Poor Caroline

Winifred Holtby

Poor Caroline

Poor Caroline

  • Title: Poor Caroline
  • Author: Winifred Holtby
  • ISBN: 9780855942076
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover

Winifred Holtby affectionately observes the foibles of human nature in this sparkling satire, first published in 1931 and Clifton Johnson, a seedy American scenario writer on the make.

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Caroline Denton-Smyth is an eccentric do-gooder, who dreams of reforming the film world through the Christian Cinema Company. She draws in a group of very different people with very different aims to work on her project, and Holtby observes them each in turn. Poor Caroline is a mix of satire and pathos, an interesting mix though I thought sometimes uneasy, with characters as sharply observed as in South Riding, on a smaller scale.

In 'Poor Caroline' we have several rather unlikeable characters, who all have something to do with the ill fated Christian Cinema Company, which has become Caroline Denton Smyth's dream and obsession, as she approaches her 72 birthday. Poor Caroline lives in shabby room, and has no money, but she has ideas, so many ideas and feels her big chance in life has finally come. She is too, a rather ridiculous character, she borrows money with no hope of returning it, and develops rather a crush on youn [...]

I was a little apprehensive of reading this book, coming to it after having read what critics claim is the best in her oeuvre, 'South Riding'. I should clarify though, that my rating is a 3.5 stars, because while it otherwise get's a solid four stars (somewhere in the middle of the book, I lost my bearings, the plot tends to lag for the tiniest second), it doesn't have the lateral density of 'South Riding'.That being said, I don't think writers have written an old, eccentric, ''cracked'' single [...]

Poor Caroline was the wittiest book of 1931. It's still delightful, inventive, funny and uplifting. It begins with Caroline's Yorkshire cousins back from her funeral, which they combined with a shopping trip. Betty and Dorothy are highly amused by Caroline's Last Will and Testament in which she bequeathes vast sums of money she does not have.Six different characters have point of view chapters, each chapter ending with the words "Poor Caroline". I relished Clifton Roderick Johnson, proprietor of [...]

Poor Caroline!I loved this book especially as each chapter ended with Poor Caroline!This book is so funny Caroline who doesn't have any money just lives on others and her Christian Cinema Company which is a total farce.You just have to laugh that the money she left in her will wasn't hers!I love the quote;'You just can't alter people like Caroline.She always thought she knew better than anyone.She was always going to do something extraordinary.'

This novel is a satire of charitable organizations written in the 1930's by Winifred Holtby, who usually writes about small-town Yorkshire. Caroline is a do-good spinster who attempts to form a film company that only produces Christian films. In pursuing her goals, she assembles a board of directors for her company, the members of which all have their own agendas, including enriching themselves at others' expense. I had an ambivalent reaction to the novel. Most of the characters are not likeable [...]

How clever Winifred Holtby is! Each chapter is told from the point of view of a different player, but every one ends with the same refrain: Poor Caroline!Poor Caroline indeed. An unloved elderly relative with a bee in her bonnet about good Christian films hardly makes for a heroine, and yet Holtby's Caroline is a charming if deluded old woman, and she has a will and a work ethic one has to admire. And she has a last will and testament that made me smile and cry all at once. Quite a wonderful rea [...]

What a wonderful book for group discussion! Winifred Holtby's literary construction is admirable her quotes fabulously quotable; her characters, three dimensional representations of societal class and character. It's like time in a bottle. Hooray for Caroline: the richest of 'em all!

I liked the way each chapter was from the point of view of a different character. I was surprised at how real the interwar period seemed - obviously it was real for Holtby, but so many novels of that period don't give you any sense of believability or characters you could imagine existing.

Well written, witty and easy to read. This book deserves more current recognition

Not very certain of my feelings on this. Most of the characters were unlovely and I was disappointed that the embezzler got away with it.

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