads who seem to be indepen [...]

La serie se le está yendo de las manos, con la cantidad de roles intercambiados que hay. Los de los Divinos Cielos son malos, mientras que los de los diferentes Infiernos son nobles y buenos. Pero aparte de eso, el libro tarda bastante en arrancar, y tiene momentos incomprensibles. A pesar de todo, retoma el buen camino y acaba bastante bien, dejándote con ganas de leer más. B

Inspector Chen has come far. Once he was the freak of his department in the near-future Chinese model city of Singapore Three, the department’s Snake Agent. Chen is a former emissary of the goddess Kuan Yin, and married to a demoness, Inari, and generally considered to be that guy that handles spirits, Heaven and Hell. Over the course of four prior books, his reputation, power and contacts have changed and improved. His partner, Zhu Irzh, once just a seneschal in Hell but now finds himself the [...]

I wanted to like this book more than I actually did. The setting here is rich with potential - roughly speaking, it's a contemporary Far East where magic works and the mundane world is in regular contact with both Heaven and Hell. Williams makes great use of Chinese history, Chinese mythology, and her own imagination to create a world that is just full of cool stuff. For all that, though, it didn't really grip me. Part of that is probably my fault for starting the series at book 5 - it's not dif [...]

Wow. It rarely if ever takes me this long to finish a book, but The Iron Khan has really given me fits, and not in a good way. When it takes nearly a month to finish a book you have to stop and analyze: is it the book or just me? In this case a little of both. For today let's discuss the book: The Iron Khan had a plot I found incredibly convoluted. All ego aside it is a rare day when you can make me lose the thread of a novel. Too much going on, too many narrative/perspective switches between ch [...]

This was slightly disappointing. Having been waiting for the next in the Inspector Chen series for several years, I was waiting with anticipation to see where the story would go next. This has quite a good story but, in a battle between "good" and "evil", I didn't think the "evil" side of the battle were particularly well served. It was all a little casual with the prose style slightly chatty which I felt was somewhat inappropriate.opionator.wordpress/2011/1

For the whole seriesWonderfulI enjoyed reading this adventure with Detective Chen and all the twist and turns of gods and demons and us poor humans caught in the middle. But to paraphrase one old woman to another, talking in the market, "Last week it was a mad goddess, this week it's supernatural tiger, you can't let these things worry you, life is what matters and the cost of these onions is outrageous, don't you think?" Fun fun read. I'm ready for the next book and the star people (aliens?) wa [...]

This book has a very wild plot & deals with the events in the background of the last two books. All of our favourite characters are here, however the plot wildly escalates and the characters go through some wild situations.This books somehow didn't strike a chord with me, as much as I love the earlier books, this is was the 1st time when the law of averages seems to have caught up with this series. A good read but definitely could have been better[a more detailed review is to follow:].

I was pretty bitter when Night Shade dropped this series. I'm glad to see that this has been picked up by distributors at last. It's not quite as well edited as the previous installments - it drags a little in spots, could be tighter, and the short story at the end has a few outright typos - but fellow fans of the series will not be disappointed. I maintain that Williams is one of the sharpest writers working in sci fi, and though the Snake Agent books are breezier than her stand alone novels, t [...]

Pretty decent Zhu Irzh story, but Chen, the theoretical lead, had very little to do in this story. I liked the time we spent with Inari, but sadly once she was reunited with Chen she was completely sidelined. The exploration of other Hells and their denizens could be interesting, but if that's what the author wants to do I hope in the next book, if there is a next book, she's a bit more focused in that attempt, as i felt they were used mostly as window dressing in this book.

A bit perfunctory. Fast-moving somewhat overly complex plot and a few new characters I might have liked if we'd been properly introduced. I assume some character development for Zhu Irz and Jhai given their actions, but it wasn't really shown or explained. Needed something, maybe just for the action to slow down long enough for the characters to catch up.

Well - she's got a new editor I assume with this new publisher. That might explain a bit of the incoherence going on here. Not that she ever made all that much sense! No one spent much time in hell this time around which lessened my fun. That said - I have plans to go to the NYC Roerich museum this summer!

I would have liked to see more Detective-Inspector Chen in this, and less of villains I didn't care about and godly doings. Also, one character is misplaced partway through, which is annoying.I'll read the final book in the series and the prequel when they come out, but I'm not looking forward to them the way I did earlier installments.

Vaguely disappointing, which is unfortunate. As other reviews agree, there was quite a but of plot incoherency and the story lost something by sidelining Chen. While it was lovely to see people like Inari and Qi get their own plotline, it suffered for the other characters focused on- becoming more of an action novel than a detective story.

Another great Inspector Chen story. Love the Eastern mythology--so deliciously different from the Western belief systems that fill the books I'm used to reading.

Very well done.

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