Delicate Edible Birds: And Other Stories

Lauren Groff

Delicate Edible Birds: And Other Stories

Delicate Edible Birds: And Other Stories

  • Title: Delicate Edible Birds: And Other Stories
  • Author: Lauren Groff
  • ISBN: 9780099537267
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback

Lauren Groff s critically acclaimed The Monsters of Templeton was shortlisted for the Orange Broadband Award for New Writers 2008, and critics hailed her as an enormous talent and a writer to watch In Delicate Edible Birds , she fulfils that promise Delicate Edible Birds includes nine stories of vastly different styles and structures L De Bard and Aliette recreaLauren Groff s critically acclaimed The Monsters of Templeton was shortlisted for the Orange Broadband Award for New Writers 2008, and critics hailed her as an enormous talent and a writer to watch In Delicate Edible Birds , she fulfils that promise Delicate Edible Birds includes nine stories of vastly different styles and structures L De Bard and Aliette recreates the tale of Abelard and Heloise in New York during the 1918 flu epidemic Lucky Chow Fun returns to Templeton, the setting of Groff s debut novel, for a contemporary account of what happens to outsiders in a small, insular town the title story of Delicate Edible Birds is a harrowing, powerfully moving drama about a group of war correspondents, a lone woman among them, who fall prey to a frightening man in the French countryside while fleeing the Nazis With a dazzling array of voices and settings, Delicate Edible Birds will cement Lauren Groff s reputation as one of the foremost talents of her generation.

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i dont usually like stories (i think a few of my reviews start out this way - ha) but i love the way this lady writes. i was hoping after the first story that they would all take place in the same town as monsters of templeton, but no luck. theres one story i definitely need to reread, but i have a feeling i will be picking this up in the future to reread all the way through.

4.5 starsA lot of short stories consist of 10-20 pages of foreplay followed by a big cow flop of a denouement, with nary a climax in sight. Some don't even bother with a denouement, they just end abruptly, leaving the reader with the literary equivalent of lover's nuts. I have given up on many and many a short story collection for this reason. Happily, Lauren Groff is no tease. Her stories are thoroughly satisfying. She takes a little longer, 30-40 pages per story, and develops a complete pictur [...]

4.5 starsThe acquisition of my second-favorite short story collection this year with the word "birds" in the title (!) was a decidedly bittersweet experience. I had already made acquaintance with Ms. Groff's work with her lovely, swirly, slightly out-of-focus novel of communal life in upstate New York, Arcadia, and (despite her eschewing quotation marks, a pet peeve of mine) wanted to read more from her. The very last place I'd expect books with the caliber of Ms. Groff's talent: the Dollar Tree [...]

3 and 1/2 starsBecause I enjoyed her first novel The Monsters Of Templeton, I thought I'd like this collection more than I did. While I don't think any of the stories are derivative, they seemed familiar: separate stories reminding me of Alice Munro and Amy Bloom (in theme if not style) and even Julie Otsuka (in style if not theme). The plots are interesting, some even inventive, though the beauties of language and character development vary from story to story. The ending of the story "Watershe [...]

Rated Three-Point-Five Delicate, Edible Stars! (I rounded up because that is how I roll.)If there is one recurring theme in this book, and as suggested by its lovely and yet dark title, that theme might be the sexual power/vulnerability of women, especially younger women. The theme is subtle, not executed in an overwrought way, but fortunately its presence is strong enough to help link together the long and quite varied (especially in terms of setting) stories in this collection. This is importa [...]

Fantastic feminist stories.But listen, I don't think my reviews of Lauren Groff's books have been quite glowing enough, so let me say something about Delicate Edible Birds and Arcadia and Fates & Furies, all of which I've read in the past few months: These books have been like making a new friend right when I needed one. They've been comfort, warm bowls of soup, cold glasses of water, freshly-laundered blankets, cool breezes. They've commiserated with me on bitter-colored days. Not because [...]

A hospice client of mine, Alice, was at the end of her life. Normally chatty, she was quiet. I was holding her hand and asking her if there was anything she wanted me to read to her. She said, "Tell me. The stories. That I. Told you." So of course, I did. Stories of her childhood, her marriage, her son, all of it. She let me know if I missed a detail or got something wrong, shaking her head, no. It's what we are measured by, what we leave behind, our stories. Alice taught me that.Lauren Groff un [...]

Sometimes when no novel is keeping my attention I turn to my first love in reading which is the short story. When done right, a short story is magical, better than any full length read. Yet again I found a perfect short story, it's the first one I read called "L.DeBard and Aliette" and it was outstanding, mesmerizing and gave me chills thoughout and lleft me sobbing at the end. I fully recommend this collection to everyone based on this story alone. I hope Emily picks up this collection, even if [...]

Wow! Exceptional writing! Loved every one of these beautiful vignettes into life in different countries in different eras, all exploring ordinary dilemmas during ordinary and extra-ordinary times. I think my absolute favourite of the stories is Majorette, although it is tough to choose between them as each is perfect, exquisite. So beautifully written. I'm in awe of this author's writing, her turn of phrase, her ability to make us care about every one of the characters in each of these distinct, [...]

A first-rate collection of short fiction; wonderful storytelling, rich characters and taut writing deep with meaning. I am looking forward to reading Groff's novels following this tremendous book of stories.

Although my favourite Lauren Groff story is one published outside of this collection (Dogs Go Wolf, in the New Yorker), Groff is a writing goddess, her stories are expansive, controlled, and beautiful, and I'm excited for all the new work we can expect from our short fiction queen.

I'm incredibly picky about what I'll read, but after her short story in The New Yorker I was hooked. It was like love at first sight with this author. Lauren Groff is easily one of the most talented writers of our time and I will read ANYTHING she writes. These stories were INCREDIBLE. I'm making all of my friends read this book immediately so that I'll have people to talk to about it. I just opened the book so that I could list my favorite stories, but they're all wonderful! I love the way she [...]

"Delicate Edible Birds" is one of the most enjoyable short story collections I've read in years. Lyrical, beautiful, haunting, it is one of those books whose language alone makes you slow down and savor every morsel. The stories themselves are beautiful, too, each following the arc of female protagonists in the twentieth century. The women themselves are the "delicate edible birds" to which the title refers; the medieval ages metaphor of "byrd" (as bride, as maiden) is used to explore the vulner [...]

Lauren Groff is a fantastic writer and I admire her prose. A few of these stories are really great, but others are a bit blah (though beautifully written, of course).

These stories were all so different from each other, yet they all seemed to have an underpinning quality of sadness to them. These are among the best short stories I have read in a while.

This is pretty much exactly what I want out of a short story collection.

I really like this book. First, there’s the title. Then, there are the stories. The title is somehow tender and savage at the same time. The stories got me. One after the other. Before my two or three readers gasp, “But she LIKES everything,” let me tell you: It’s Not True. I’m still trying to figure out the politics, if you will, of the book review. Don’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say? Never give a bad review? So what good is a review if it’s no review at a [...]

The war in my head reading this collection was waged between the remarkable prose and its excellent arrangement and the idea of women as delicate edible birds. The words-arranged with architectural artistry as the tree to support the avian protagonists-are marvels; soaring, ephemeral and gently waving in the breeze. But that breeze! Under the words, under the trees, in the dirt and mud is the dichotomy of mother/wife/community member and raving, raw artisan- the wind stirred by this inner strugg [...]

I don't usually read short story collections, but Arcadia was so beautifully written, I decided to give this one a try. It killed me. So beautiful and many of them so sad. Wow. Wow. Wow. Usually I plow through books, gorging myself, because I'm a book glutton. But with this book, I took my time, savoring one story per night, fully immersing myself in each world Groff created. My favorites are "L. Debard and Aliette," "Majorette," "Blythe," and the final title story which just gutted me.

These stories positively ache with the difficulties and cruelties that women must face. Groff's work covers years of a character's life with ease, and she has a talent for sweeping, stunning endings that leave you breathless. A beautiful, tender and unflinching collection.

This was my last book of 2017 and I have to say, it was a great ending.My love for short stories, the beautiful over and the interesting name drew me towards it. The book is a collection of 9 short stories set in different times, in unnamed American cities, towns and villages, and despite the lack of a pinpointed geographical location, they felt extremely rooted. I have not been able to find the thread that binds the stories, and I think there is none, but the stories, individually, were beautif [...]

Lucky Chow Fun ★★★★L. Debard e Aliette ★★★★Majorette ★★Blythe ★★★La moglie del dittatore ★★Spartiacque ★★★★Sir Fleeting ★★★Fuga ★★★Delicati uccelli commestibili ★★★★Cit.

“And it is a happy ending, perhaps, in the way that myths and fairy tales have happy endings; only if one forgets the bloody, dark middles…I like to think it’s a happy ending, though it is the middle that haunts me.” – Lucky Chow FunAfter finishing Lauren Groff’s Delicate Edible Birds, I realized that all of her narrators don’t know what they want. Often, they never attain it, and they lose a large part of themselves. They seek happiness, clarity, or love. They yearn for all of the [...]

I usually prefer an author's full length novels to their shorts, but after reading this, I'd have to say that Lauren Groff is the exception to my nitpicky rule. There are amazingly developed beautiful worlds here, memorable and full of poetry, even if I'm still kind of left with that grating feeling that things just end prematurely and I want more: more development, more closure, more of everything. Once again, I'm grateful for Groff's ability to humanize characters that maybe aren't the most sy [...]

I admire Lauren Groff and there is no doubt she is an accomplished and even astounding writer. There is something so polished and so erudite about her books and stories that they seem to be an example of a good story rather than the real thing. Her references are impressive, the twists in the plot are tricky but predictable. I want to shake her up and ALL my literary friends are enamored with this smart author so just but this rating down to personal preference.

Loved this so much. After this one, and 'Fates & Furies' I definitely now call myself a fan, and have added everything Laura Groff has written to my TBR list. Her writing is just so gorgeous, and in some ways lends itself to short stories even more than a novel. Beautiful language, haunting imagery and female driven stories that are captivating. Highly recommended.

I like the way Lauren Groff writes short stories. They're actual stories, they take time to develop and occupy the pages to develop in. Too many short story writers trail off without a proper ending, and that's rather an unsatisfying experience. This collection has some really lovely stories that explore most everything there is to be explored about the characters. My favorite is Blythe, about this former attorney now housewife who takes a poetry class and meets Blythe, who has a number of menta [...]

Ero partito con l’idea di leggere "Fato e Furia". Fino a poco tempo fa se ne parlava ovunque. Poi però due persone affidabili me ne hanno parlato un po’ così e allora mi è passata la voglia.E ho declinato sui racconti. M’è andata meglio? Insomma. Credo che a loro modo siano ben confezionati, scrittura fluida e piacevole.Lauren Groff vede il racconto come un romanzo condensato, che spesso va a racchiudere vite intere. Non so, forse per me un racconto deve indagare una situazione, un mom [...]

Wonderful writing, “dazzlingly original and confident.” Women after my own heart. First contact with Lauren Groff, but seeking more. A very satisfying read and one I would read again.I received this book as a Giveaway and am so thankful for the reading experience and to the Giveaway program for introducing me to this lovely, insightful writer.

Each of the stories in this vibrant collection sucks you into its world, driven by vivid characters and taut prose. Groff takes us from the 1918 flu epidemic in New York to occupied France in the second world war, each narrative unique and compelling.

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